11 weeks pregnant ultrasound, symptoms, 11 week fetus

Week 11 pregnancy. Since the end of last week doctors have called your future baby fruit! This is a new stage of its development. He did such a great job! And now will grow rapidly. That is why the placenta has already finished its formation, and the number of blood vessels in it is growing rapidly: it must meet the growing needs of the crumbs. From 12 weeks, he will not be so vulnerable to the harmful effects it protects the placenta.

11 week fetus: the weight and size. The kid is still so funny: head almost twice as much of the body, stubby legs, ears low planted, eyes – wide. But all the organs and systems work to the full! Brain, heart, liver … And on the week 11 pregnancy, a small body is improved even more! Become prominent genitals future boy or girl. And also laid the iris of the eye. The fruit for the first time will begin to urinate, removing waste products in the amniotic fluid, placenta where they will be displayed in the mother’s excretory system. His first movement, similar to peristalsis, will carry out the intestines. But there is still not much to promote! Palm and fingers of the 11 week fetus become sensitive baby can already stretch. And he starts to answer the “signals” from the outside when my mother, for example, sneeze, or laugh kashlyanet. The fruit continues to lengthen and become heavier: weighs an average of 8.7 grams and has a length from crown to rump than 5 cm. Strengthens the cervical baby now he is trying to raise the head. And that is very interesting: the crumbs appears smell! He can smell the food and absorbed mother remembers these feelings. Formed even addiction and taste preferences. At least for a little while previous body had already done the capital work to create basic “foundation” for future organs and systems, foundation or formation of lasting and beyond. The fruit continues to lengthen and become heavier: weighs an average of 8.7 grams and has a length from crown to rump than 5 cm.

Expectant mother. At week 11 pregnancy lymphocytes appear first child, who will be responsible for his immunity. By the way, by the time he was already well protected against infections of the external world, but that’s what really need to be afraid of my mother it rubella. Also, do not resort to treatment and anesthesia (eg, at a reception at the dentist). Because these activities are allowed only after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Watch your diet, try to eliminate from the diet spicy, fatty, fried foods, and eat properly. Do not load up and do not drink a lot of fluids the night constipation and swelling may develop in any week of pregnancy.

Sensations by week 11 pregnancy. Yet others hardly noticeable external changes due to pregnancy women in terms of the appearance of the abdomen. However, the figure of the future mother did a few rounds, the movement is gradually becoming more smooth, somewhat disagree hip. Depending on the constitution of the body, some women at 11 weeks there is something like a “pregnant belly”: stomach starts to bulge slightly, as if “hinting” that within a few weeks, he has much more to grow. And at night, sleeping on your stomach becomes uncomfortable. And, even though major changes in the figure of a woman at the moment is not observed, yet now it makes sense to think about updating the wardrobe in accordance with the “interesting situation.” You may notice that the hair and nails have changed their state, for better or worse. Do not worry and do not be seduced: in any case, this is a temporary phenomenon, and after the birth, it gradually passes. But can not but rejoice that gradually reduces oiliness of the skin oily sheen disappears, the skin becomes drier, blackheads and pimples disappear, if any, have a couple of weeks ago.

If you suffer toxemia, it should already feel some relief of their condition. However, facilitates not all at once, but gradually recedes nausea. However, drowsiness and tiredness can still be felt. Significant changes from the outside you do not happen (unless breasts became noticeably heavier), but the uterus grows with the growth of the 11 week fetus. At the same time as it grows, the uterus begins to rise into the abdominal cavity, ceasing to put pressure on the bladder. Thus, the observed changes in the frequency of urination: now need to absent himself “in the small” expectant mother occurs less frequently. Simultaneously, exchange processes are enhanced (25%!) And increases blood volume. Because of this, you can feel the inner glow, constant thirst and sweat profusely. But the emotional state mom slowly stabilizing. However, the support and understanding spouse you will be required throughout the period.

11 weeks pregnant symptoms: pulls hurts. Most expectant mothers in different periods of pregnancy always complain that “there strelnet, there hurts.” That’s just painful feelings necessarily have to be “on guard”, especially when it comes to abdominal pain. Not always abdominal pain may indicate pathology abdominal pain may be of different nature. For example, it happens that a stomach ache at 11 weeks due to easing tension and support the uterus ligaments, which are every day more and more stretched. In this case, the pain is usually localized to the sides of the abdomen, there is sporadically, is not permanent and, therefore, does not cause much trouble a woman. But if there is pain in the abdomen, is spasmodic, stomach aches and pulls like menstruation, it is imperative to talk about these symptoms specialist. Such pain is usually associated with an increased tone of the uterus, and become one of the main signs of a possible miscarriage. Especially need to act without delay if pulling and cramping abdominal pain accompanied by brown or bloody discharge the appearance of blood on the background of abdominal pain salvation pregnancy will depend on the timely and correct response moms and doctors.

Allocation week 11 pregnancy. Though, of course, on the week 11 pregnancy the risk of failure is already much lower than at earlier dates. However, this does not remove responsibility from the expectant mother carefully monitor their health and condition, noting, inter alia, on the nature of vaginal discharge. Normally, the allocation of week 11 pregnancy uniform consistency, mucous, relatively thick, pale whitish color. “Condensed” explained the influence of progesterone secretions “lead” the hormone of the first trimester of pregnancy. In the second trimester “dominant position” takes estrogen and highlight some thinning. But, then and now, allocation should not differ to any unpleasant odor or change color.

The appearance of yellow, green and gray, purulent discharge, discharge with an admixture of flakes or foam cheesy curd, but still have unpleasant pungent smell indicates the connection of infection and development of one of infectious genital diseases. Typically, isolation in case of infection are also accompanied by discomfort in the genital tract – itching, burning, perhaps the genitals edema. Such a situation in any case should not be ignored if you change the picture with the secretions of the expectant mother as soon as possible to go for a visit to the doctor to be a possibility of treatment. Otherwise, there is a high risk of transmission to the 11 week fetus in utero and complications of pregnancy.

Instant response requires the emergence of a pregnant 11 week brown spotting or bleeding. Spotting, even in small quantities, but is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, according to the threat of premature spontaneous abortion. Without specialized help save the child in this case it does not, because even find on a pair of panties drops of blood, a woman is better to call an ambulance and, if necessary, to agree to a room in the hospital. By the way, spotting may not always indicate a possible miscarriage: discharge of blood and can cause disease on the cervix or in the presence of cervical erosion. Usually spotting in this case are not accompanied by abdominal pain, and usually appear after a pelvic exam or sexual intercourse. Whatever it was, but in this case, an additional examination must necessarily take place.

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Usually at 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound not yet required. But, in some cases – to confirm normal pregnancy, assessment of fetal development and avoid possible disturbances in the development of the baby or placenta, to diagnose the state of the mother in the presence of aching pain in the abdomen a woman doctor’s decision may be referred for an unscheduled 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Worry about the future maternity should not be experts claim that the 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound is absolutely safe method of examination, and some have examined with ultrasound much earlier on 10, and even at 9 weeks of pregnancy.

During the 11 weeks pregnant ultrasound the doctor will be able to listen to the fetal heartbeat, and on the basis of the obtained data to draw conclusions about its development. Also ultrasound will allow the physician to evaluate the size and condition of the uterus, to establish the place of fastening of the 11 week fetus and placenta location, quantity and quality of amniotic fluid. In general, the ultrasound will be another “safety” by identifying any abnormalities of the baby and the deviations in the pregnancy at all.