12 weeks pregnant. 12 week ultrasound, symptoms, feeling

12 weeks pregnant. 12 week ultrasound, symptoms and sensations. Now your baby anniversary – he week 12 pregnancy! He’s already so good that further details will advance only. All major organs and systems have been formed and are actively working. Cute mom, just imagine: the crumbs have updated the top layer of skin the epidermis, the “old” cells which peel.

Fetus at 12 weeks of pregnancy: sex, weight and dimensions. At the site of the eyebrows, eyelashes, chin and upper lip originate vellus hairs. Fingers hands and feet are already separated and covered with nails, skin formed on the balls of drawing a unique “fingerprint”. And though all the organs had already formed, they continue their development. Intestine “got” into place and periodically reduced. Pituitary and thyroid gland produce hormones and iodine, the liver produces bile, blood leukocytes except erythrocytes appear, working kidneys, nervous system, muscles are strengthened, continues to mature bone.

The baby at 12 weeks is growing rapidly, and now its length is more important than weight. Increases the amount of amniotic fetus at 12 weeks it reaches 50 ml. With a faster pace growing uterus. Uterus before pregnancy is located in the pelvis and has a modest parameters: weighs 70 g and contains no more than 10 ml. But as it develops and grows fruit, it is beyond its previous location, and fills the peritoneal cavity. Week 12 pregnancy, you can already feel and probe it. Interestingly, the end of pregnancy uterine volume increases to 10.5 liters and the weight after delivery of more than 1 kg! The fruit is already very similar to the baby at 12 weeks, it weighs about 14 grams and has a length from the coccyx to the crown 6-9 cm. Scarce constantly moving, although my mother had not yet feel: somersaults, moves arms and legs, mouth, and even sucks her finger! At a special unit – Doppler – it is already possible to listen to the heartbeat baby at 12 weeks.

Expectant mother. From week 12 pregnancy you will start to gain weight to 500 g per week. Until that time, your gain if the pregnancy is developing normally, was to be 1,8-3,6 kg. If you are tormented by toxemia, maybe you even a little bit lost weight. But from the second trimester the expectant mother should get better much yellow body outlived its in work actively involved placenta. However, if the pregnancy Multiple, the “storm” may still continue. It’s time to start controlling yourself in food: do not overeat, forget about the bad bite, remember the needs of your child and for calcium and iodine, as well as the risk of constipation. Drink fruit drinks, eat dried fruits, vegetables, doing exercises.

12 weeks pregnant symptoms. At week 12 pregnancy, gradually fading unpleasant symptoms of toxicity. If pregnancy is “traditional”, the nausea and vomiting, and with them, and irritability, emotional instability, moodiness and crying all the “machinations” hormones – to become pregnant only an unpleasant memory. However, if mom expects twins or triplets, the morning sickness for some time will be felt will have to wait. You may have noticed that they have become less likely to go to the toilet in a little compared to the beginning of pregnancy. But all your internal organs are still working in emergency mode, because of the large volumes of blood, you may feel that the heart was beating faster.

The uterus continues to grow in size, but on the size of the stomach is not yet affected, usually at week 12 pregnancy has not yet rounded tummy. However, if motherhood for women first, and according to the constitution, in some cases, can already appear sort of a “hint” in the interesting position as a slightly bulging tummies. In any case, personally woman can already feel a certain “roundness” of forms and physical changes, even if they still are not visible to others. Chest poured more, breasts preparing for lactation. As this training, there is often some itchy skin on the chest. By itching in the chest can add itching on the abdomen and hips keep in mind that you have there is a predisposition to the formation of stretch marks, and now enjoy a prevention. Do not worry if one morning you will find dark spots on the face or vascular formation they will disappear after delivery, but now will have to wait. The same phenomenon is short-lived dark stripe on the abdomen, extending from the navel down to which future mom can get 1 week of pregnancy. A strip of this a consequence of the accumulation of the substance melanin is no danger, is not a defect and after childbirth go away by itself.

Now you can feel a certain relief associated with the disappearance of needs often go to the toilet on the small. The uterus rises above shall cease to put pressure on the bladder, respectively, frequent emptying it no longer requires. Instead, it may be another problem the bloating and constipation: instead of the bladder, the uterus is now beginning to put pressure on the intestines and reduce its peristalsis. It is quite possible that at week 12 pregnancy the expectant mother will face occasional appearances heartburn. However, this symptom is more characteristic of the later stages of pregnancy, but from time to time heartburn can occur now. Reason attenuation baffles between the esophagus and stomach under the influence of progesterone, thereby moving the gastric juice into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation. At week 12 already quite possible to attend to the issue of selecting a new “pregnant” wardrobe. Now you should be sure to get enough sleep and rest, choose comfortable shoes at low soles, often indulge in a good emotions. Think more about the baby at 12 weeks, about your friendly happy family, to give spiritual thoughts, learn to relax and stay in peace. Approaching the most fertile period of the pregnancy second trimester.

Belly at week 12 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Pain of any nature and localization for pregnant women is not uncommon. One of the most common complaints related to pain a complaint of abdominal pain. Specialists calm if abdominal pain occurs from time to time, and at the same time “nest” on the sides of the abdomen, lower back periodically giving in or groin, no danger, it usually does not conceal. These 12 weeks pregnant symptoms are usually attributed to “machinations” of progesterone or rather, its impact on supporting the uterus ligaments, which are now softened and more stretched with the growth of the abdomen. Alarm should cause abdominal pain arising in the lower part, aching and pulling may cramping. In the presence of such pain, and even more so when they are also exacerbated by smearing brown or bloody vaginal discharge, you should immediately consult your doctor. Indeed, this pattern indicates a risk of miscarriage warn that perhaps time to react and to take all necessary medical measures.

Dedicated to the week 12 pregnancy. While in pregnant “reigns” progesterone discharge remains a little thick, smooth consistency, light or milky, without any odor, slightly sour smell. Any change highlight color towards yellow or green-gray color, the appearance of discharge with an unpleasant odor, with impurities pus discharge foam or curdled indicate infection joining. Now, during pregnancy, when the immune system is weakened women, genital infections not at all uncommon. Most often women during child bearing face thrush or candidiasis – an infectious disease caused by the fungus Candida. Changes in discharge may also be caused by exposure to pathogens chlamydia, trichomonas, cocci. And almost always infectious diseases of the genital tract are accompanied by, among atypical secretions, and also discomfort in the perineum itching, burning, which intensified after urination. In the presence of the above 12 weeks pregnant symptoms as soon as possible to see a doctor and undergo specialized treatment to prevent getting an infection to the fetus at 12 weeks.

“Signal” for immediate access to a doctor should be and there will be brown or spotting. Spotting on the background of pain in the abdomen indicate an increased risk of failure of pregnancy. If the separation of the blood is not accompanied by pain in the abdomen, and is usually observed after medical examination or intercourse, most likely, there is a cervical erosion. And in the first and in the second case without the advice of a specialist can not do. And if spotting are associated with risk of miscarriage may have also recommended by doctor to lie to save the hospital.

12 week ultrasound. Week 12 pregnancy usually becomes thus the first date with her parents a baby at 12 weeks: the first scheduled ultrasound if a woman disciplined got registered in 6 weeks, falls on this week. That’s only if mom and dad will ultrasonography way to see the crumbs on the monitor and experience genuine joy from it, then the pregnancy is the leading medical 12 week ultrasound an invaluable method for assessing the state of the uterus and fetal development.

During the 12 week ultrasound the doctor will examine the condition of the uterus and its tone, see the location of the placenta, install the supposed date of birth. The objective of 12 week ultrasound is also the size, dynamics of development of the fetus at week 12 pregnancy. Already at this stage ultrasound study to determine the risks of birth defects or chromosomal abnormalities. That’s just it should be remembered that the results of 12 week ultrasound can not be regarded as a diagnosis, if after a session with a specialist there is any suspicion, mom will need to pass additional tests and go in-depth detailed examination. All received during the ultrasound parameters doctor compares with values in the value table rules. Again, the first ultrasound performance in the future will be used for comparison with the results of subsequent studies with 12 week ultrasound as a specialist will be able to track the course of pregnancy and to control the development of the baby at 12 weeks.