13 weeks pregnant, symptoms, sensations and 13 week fetus

13 weeks pregnant. Your tadpole gradually becoming more and more like a little baby. From pregnancy at 13 weeks will grow even in the ground his body to the end of pregnancy become five times larger than the head.      13 week fetus gestation: sex, weight and dimensions. Future child already knows how much he could smell the food absorbed mom sucks her finger, tumbles, moving arms and legs, and decompresses clamps jaws. Start chatting with your child: he hears you, feels pain, responds to stimuli, responds to changes in temperature and lighting, and even smiles, frowns, yawns! And to what do him well in mom’s tummy: dim twilight, warm, soft, comfortable, and drifting from afar the muffled sounds so soothing! 13 weeks pregnant the most actively developing digestive and skeletal systems, have already been made “outline” of the first ribs, bone tissue is laid on the site of the limbs and head. All 20 primary teeth 13 week fetus finally formed, and now will be waiting in the wings. The placenta is fully moved to the functions of the corpus luteum. Pancreas start producing insulin.

Occurs and sexual differentiation: the boy begins to develop prostate gland and genital tubercle elongates into the penis, the girl placed in the abdominal cavity ovaries descend into the pelvis and genital tubercle is bent downwards – formed from a clitoris. Surprisingly, it has now kids-girls ovaries filled with eggs: now there are more than 2 million! 13 week fetus weighs 15-25 g and has a “growth” on average 7-8 cm. It is hard to believe, but this 13 week fetus heart pumping 23 liters of blood a day!

Expectant mother. Meanwhile, your uterus is growing rapidly, rising higher into the abdominal cavity, and gradually begins to push the other organs. More poured and chest. By the end of pregnancy, each of them will weigh from 400 to 800 g, and after giving birth, and even more. All your forms in general are smoothed and rounded, now and waist disappeared, and the old clothes obviously small. Pregnant begin shopping!               Sensations by 13 weeks of gestation. Your well-being is already much better than before, gradually fading worries and fears about the threat of miscarriage, the 13 week fetus actually is already more secure than before, and is subject to significantly less risk. But you should not relax. If pulled lower abdomen, it is probably due to the stretching of the uterus, but better to be safe and to lie down until you feel better. All the horrors of toxicity, probably already in the past, vomiting and tear stopped, returned elevated mood and ability to enjoy life and the future of motherhood. Gradually smoothed waist, all clearly emerges stomach. Many women in this period are already moving to a new wardrobe “clothes pregnant.” If this was not done until now, it is time to attend to the acquisition of a comfortable loose clothing, especially that old pair of jeans and pants, for sure, the waist is not converge, and T-shirts, blouses – treacherously hugs the body.

By the 13th week can be shown for the first time the problem of constipation: tone muscles of the digestive tract is reduced, and everything else and uterus compresses the intestine and reduce its peristalsis. Remember that the use of laxatives during pregnancy is not allowed! To avoid constipation and stool frequency regulation will have to pay special attention to your diet and maintain physical activity. Be sure to follow the diet and ensure the receipt of all necessary substances to the body. Calcium and pregnancy at 13 weeks is very important, but it is better to give preference to vegetable sources: green vegetables, apples, persimmons, kiwi, lentils. If you have seizures, this question should pay attention immediately.

Another very common problem of this gestational age are headaches. Ban on drugs is relevant in this case, therefore, with headaches fighting tested by time and experience safe methods. This – rest in the cool semi-darkness, well-ventilated room, cool compresses attachment to the temporal region, if possible a short restful sleep. In order to eliminate pain as possible on the basis of receiving infusions of soothing herbs lemon balm, mint, chamomile. That’s just too carried away mint is not: this herb has blood thinning properties that may contribute to bleeding. In the event that endure headache is unbearable, say one-time medication based. But taking pain, which is observed in the composition of aspirin during pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated. Even now, without waiting for the active growth of the abdomen, mom should be concerned about the prevention of occurrence of stretch marks. Begin to use creams for stretch marks. Risk areas chest, abdomen, thighs, buttocks. It is time to take care of his beloved. Because now you particularly feminine and beautiful!

Belly pregnancy at 13 weeks: pulls hurts. And how can you not want this feminine and beautiful port “the machinations of the body” in the form of increased gas production and the inability to go to the toilet “by and large”! That’s the problem with digestion and emptying are perhaps not the first cause of abdominal pain at pregnancy at 13 weeks. So, to avoid them it is better to learn what and in what quantities now can and must be fed. Excluded from the diet, such as brown bread, beans, raw cabbage, but at the same time every day to drink a glass of broth of prunes and dried apricots, do not forget about yogurt and beets.

Abdominal pain can be paired with a sprained ligaments holding the uterus. In this case, the pain observed on the sides of the abdomen arise from time to time, without causing inconvenience to the woman long and do not pose any danger. But if stomach hurts and pulls, pain is spasmodic, stomach aches like, most likely, it will be an increased uterine tone. Your doctor may not see the need to immediately go to bed with such symptoms to maintain, and allow “endure” the tone of the house. At the same time, be sure to tell you that now more than ever the expectant mother needs rest and relaxation, the absence of any emotional turmoil.

However, if the aching cramping abdominal pain accompanied by the appearance of bleeding, without medical care and hospitalization is not necessary. So, abdominal pain, bleeding on the background indicate the abortion has begun, if the reaction will then be instant, professionals under the force to maintain pregnancy. Therefore, if you suddenly met with aching pulling pain in the abdomen, pain persists for 2-3 hours, but still there is separation of blood, immediately call an ambulance or ask a spouse immediately take you to the hospital.

13 weeks pregnant symptoms. By the end of pregnancy at 13 weeks pregnant symptoms from the genital tract may alter the character. During the week, any changes related to the allocation is not observed, but closer to the beginning of the second trimester allocation may become more liquid and perhaps a few more abundant. Worry about it should not be the dominant until that moment lost leadership estrogen, progesterone, and that led to thinning secretions. If the changes are not only plentiful and density, but also the color, smell, texture selections, perhaps future mom should be wary. So, if the allocation acquire unusual green or yellow, in secretions appears mucus or pus, flakes or curdled clots, and to all of this and more is added odor and itching, burning genital tract it’s time to go to the doctor. This picture is usually an explanation of the development and progression of genital infections, identify and begin treatment is desired as soon as possible. Of course, immediately go to the doctor should be the detection of bleeding, which, “in conjunction” with abdominal pain, indicating the beginning of a miscarriage. Timely medical intervention has a chance to keep the pregnancy, but it is necessary to act immediately.

By the way, do not always bloody vaginal discharge testify about the threat of premature termination of pregnancy. If spotting abdominal pain are not accompanied by, and there are more and more after sex with a spouse or examination by a gynecologist, most likely reason for them – cervical erosion, or any other disease of the cervix. In addition, spotting may be due to detachment or placenta previa, it is the consequence of a fall or blow to the abdomen, burst under the pressure of the increased volume of blood vessels weak. Whatever it was, the cause of bleeding should establish an expert, to which is necessary to address the appearance of blood.

13 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Since the period of the first scheduled interval between ultrasound covers 10 and 14 weeks, it is possible that the optimal choice for a study physician will determine exactly a 13 days of the week. 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound already clearly show the outline of the 13 week fetus, will talk about his size, display as a pipsqueak moving, bending and extending handles-legs. When an ultrasound the doctor will also be able to assess the condition of the uterus, attaching and placenta previa, establish the approximate period of the upcoming birth.

13 weeks pregnant ultrasound is also necessary to detect possible fetal malformations in early pregnancy or severe congenital anomalies. That’s only necessary to remember that the results of ultrasound in any case can not be interpreted as a definitive diagnosis. This is just an occasion for an in-depth examination of the extended and possibly consultation with genetics.