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16 weeks pregnant. If you go to the ultrasound, it is quite possible, learn the sex of their unborn baby at 16 weeks. On this term can already be seen sex differences kids. And that is very nice there is a chance to feel the first stirring of the 16 week fetus, especially if it is not your first pregnancy.                                                                16 week fetus of pregnancy: sex, weight and dimensions. This week the girls ovaries descend into the pelvis before they were in the abdominal cavity. Already formed supply of eggs from more than 5 million “special”, each of which has a chance in the future to be your grandson or granddaughter.. And what a great way 16 week fetus has already done in its development and at all is a miracle! Scarce has a large over 11 cm in length (CTE) and weighs 100-120 g, of course, with the increase in fetal space in the tummy is getting smaller, so very soon my mother will feel 16 week fetus, and then be able to meet with him and dad.

16 weeks pregnant ultrasound. But if you still do not feel the movement of the 16 week fetus do not worry: over time it will begin to push so that sometimes can even wake you up at night, resting, for example, stem from the inside of the abdomen. Especially as seen as 16 week fetus moves, despite the fact that while it is not perceptible, can session during ultrasound. Usually ultrasound at a time a rarity. However, if for some reason it will be assigned to mother, a woman on the monitor can observe not only the movement crumbs, but his attempts to build a grimace. He frowns, laughs, is able to swallow and spit, suck and yawn, write and fart, stretch and waving limbs, fingers moving arms and legs and can already hold and rotate smoothly in the side of the head neck strong enough. 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound shows that the baby has already learned quite exactly hold the head. And a study by 16 weeks pregnant ultrasound is quite capable in this period show floor baby at 16 weeks: sexual characteristics already amenable to differentiation.

16 week fetus of pregnancy have a funny! He begins to play everything that can be found in the circle: missing legs, handles, umbilical cord, and if he’s not alone – the baby at 16 weeks begin to communicate with each other. By this time, the muscles strong enough crumbs, a person produces facial movements. Further strengthen bones kids already fully formed marigolds. All the processes of life in a small body rage: heart works hard (it knocks twice as fast, and your daily pumping 23 liters of blood), every second of the formation of new neurons 5000 once every 45 minutes there is urination. Fetal liver at this time to move to the functions of the digestive organs – before she served of hematopoiesis. By 16 week fetus already taken shape: as expected, it is composed of red blood cells, lymphocytes and monocytes. However, there is a so-called blood fetal hemoglobin (hemoglobin or newborn) it is necessary to better supply the cells with oxygen. But this week there is the usual “adult” hemoglobin, which completely replaces the fetal only to 6 months after birth.

Expectant mother. Your position has just noticeable to others. Just last week, you had to move to a more spacious fashions in clothes, and now have to change underwear, if you have not already done so the former with you obviously slides and shakes. Refuse to wear heels and start looking for a comfortable posture for sleep. On the 16 weeks pregnant belly and lie down on your back is not recommended if you are interested in the safest position during Pregnancy week 16 lying on his left side, tucked up one knee.

16 weeks pregnant symptoms. Mom  to  16 weeks pregnant and looks smelling blossoms: made blush on his face, there was energy and vigor, breast envy of her friends and to the delight of her husband more rounded and heavy, though, it brings you a little pleasure because of the high sensitivity of the nipples. The uterus continues to increase, squeezing the intestines. So it is quite likely that the time is approaching heartburn, constipation, or blistering. But now you may feel that going to the toilet “by and large” can be tricky: intestinal motility due to compression of his grown uterus deteriorated somewhat. Remember that long locks not only deliver significant discomfort, but can increase the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, review your diet to include foods on the menu, which have purgative action, and do not neglect exercise is optimal to have a swim in the pool and long walks in the fresh air.

Expectant mother is now probably already and forgot to think about unpleasant early Pregnancy week 16, accompanied by toxemia. Appetite for pregnant now excellent, however, eating delicious and full, we should not forget about the weight control. Moreover, that weight gain can not help but feel: 16 weeks pregnant belly has grown significantly, increased body weight, because of the shift of gravity changes and gait expectant mother it becomes a little more awkward and clumsy. And so, too, should now behave a little more carefully: look at his feet, down the stairs, do not stand on high chairs and stools, carefully stepping on slippery winter roads. And, of course, it’s time to be postponed until better times heels: they are not only uncomfortable to move around, but also the danger overextend veins with wearing heels there.

Do not be discouraged if you suddenly found out by this time in the ” 16 weeks pregnant symptoms ” is not peculiar to you forgetfulness and distraction. Such qualities have long been the subject of jokes about pregnant women, and therefore, going to the doctor for secure better write down all the questions and complaints that were going to announce at the reception. Always follow the optimal mode of the day and the food, watch your diet and monitor weight gain with the growth of the baby at 16 weeks will grow and your appetites. By the Pregnancy week 16, you could type 2.5 kg.

16 weeks pregnant belly. For a period of 16 weeks pregnant, a woman may be some changes in the vaginal discharge. So, from the genital tract may become more abundant. If the discharge has a smooth consistency, whitish color and do not differ in any unpleasant smell, nothing to worry about some strengthening precipitates associated with the activity of the hormone estrogen. However, if the picture changes dramatically with the secretions: change their color, smell, consistency, isolation accompanied by uncomfortable sensations most likely manifested itself one of the genital infections. Greenish, yellow, purulent, curds, with a mixture of mucous lumps or flakes allocation as allocation sharply malodorous provoking itching and burning in the genital area a sure sign of infectious sexual disease. Most often women during gestation baby at 16 weeks thrush worries: fungi on the background of pregnancy tend to be activated. However, the changing nature of secretions may entail, and trichomoniasis, and chlamydia, and vulva, and many other diseases such plan. Entrust diagnosis the doctor, after a survey specialist will prescribe appropriate treatment, to avoid which in any case is not recommended in the absence of adequate response, the infection may well hit and fruit.

Should cause alarm and the appearance of smearing brown or pink discharge, indicating the threat of spontaneous abortion. Usually, when such a woman’s risk even further feels a nagging pain in the abdomen. If at all at some point in the future mother discovers spotting, and even stomach hurts “ambulance” must be called urgently: most likely miscarriage has already begun, and save the pregnancy in this case can only be intervention specialists. When spotting occur strictly after a pelvic exam or “session sex” with her husband, thus, no abdominal pain is not observed, probably an expectant mother is diagnosed with cervical erosion. But, again, the exact cause of these selections will becoming a doctor after proper examination.

16 weeks pregnant belly: pulls hurts. Abdominal pain at Pregnancy week 16 can occur for various reasons, but, in any case, the nature of pain should be carefully considered. For example, a drawing, but mild pain on the sides of the abdomen, sometimes extending to the groin or lower back, is considered normal there are only some because of stretching the ligaments holding the uterus. Also, abdominal pain may be the result of functional disorders of the digestive system: abdominal pain cause constipation, increased production of gas, bloating. And so, too, correctly formatted diet during pregnancy  a necessity.

However, the greatest danger is a nagging, aching, cramping abdominal pain: pain are almost certainly indicate an increased uterine tone. When you see such pain must lie down and relax, and if the pain continues for more than 2-3 hours be sure to go to the doctor, or better yet, call the ambulance crew to not delay the time medical care and not to aggravate the situation. But we should remember that taking any medication during Pregnancy week 16 is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

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