20 weeks pregnant ultrasound, symptoms, baby development


20 weeks pregnant with twins

20 weeks fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. Baby at 20 weeks responds to sound and light, able to grimace and swallow amniotic fluid, hiccups and sneezing, sucking her finger, playing with the umbilical cord and of course, urinates, smiles and frowns. The baby is well in the tummy. He is warm and cozy, it is protected from the outside world of fetal membranes, as well as his body continues to be covered by vernix, which protects it from the amniotic fluid. The skin thickens pregnancy at 20 weeks and with a protective mass becomes a four.                                                                                                                                                         By the end of the 5th month of pregnancy the 20 weeks fetus weighs more than 250 g, 300 g closer to, and its crown – rump length may exceed 16 cm. Starting next week, fetal growth will measure already from head to toe. Perturbation crumbs are becoming more pronounced and palpable, the degree of activity of the baby mom can determine asleep or awake it. During waking baby vengeance tumbles tummy: repelled from the uterine wall and moves to the opposite, waving his arms and legs that felt her mother inside. Note that the crumb now everything is fine hears a sharp sound or suddenly included loud music can frighten him and force to push the mother. Already, should begin to pay attention to the nature of perturbations baby and their intensity: over its activity or, on the contrary, peace, may indicate that the 20 weeks fetus does not receive sufficient oxygen. On average, for 10 minutes, my mother must feel at least one push from the inside.

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