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22 weeks pregnant movement. You have been a little more than halfway, but the relationship with you baby at 22 weeks already strong enough. He learned a lot, his body is becoming more sophisticated and more adapted to the separated existence.                                                                                                                                            22 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. And now this “fitness” is manifested in persistent shocks and blows crumbs inside her mother’s tummy. Wiggling his becoming ever more evident and distinct. Designated crumbs 22 weeks pregnant movement in the womb still abound, so he swims from wall to wall, pushing hands and feet, limbs rests in my mother’s belly, tumbles … Reacts now baby at 22 weeks and loud sound, and overly bright lighting. Frightened by the sudden scream or included loud music, a baby can communicate its fright stimulus. In general, during the day pipsqueak makes a couple hundred perturbations, however, most of them mom go unnoticed.

The nature and frequency perturbations necessarily should pay particular attention. However, it is not necessary direct fanatically zealous and listen to yourself every moment: the main thing to fix the 22 weeks pregnant movement baby at 22 weeks in the morning and evening. Note that the frequency perturbations may point to certain inconveniences experienced crumbs. So, too frequent perturbations may indicate, for example, an insufficient supply of oxygen to the 22 week fetus. The absence of perturbations during the day is also becoming an alarming sign, which should necessarily go to the doctor. After all, in fact, the baby at 22 weeks moves a lot now a place far enough yet, although it continues to grow at 22 week fetus weighs on average 430 g and has a height of 27.8 cm.

At this stage, some slowing intense at this point the growth of the brain. Under active development enter the sweat glands and the area of tactile sensations. baby at 22 weeks exploring yourself and the environment to the touch: stroking himself in the face, missing handles everything it can to reach out, knocking on the wall of the uterus. Thumb sucking was his favorite pastime. Now the kid surely can not only bring a pen to her mouth, but in the case of such a desire to tilt your head to the fingers, leaning forward. You already feel its activity. Listen to each perturbations is not only nice, but also informative: it is often so baby takes you to signal their dissatisfaction or request (to change the position of the body, to fresh air, relax or calm him down). A complete cessation of 22 weeks pregnant movement for more than 24 hours should alert you.

Expectant mother in week 22 pregnancy. Communication with the crumbs are very, very important. Talk to him, the Council, share a secret his voice is so soothing home mom! Always remember that it feels your mood and together with you going through all the emotions. Also, learn how to catch and his mood, feel and understand his sleep and wakefulness. In moments of anxiety, try to calm baby at 22 weeks sing him a song, pat on the tummy. Some research shows that from this period the fruit not only feels you, but understands. Meanwhile, do not forget about the physiology: it is important to walk properly stand, sit and lie correctly – all matters. Load on the spine and lower back are constantly increasing, more and more you feel the weight of “cargo” fatigue in the legs may have already appeared swelling and other complications. Not casting a leg over the other, try to rest during lift your legs a little higher than usual. You need to sit and lie on a hard flat surface without sinking into a chair or mattress.

If your legs have become more tired and feet no longer fit into the old shoes, buy yourself another, larger than. Comfort when walking is very important now. Of course, the feet need to breathe, so no rubber and leather! Well, if the inside is an orthopedic insole. If it’s winter, be sure to check that the shoes were slip. With each next week will increase your weight and health, may decrease slightly. So hurry to enjoy life now relax, walk, ride on nature with her beloved husband, have sex, if by that you do not have any contraindications. But note that in the second trimester often decreases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, if feel unwell – lie down, sit down, ask for help in a public place.

Pain at week 22 pregnancy. Leading position in the list of “pain at week 22 pregnancy” take back pain, especially in the lumbar region. It is not surprising: the center of gravity at this time due to the constant increase in the stomach is displaced on the spine and lower back are now coming with serious loads. Avoid the pain, or at least reduce them, you can use simple rules. Firstly, wearing special bandage that supports the back and abdomen, multiple offloading. Secondly, always unload the spine during the day, taking the horizontal position. Will be a good help gymnastics for pregnant women, and includes exercises for the back.

However, do not forget that pain may be a few more disturbing symptoms. If long-term pain, the woman delivers tangible discomfort, no harm will consult on this matter with a doctor to rule out the presence of urolithiasis or pyelonephritis. Drawing pain in the back, even combined with the same abdominal pain one of the possible symptoms of increased uterine tone. Therefore, such pain also do not leave unattended. More and more now tired legs in the evening possible manifestation of the feeling of heaviness and burning. This – also effects more increasing the load on the legs as weight gain pregnant.

Unpleasant painful sensations accompanied by hemorrhoids, often giving themselves known by mid-pregnancy. Hemorrhoids a very common problem among expectant mothers, manifested as a consequence of the deterioration of motility of the intestine and uterus squeezed violation of the outflow of blood in the pelvic area. Recommendations in case of manifestations of hemorrhoids is always the same: a proper diet that includes foods with a high content of fiber, if necessary the application of agreed with the doctor special rectal suppositories.

Belly week 22 pregnancy: pulls hurts. But abdominal pain at week 22 pregnancy – not a good sign. Sense of “pulling” the belly a reason for immediate medical attention. Yes, abdominal pain can also occur due to digestive disorders, but, at the same time, it may indicate a uterine tonic. Hypertonicity of the uterus is usually accompanied by pulling, aching abdominal pain radiating to the lower back. At the same time, there may be an increase in discharge, leakage of amniotic fluid, blood. However, at this stage of pregnancy may gradually begin to appear quite harmless training bout, they Braxton Higgins. In the moments of their appearance woman feels light uterine contractions, they occur irregularly and are not accompanied by pain. Through these struggles uterus like “trains” warming up before the upcoming birth. In the case, when suddenly the training bout “reborn” in regular, accompanied by painful uterine contractions in the stomach, and possibly amenorrhea, you should immediately call an ambulance: probably went into premature labor.

Dedicated to the week 22 pregnancy. Dedicated to the week 22 pregnancy remain moderate, light or light gray, with the presence of light sour smell. If the allocation of color change in the direction of green-gray or yellow, in secretions appear flakes, clots of mucus or pus discharge transformed into curd and acquire an unpleasant smell do not delay the trip to the doctor. This picture indicates a connection of sexual infections, treat you as soon as possible. Instant response requires the appearance of bleeding at 22 weeks pregnant. Separation of blood from the genital tract – a symptom of a dysfunctional anyway. So, spotting may indicate premature onset of labor, usually about her prompt and pain in the abdomen or the presence of regular contractions. The appearance of blood may be due to the detachment or placenta previa the one and the other phenomenon doctors are classified as critical and insist upon availability on hospitalization pregnant. Urgently seek medical care should the appearance of watery, clear discharge in increased amounts. Significant clear watery discharge – evidence of leakage of amniotic fluid. Incidentally, water may leak in small quantities, moderate amounts, while still creating the effect of “wet panties.” But even then consult a doctor necessary: violation of the integrity of membranes dangerous infection in utero.

22 week ultrasound of gestation. The women can be assigned to a second routine 22 week ultrasound. This valuable diagnostic method will allow the doctor to assess whether the pregnancy proceeds safely, and whether there are threats to the further development of the 22 week fetus. During the ultrasound specialist will assess the degree of development and functionality of the internal organs of the 22 week fetus, exclude the possibility of severe malformations and chromosomal abnormalities. There will also be assessed the development of certain parts of the body baby, their relationship to each other and compliance in pregnancy. An important criterion for evaluating the welfare of pregnancy and become 22 week ultrasound data on the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid, placenta and umbilical cord condition, the inner muscle layer of the uterus.

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