25 weeks pregnant. Baby at 25 weeks, symptoms, sensations


25 weeks pregnant. 25 weeks pregnant how many months? 6 months of pregnancy coming to an end. The kid is already well developed, but not yet enough for extrauterine life. Therefore, the ripening process continues.            25 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. Increases muscle mass and lengthens and strengthens the skeleton. Baby at 25 weeks is about 34.5 inches long and weighs an average of 660 g As soon as the growing baby at 25 weeks and gaining strength, is increasingly becoming its sway. Now movement crumbs expectant mother feels like never good also for the reason that place in the uterus for a small but steadily growing body becomes less and less. That’s why your baby at 25 weeks move can now not only be accompanied by even the appearance of pulling on my mother’s belly, but also periodic pain – pipsqueak, for example, already knows how very painful kicking. By the way, the frequency and intensity of movements baby should pay attention: over its activity may indicate crumbs experienced inconvenience. First, because of lack of oxygen.

As for the number of perturbations, it is considered normal values 4 tangible movement for an hour or 10 perturbations throughout the day. Decrease, as well as an increase in motor activity baby at 25 weeks indicate any trouble, and require mandatory consultation with a physician. At week 25 pregnancy continue to refine the respiratory system. And then the alveoli are formed, which are lined with a surfactant a special substance, not giving them to stick together during inspiration. Now alveoli appear to be blown away, but as soon as the 25 week fetus breathe for the first time, they will be straightened and supply the blood with oxygen. On the composition of amniotic fluid is already possible to determine how mature alveoli and how the 25 week fetus is ready to breathe himself if needed at this period. This is determined by the level of the amniotic fluid phospholipid surfactant emissions.

By the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy hematopoiesis almost went through over the bone marrow. You probably already know who you will be, because by this time the child’s sex was determined. At 25 weeks the boy’s testicles descend into the scrotum, and the girl ends to form the vagina. Kid boasts a magnificent developed auditory and visual skills: reacts to sound, and the light that reaches it from the outside. So, if closer to the stomach include the lamps, baby squinting and trying to cover his eyes handle. And in response to the sharp unexpected sound trying to squeeze ears with his hands, frightened or startled, showing increased activity. Your baby at 25 weeks is becoming more coordination skills and become very clever. He has no difficulty grasping the handle for the intended purpose: legs, the umbilical cord. And the week 25 pregnancy determined the leading hand: left or right.

Expectant mother at 25 weeks pregnant. Of course, my mother is not far behind. Tummy grows heavier and you are experiencing some discomfort: heartburn, shortness of breath. The uterus has risen above the vagina has a 25 cm, it has become the size of a soccer ball and squeezes other organs. From this may appear as constipation, so look for food. Drink yogurt, eat prunes and beets, move. You are rapidly increasing in volume, not only in the abdominal area, but also in the chest. Perhaps because of her from time to time allocated colostrum – just do not squeeze! Practice good hygiene, wearing only underwear for pregnant from natural fabrics without unnecessary seams and scratching decorative elements, the time is replaced by a bra panties and long. Be mindful of yourself and baby, watch his movements and his own well-being. If you have not heard the 25 week fetus more than a day, there is cause for alarm. If the pain in the abdomen or lower back accompanied by other symptoms, contact your doctor for advice.

Pain at week 25 pregnancy. By the way, back pain and lower back now you can really bother. The center of gravity due to the continuous growth of the uterus has shifted, softened and stretched ligaments, which becomes the cause of pain in the lumbar region, back, in the sacrum. Usually the pain of this nature are referred to doctors physiological manifestations and give advice on how to reduce these unpleasant symptoms. Among the tips: recommendations for wearing a supportive brace, use only for sitting chairs with back, respect the rules of regular unloading of the spine.

But, at the same time, it happens that the pain in the back, turning on the sacrum and buttocks, lasts a long time and it seems unbearable. And then there is every reason to suspect at the pregnant woman is such a thing as sciatica, or sciatica. When carrying a baby at 25 weeks this condition occurs as a reaction to the constant pressure of the fetal head on the pelvic bones, which in turn causes a pinched nerve in his lower back. The pain in this case is localized in the lower back, in the sacrum, goes even on the buttocks and legs. Can also be seen symptoms of numbness or tingling in the legs. In order to facilitate such a condition should be chosen for the bed hard mattress, avoid prolonged stay in a seated position, for that matter, and being on your feet, lean once again unnecessarily. When severe pain, your physician considers the need for physical therapy. The kid has grown significantly and now often takes the position of “Put Your mother in the ribs.” That explains the tricks of the crumbs tangible pain in the hypochondrium when he was strong enough legs not only resisted, but also pushes the mother’s ribs. If you experience pain in the upper quadrant try to change the situation.

When most of the pregnancy has already been passed, a common feature is considered as pain and heaviness in the legs all this is a consequence of the increased weight of the pregnant woman, and hence the load on the legs. Pain in the legs now feel and women suffering from varicose disease before pregnancy. Relieve foot and relieve the load on the veins can follow uncomplicated rules: do not stay long in the legs, wearing compression stockings, “approved” doctor, do not sit with his legs crossed, feet every night to arrange a relaxing massage. Pain in the upper quadrant will have to endure, because the baby at 25 weeks is growing fast, and the legs are getting stronger – and so he pesters you with his punches. Try to change your position if pipsqueak started kicking. Worrying signs are headaches, if they are accompanied by significant swelling of the hands and face, symptomatic blackout, abdominal pain, excessive weight gain. A set of signs evidence of early beginning of pre-eclampsia. Although characterized by a pathological condition more often for the later stages of pregnancy, however, the first of its “echoes” can be felt now.

Stomach 25 weeks pregnant: pulls hurts. The uterus continues to grow in size, in this context, and the tension continues holding her muscles. This causes recurrent pain, from time to time may occur in the abdominal area. Most often they are accompanied by a separate movement: sharp turns, climbing out of bed or a chair, cough, sneezing. Discomfort in the form of slack abdominal cramping may be caused by sweat, false labor pains, through which the uterus prepares for the upcoming birth. Cramping in this case slack arise sporadically and quickly pass.

But if you have a stomach ache, pulls, fights are becoming regular, frequent and worse, an urgent need to go to the hospital or call the ambulance. Painful regular contractions at a certain frequency, with the separation of the blood or the emergence of a large number of liquid watery discharge a sign of the beginning of preterm birth. By the way, abdominal pain may be associated with a common phenomenon among pregnant irregular bowel movement, impaired digestive function, constipation. To avoid such should comply with the optimal diet to include foods rich in fiber menu, laxative prunes, beets, olive oil.

Dedicated to the 25 weeks pregnant. Do not forget to watch the character of discharge: any change in vaginal discharge can tell how well the pregnancy proceeds. Normal for this period are considered moderate allocation light gray or milky, smooth consistency, slightly sour smell. The appearance of green, yellow, purulent, foamy or curdled discharge, discharge with an unpleasant odor, accompanied by discomfort in the form of burning and itching of the genital tract a sure sign of joining infection. On the development of infection, except for changes in the character of discharge, and can prompt fever, chills, painful urination. Ignore such symptoms not only stupid, but also dangerous an infection without proper treatment can affect the 25 week fetus in utero. Therefore, by observing at least one of the above symptoms, immediately go to the doctor for an examination.

“Smearing” or brown spotting that is not accompanied by pain and appear particularly after a pelvic exam or sexual contact with a spouse should also prompt a woman to the decision to visit a doctor. Frightened and panic at the appearance of such discharge is not: in this case it is, most likely, will go on cervical erosion, but not about the premature birth. However, and this diagnosis can confirm only after proper expert examination. But the appearance of liquid watery discharge yellowish cause for concern should be: probably you are faced with Dribble of amniotic fluid. Do leaking amniotic fluid portions and in small quantities, or poured at once, in any case, a woman is shown hospitalization. Especially that one-time amniorrhea a symptom of the beginning of preterm birth, and usually such a phenomenon is observed also on the background of cramping abdominal pain, which is also accompanied by labor. But even if the amniotic fluid leak and insignificant, but creating the effect of moisture in the genital area, and not accompanied by any painful feelings, see a doctor as soon as possible. If you violate the integrity of the membranes increased risk of fetal infection, which is not sufficiently protected against the penetration of pathogens.

25 weeks pregnant ultrasound. 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound is usually carried out not planned, if there is in fact some evidence. But the main tasks of ultrasound on this term objectives are all the same – assessment of fetal development, the functionality of its internal organs, the condition of the uterus, uterine size matching and fetal gestational age. 25 weeks pregnant ultrasound When an ultrasound the doctor will assess the degree of development of the internal organs kid, listen to your heart rate. It is also shown, and measurement of individual body parts crumbs: the diameter of the head, chest, abdomen. Comparison of the obtained indicators with standards would eliminate the chance of lag in the development of the baby.

In addition, it is established whether things are going well at the crumbs appreciate doctor and condition of the uterus. Sure to be inspected surface of the uterus, its size and location. In addition, the doctor determines the location and the wall thickness of the placenta, and will evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid, not enough to exclude the possibility or polyhydramnios.

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