26 weeks pregnant. Baby at 26 weeks, symptoms, sensations

26 weeks pregnant. Baby at 26 weeks, symptoms, sensations. The face of your baby already has acquired its own features: a baby at 26 weeks, how you see it after birth. Lengthen the neck, eyebrows and cilia appeared, took shape ears (they were a little ottopyrivayutsya from the head), began to open his eyes. Long viewing hours are not yet on that, but you are constantly listening to baby: and the sound of your heart, and rumbling bowel. He also began to hear more clearly household noises: splashing water, the hum of a vacuum cleaner, the TV, voice households. Scientists say that by the time the kid learns, among other mother’s and my father’s voice.

26 weeks fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. The baby at 26 weeks weight averages 760 g, growth may exceed 35.5 cm. Designated activities is becoming smaller, and now children’s activity may be visible to other people’s eyes. The kid had already grow significantly, because now, sometimes resting in my mother’s belly from the inside palm or foot can even declare itself a kind of “heaving” this very tummy. More than that – his hand on his belly pregnant spouse or older children can hear how it sports a kid, and, pressing his ear – to hear the frequent beating of his little heart. Movement of the baby at 26 weeks by this time become even more clearer and bigger. Sometimes, actively bultyhayas tummy, even the baby at 26 weeks can cause pain mom – for example, resting his feet in the ribs. Movement crumbs should continue to track: it is believed that within 10 minutes mommy should feel at least one of its thrust. However, it happens that a woman for some time does not notice perturbations baby. Do not worry: it is possible, you just got carried away in any case and just not really pay attention to how it behaves pipsqueak. Worried? Just lie down on his side and listen in silence to the sensation – if all goes well in the next few minutes, the baby at 26 weeks will certainly have an effect.

Especially because many kids for some reason love to be active at precisely the time when Mom decides to relax. Many pregnant by this time complain that even at night, can not sleep well – pipsqueak prefers to play it at night time. Soothe the baby at 26 weeks can stroking belly in a circular motion, singing a lullaby crumbs. Note that the frequency and intensity perturbations now be under special control. So if your baby move not felt longer than a day, it should be mandatory to visit a doctor. Again, not a very good sign is excessive activity of the crumbs. Part of his turning, kicking can be a signal that the baby at 26 weeks does not get the oxygen in sufficient quantities. A very important achievement of this week is the fruit of their own pituitary growth hormone. A brain at this time liaise with the adrenal cortex, thus begins to produce certain hormones. The brain is formed and continues to evolve. Now it is smooth, the nerve cells at the surface is not yet connected. But very soon the situation will change dramatically, and nerve cells will gain a lot of connections between them.

Already formed the beginnings of dairy and molars, and the beginnings of a week 26 permanent teeth kosteneyut. Skeletal system as a whole as the baby continues to strengthen. Leather baby begins to quietly change its color and flatten, but it is still wrinkled, also formed folds in the elbows. The respiratory system of the 26 weeks fetus completes the process of improvement: a 26 week ends with the formation of alveoli, the lungs have their final place – the child is almost ready to breathe when leaving mom’s tummy. Also continue to develop neural pathways in the ears of the baby at 26 weeks. Though now he is able to hear sounds from outside, afraid of loud noises. Therefore, do not be surprised if in response to sudden, loud music baby suddenly palpable hit you in the belly of his “house.”

Expectant mother in 26 weeks pregnant. Your tummy also already impressive, the uterus every week rises to 1 cm – now it is at 26 cm above the pubis or 6 cm above the navel. Naturally, the increase in size of the uterus does not pass in vain for your health. You can start or continue to experience heartburn, bloating, constipation, and other accompanying symptoms of pregnancy. Calf cramps may be due to lack of calcium or phosphorus excess. Also by the end of the second trimester in pregnancy often decreases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, so the doctor may prescribe iron supplements. Continues to fill the chest, and it’s time to start preparing for feeding: wash it with cool water, arrange air baths, massage the nipples hard with a towel, but carefully, so as not to trigger uterine contractions.

Sleep is becoming increasingly difficult, because the growing belly prevents convenient umostitsya. Bring to bed a lot of small pads to line under the back, stomach, legs. Many pregnant like special pillows for this period in the form of a crescent. Rest for you now plays an important role. But do not forget about activity. If you do not contraindicated, often walk on foot, visit the gym for pregnant women, but gravity does not drag. Once you feel weakness or discomfort, immediately lie down to rest or sit down on his haunches (helps with shortness of breath). Control your weight. Appetite at this time may be grown-up, but it should be restrained and not to eat more than necessary. From the beginning of pregnancy to week 26 pregnancy you can collect up to 10 kg.

Pain 26 weeks pregnant. Pain that occurs on the week 26 pregnancy, more related to the physiological changes that occur in the body of the pregnant woman. And to reduce the risk of uncomfortable sensations should now be more and more often to rest comfortably stretching his legs on the couch. The most common “unpleasant” satellites of the second half of pregnancy are low back pain and lower back. This – a consequence of the center of gravity due to the ever-increasing in size of the uterus and, accordingly, the abdomen. And reduce the risk of severe back pain can be a regular yoga or gymnastics for pregnant women, with the use of exercise strengthens the back muscles. And, of course, the obligatory “unloading” back several times a day, and a complete rejection of shoes with heels.

By this time, many pregnant may also start to feel pain in the hypochondrium or ribs. The occurrence of pain in this case due to the pressure of the enlarged uterus on the internal organs and, in the “chain” – on the edge. In addition, in the upper quadrant pain – acute or stitching – can be felt when suddenly some point to them from within the child begins to push. In this case, try to find the most optimal position, “convince” crumbs painful rest against the edges of the leg. In no case do not ignore the pain that accompany the probable development of hemorrhoids on these terms. When “gemorroynoy” symptoms Speak with your doctor the possibility of eliminating this extremely unpleasant and delicate problem. Be prepared that they can give themselves felt headaches, avoid those Take time to rest, enough sleep, walk in the fresh air. If you experience headaches, lie down in a quiet, dimly lit, well-ventilated area, try to at least a short time to sleep – sleep is often the best healer from headaches.

If seizures were apparent before, you already know how painful it is a symptom. Leg cramps in the middle of pregnancy – are not uncommon: they often arise from overwork feet long stay on his feet, perhaps – from a lack of calcium entering the body. To protect yourself from seizures, do not forget about the increased need for calcium, experts recommend eating cheese daily. And, of course, be sure to unload leg during the day when you can sit down – do not stand sitting without casting a leg over the other, and each evening to resort to massage the feet.

Stomach week 26 pregnancy: pulls hurts. At a safe pregnancy abdominal pain at 26 weeks are not available. However, from the appearance of some uncomfortable pain the woman still is not insured, and if the pain from time to time still appears, carefully analyze your feelings. Abdominal pain may occur because of the stretched and softened ligaments that hold the uterus. Thus, the uterus continues to grow, and ligaments with each passing day more and more stretched, and that is accompanied by a drawing, sometimes stabbing pain on the sides of the abdomen.

Deliver pain week 26 pregnancy and can too “uncomfortable” active toddlers. Each week the crumbs there are fewer places in the womb and during some of his jerks may occur sharp pain, stomach like “sips”, but these feelings are just as suddenly and completely, as there are. By the way, long-term pain and heaviness in the right upper quadrant and may be associated with other, much more unpleasant phenomenon – the stagnation of bile. The risk of stagnation of bile, or even the development of gallstones high among pregnant women, disregard for rules of correct and healthy diet, those who do not control their weight. Remember that the consumption of fatty foods in unlimited quantities – one of the first steps in the development of disorders of bile flow, so do not ignore expert advice regarding proper nutrition.

Listen to the training bout, which by this time you probably already got acquainted. Braxton – Higgs or false labor pains, through which the uterus to prepare for the upcoming birth – occur periodically, regularly, and are relatively painless. However, if all of a sudden bout gives a woman the pain becomes a regular, like the uterus and abdominal petrifies the feeling of gravity, also against the background of a sudden contractions appear watery yellowish discharge – without delay, call an ambulance. Most likely went into premature labor, and discharge of water to prolong the pregnancy is not possible. Pain and heaviness in the abdomen may also be due to pathology called Cervical incompetence. Pain and heaviness in this case is the gradual opening of the cervical canal of the cervix. Again, the situation is intended to correct the doctor – by setting a pessary or suturing the cervix. Otherwise, a high risk of infection in the uterus from the vagina. Infection of membranes, in turn, may be subject to izlieniem amniotic fluid and the beginning of preterm birth.

Allocation week 26 pregnancy. Normal discharge week 26 pregnancy – moderate, light or whitish color, smooth consistency and without bright particular smell. Note that now is the formation of mucus plug, which will close before the end of pregnancy the cervical canal of the uterus, and therefore, may be a small increase in emissions. But watch out for their character, if accompanied by an increase in discharge or a burning or itching in the genital area, discharge acquire green-gray or yellow, frothy or curd, is the point of attachment of infection. If you change the character of discharge shown additional medical examination and compulsory treatment, otherwise, a high risk of intrauterine infection of the 26 weeks fetus with a further delay of its growth and development.

Do not hesitate and do not delay, call “ambulance” when a bleeding blood, even in small amounts – a symptom of previa or abruption placentae. Often these phenomena are accompanied by abdominal pain, but it happens that there is no pain. Whatever it was, finding spotting, be sure to lie down and call an ambulance, while independently better not get to the hospital: bleeding from the genital tract may at any time purchase rampant. It should also be mandatory to visit a doctor when a watery discharge from the vagina: it is possible that an expert will be revealed leakage of amniotic fluid. Remember that amniotic fluid can leak quite small portions, creating a feeling of slightly elevated moisture in the crotch. But even a slight potdekanie amniotic fluid poses a threat to the further course of pregnancy, increasing the risk of infection of the 26 weeks fetus. Especially as a matter of urgency to seek help at one-stage discharge of amniotic fluid: this symptom is accompanied by the beginning of preterm birth.

26 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Most likely, the second routine ultrasound is already behind us, however, it happens that on -doctor directs pregnant 26 weeks pregnant. 26 weeks pregnant ultrasound examination may be required if you want to re-examination of the 26 weeks fetus, or if for some reason, ultrasound has not been done before the woman.

26 weeks pregnant ultrasound – a way to know the sex of the growing baby in the womb: now his sexual characteristics are clearly differentiated. But the main task of 26 weeks pregnant ultrasound, as well as at any other period, is still estimation of fetal development and condition of the uterus, the exclusion of any risks for normal pregnancy. For example, an ultrasound specialist to evaluate the development of the internal organs and the life support systems of the 26 weeks fetus – the heart, stomach, kidney, urinary system. When an 26 weeks pregnant ultrasound will also be appreciated by the skeleton of a baby, eliminating the possibility of malformations of the nervous system. In addition, the subject of examination and become queen: the doctor will look state of inner muscle layer of the uterus, will evaluate the quality and amount of amniotic fluid, determine the mounting location and the location of the placenta.