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Week 27 pregnancy. 27 weeks pregnant how many months? Congratulations: two thirds of the way successfully completed! You are entering the third trimester where the baby at 27 weeks will be actively growing and better.    27 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. Have a baby at 27 weeks of pregnancy are well-developed sense of smell, hearing, taste, coordination of movements. It’s pretty much what will happen after the birth. That’s only in the third trimester the baby at 27 weeks will grow in length and grow fat. Now the baby at 27 weeks weighs an average of 875 grams and has a height up to 37 cm. However, the skin on the body wrinkled due to the constant immersion in water. She smoothed closer to leave, and at the same time will appear on the face cheeks. Baby is big enough, but room to move in the womb it is still missing. Though, of course, with every week and getting smaller, which is why a 27 week pushes and kicks crumbs felt even clearer and stronger. By this time, Mom can even feel like a kid flips in the uterus and changing posture, sometimes buried stem or handle in the stomach from the inside, like a baby “sticks out” him. And, leaning his hand to his stomach wife, wiggling baby can feel and daddy. From time to time mom can feel the rhythmic jerks in uniform – pipsqueak hiccups!

The number of fetal movements and in different cases of pregnancy in a woman may be different. The main thing – that Mom felt her baby hourly, however, keep in mind: his excessive activity may be due to the discomfort associated with lack of oxygen. Considered unfavorable situation if wiggling baby is not traced within 2-3 hours. Almost ready to go respiratory system of the 27 week fetus. But if for some reason the baby at 27 weeks will be born this week, he will not be able to survive on their own. Lungs, immune system and the system of thermoregulation not yet mature enough for this. And because premature infants nursed in special boxes. In the meantime, oxygen is supplied to the 27 week fetus through the placenta.

By this time, formed all his organs and systems, and even external signs come down almost to perfection: on the finger nails grow soft, decorate the ears, eyes already open (if you do not abuse alcohol, otherwise it will happen later), hairs grow, working limbs, formed genitals. Endocrine glands continue to evolve, and set your own metabolism. The pituitary gland produces growth hormone, pancreas produces insulin, and thyroid thyroxin, triiodothyronine, calcitonin. All these hormones are essential. If the mother’s tummy is growing girl, she is already preparing for the fact that at some point in the distant future, and she would be the mother: the ovaries baby was already a whole set of follicles. The boys, in turn, the testes have already descended into the scrotum.

Expectant mother – week 27 pregnancy. Make sure that the baby at 27 weeks was most comfortable. Avoid smoke-filled rooms, sharp sounds frightening, “nerve” of the situation. After all, the crumbs affects everything: your health, the environment, food, condition. Because of the growing uterus (it rose by 7 cm above the navel) shifts the stomach and heartburn may disturb you more. Find a safe way to remove them. Use every opportunity to give your feet a rest and cool down: lift them above, put on a cooled surface, take a cool bath foot. Not tummy bulge forward, otherwise it will hurt back. Also try not to lie down on your back – it is fraught with and for you, and for baby at 27 weeks for clamping large vena cava. Best physiological posture for sleep during pregnancy lying on his left side. You can not throw the leg over the other, do not lift weights, do not hold your hands above your head.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes and clothes, take care of breasts and genitals. You may disturb selection, but if there are no other 27 weeks pregnant symptoms, just observe hygiene. In the third trimester weight expectant mother is growing very fast. All for the most part due to increased amounts of blood and amniotic fluid, as well as the growth of the uterus, placenta and 27 week fetus itself. On their own account for a small fraction of fat (if, however, you are not abusing flour, fat and sweet), which basically leaves at birth and during breastfeeding. So do not be afraid and do not upset their own dimensions: this is temporary and necessary for the health of babies. Do not forget to communicate with your baby, preferably together with the Pope. Already you are a family, a baby gets used to his parents, feels them know. Give each other only the best emotions to the long-awaited meeting remained not so much …

Pain week 27 pregnancy. By the week 27 pregnancy, the future mother may well overtake the pain of different nature and origin. However, here, be sure to note where and how you hurt, analyze than the pain can be caused. After all, in fact, pain in a particular area often becomes a concomitant symptom of irrational behavior mom. Pain in the lower back and spine, perhaps one of the most common problems of the second half of pregnancy. Pain in the back usually occurs as a consequence of the increased weight and, consequently, the load on his back. Prenatal bandage, though not a panacea for such pain, but the intensity of their manifestations can still adjust a few. Of course, the most important and the behavior of moms: to avoid pain in the back, try not to be on your feet for long periods, be sure to unload the back, do not wear high heels.

These recommendations are relevant if there is a foot soreness. Pain in the legs at week 27 pregnancy – a consequence of the same weight gain. But the appearance of painful leg cramps a symptom not only fatigue feet, but also a lack of calcium in the body. With this in mind, adjust your diet, be sure to stretch the legs a rest day, let’s taking recumbency, casting a leg on the hill. Can help and evening relaxing massage feet or foot bath with cool water. Please note that nagging back pain radiating into the lower abdomen may indicate the progression of diseases of the genitourinary system. Usually pathological conditions of the plan and are accompanied by other 27 weeks pregnant symptoms: painful urination, sharp pain or burning sensation in the vagina. May increase the overall temperature of the body. If at least one of the above symptoms, coupled with low back pain and abdominal pain, be sure to see your doctor.

Hemorrhoids – another unpleasant but very frequent condition during pregnancy. On the development of hemorrhoids inability prompt bowel movement, pain in the rectum, it is possible the appearance of bleeding in the anus. Even in the presence of constipation, it is desirable to immediately take the issue seriously. Even just adjusting the diet, and include menus useful for constipation foods (eg, fruits and vegetables in large quantities, yogurt, beets, vegetable oil), it is possible to avoid the aggravation of problems in the future and prevent the development of hemorrhoids already actually. Be prepared for the fact that they would be felt pain in the pelvis, thighs. Now the body is in full swing preparing for the upcoming birth: pelvic bones gradually soften and flow, that in the future will facilitate the passage of the 27 week fetus through the birth canal.

Belly week 27 pregnancy: pulls hurts. It is likely and slight pain in the abdomen. Here are just a pain in this case, and the truth to be insignificant and are not permanent, otherwise there is every reason to suspect any complications that and cause abdominal pain. Normal is considered pulling, unobtrusive pain on the sides of the abdomen holding the uterus ligaments more softened and stretched, which explains the presence of pain. Particularly noticeable is the time when a woman bends, changes the position of the body, gets up from a chair or bed. Abdominal pain may be associated with disruption of the digestive system. Bloating, constipation, flatulence – all this leads to abdominal pain, where better to discuss with your physician as the “nutritional strategy.”

But if stomach hurts and pulls down pain are long aching in nature, better go to the doctor for an examination without delay. After all, abdominal pain, this kind may well indicate a detachment of normally situated placenta. Also, do not hesitate, you need to seek medical care in the event the pain of contractions and week 27 pregnancy. Training bout on the week 27 pregnancy for the mother, most likely already familiar phenomenon usually Braxton Higgins appear even earlier deadlines. At the same time, false contractions are mild, not painful and irregular. If the uterus begins to contract regularly, or picking up the fight intensified, moreover, there is also a rupture of membranes – immediately call an ambulance: you went into premature labor.

27 weeks pregnant symptoms. As before, keep under control the issue of quantity and quality selections. Normal allocation for this period – moderate, uniform, blonde or light milky discharge with no clearly defined odor. Cheerleaders woman should highlight unhealthy green-gray, yellow, earthy brown. Changing the highlight color in combination with the addition of a sharp odor, and even against the background of a tangible discomfort in the genital area in the form of itching or burning, painful urination a sure sign of infection. On the accession of genital infection prompts also change the consistency of discharge: infectious diseases of the genital tract make cheesy discharge, frothy, bubbling …

It is advisable to immediately go to the doctor if you have been found thin, watery, yellowish discharge possible. With increased allocation of such a nature likely to be diagnosed leakage of amniotic fluid. If the damage of membranes amniotic fluid may well leak in small portions, creating a heightened sense of moisture in the crotch area. If the amniotic fluid poured out again, hurry to call an ambulance the outpouring of water indicates the onset of preterm labor. Do not delay seeking medical help and when a bloody, brown discharge. The presence of blood on the shorts may indicate previa or abruption placentae. Usually accompanied by a detachment of the placenta and more abdominal pain.

27 weeks pregnant ultrasound. 27 weeks pregnant ultrasound, if there is no specific indication of the fact, is generally not required. However, in some cases, additional ultrasound still might need, for example, to confirm the normal development of the pregnancy, after suffering a future mother of infectious diseases in disadvantaged pregnancy, in the case of a multiple pregnancy.

In the study of ultrasound doctor examines and evaluates how the 27 week fetus itself, and of the womb. Doсtor appreciate the development and growth of the 27 week fetus, the conformity of these indicators of pregnancy. An important point of the study is to evaluate the internal organs and the life support systems of the child, his heart rate and physical activity. With regard to the uterus, the doctor will determine the magnitude and location of the uterus, the thickness of the bottom. It will also be appreciated by the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid, mounting location and the location of the placenta, the state of the myometrium.

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