28 weeks pregnant ultrasound, movement fetus, symptoms

28 weeks pregnant, 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound. For this week of pregnancy your baby can survive with proper care in case of premature birth. This was possible before, but now the chances of the baby really grew up. However, it is still growing and developing, because the time of delivery has not come.                                                28 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. The 28 week fetus has already scored his first kilogram and stretched to 38.5 cm, and maybe more. Space for active play is running out. He can no longer freely tumble, but still has a good chance to change their presentation, so do not worry if it is not now as it should be (ie not head down) can still change. Important in the third trimester control movements. By baby at 28 weeks has developed his own sleep and wakefulness. Usually, the baby at 28 weeks sleeps during the day, when the mother is active and starts its activities on a night when the rhythmic movements lulling mother disappear. Also, kids activity may increase after a meal or when the level of adrenaline in the blood of the mother (due to stress or emotional distress).

Determine the hours in which the baby at 28 weeks is most active. Monitors movements twice a day – morning and evening. The best is the 10 movements for 1 hour. But if he made less than 10 movements per hour (considered not only coups and strikes, but also minor perturbation), it may be cause for concern. If you do not mark any activity for more than a day, your doctor should contact immediately. In general, be very careful now to yourself and your baby. He became very sensitive to loud noises, change the lighting, the quality of the inhaled air and you consumed beverages and food. Sharp aggressive jerks pipsqueak can express their requests to: change the position of the body or a little strip. But should not be taken as a sign every thrust. Remember, it gets a bit crowded there.

Though most of the pregnancy is already behind us, baby continues to evolve and improve. From pregnancy week 28 actively begins to form subcutaneous fat and the skin will gradually flatten. Continue to form alveoli, strengthens bone tissue. Actively developing brain baby: at pregnancy week 28 appear first gyrus and sulcus, although they began to form a little sooner. Now with high probability we can determine which hemisphere of the brain at the 28 week fetus will be leading. Thus, the right-hander, who will be leading right hand, prefer to pull in the mouth fingers of his right hand, but the left-handers tend to prefer Palchikov left handle. The baby at 28 weeks now entirely similar to the little man. Clearly loomed face, with its inherent unique features. Fun and lively facial expressions kid: he yawns, blinks, squints and blinks, hamming. At the head of the crumbs already growing thin hairs, almost down.

Expectant mother pregnancy week 28. At pregnancy week 28 mother have to pass a series of examinations, and indeed now a gynecologist will need to see each other more often. Now we need to check your blood glucose and hemoglobin in the blood. When Rh-negative mom must also pass a second antibody test. That all went well balanced and eat right, walk a lot, but not on their feet for a long time, enough rest, avoid stressful situations. The farther away, the more awkward you will feel. It’s not even funny! Let you help your family and friends, and in the meantime you start writing a list of required for the new member of the family of the future things. Do not forget about weight control: at this stage, weight gain should be about 50 grams per day or 300 g, in extreme cases 500 g for a week. In order to keep track of weight weigh yourself every morning and, of course, do not forget to eat right.

Pain at pregnancy week 28. With increasing life and growth of the uterus pregnant more often can disturb various discomfort. Thus, the most common problem of the second trimester of pregnancy are low back pain and spine: the center of gravity shifts, joints soften, ligaments are stretched all Bole, hence there are characteristic pain. Back pain, similar to radikulitnymi, smack in the thigh and sometimes even reaching to the knee and ankle – a consequence of the growing uterus compression of the sciatic nerve. In principle, such a pain though and cause discomfort, but strongly dopekat pregnant should not. They arise spontaneously, irregular, not pronounced, and more are aching in nature. But when a sudden, severe back pain that resembles cramping, better immediately dial “ambulance”: it is possible that feeling in this case associated with the risk of premature birth.

With the increase in weight associated with possible pain and fatigue in the legs: now women have to “wear” a much greater weight than it was before pregnancy. To avoid potential problems with their feet, more rest, relieving the legs and back every evening itself massages, baths for feet with cool water. Be sure to pay attention to the swelling: during pregnancy in one way or another swollen legs, arms, are probably some swelling of the face. If swelling insignificant, there is no reason to worry about, except that costs a few revise diet: to reduce salt intake, refuse fried and smoked food, monitor fluid intake (are taken into account as soups, juices, milk, fruit). By themselves, the swelling is not dangerous, but in some cases can be a symptom of a complex complications second half of pregnancy – preeclampsia.

Belly at pregnancy week 28: pulls hurts. Should listen to and abdominal pain: if a pregnancy week 28 belly pulls hurts, it may indicate some problems during pregnancy. But at the same time, and may be the norm. Stomach ache may, for example, due to softening and strain the ligaments that hold the uterus. Pulling or stabbing pain at the same time there periodically, usually during the change of position of the body when a woman rises from a chair or bed, and is deployed from one or both sides of the abdomen. Aching pain in the lower abdomen may be associated with disruption of the digestive system. Flatulence, constipation, colitis, goiter, yes, even too busy dinner – or any of the above factors is able to provoke pain in the abdomen.

Arises in the upper quadrant sharp and tangible, but quickly passing pain a consequence of continued growth and activity of the baby at 28 weeks. Careless his thrusts and kicks often comes just at the edges of moms, so they hurt. At the same time, if the pain in the upper quadrant dull, aching, occurs a few hours after a meal, while accompanied by bitter eructations, pulling symptom abdominal pain, nausea, you should consult your doctor to rule out the probability of developing gallstone cholecystitis. Acute, severe pain in the abdomen at pregnancy week 28 may indicate premature detachment of the placenta. When placental abruption is usually also observed separation of blood from the genital tract. However, it may happen, and internal bleeding: if the blood does not go out, and the expectant mother feels strong sharp pains in the stomach, they are often so strong that it is almost impossible to stomach touch.

When premature placental abruption and premature labor occur acute abdominal pain. Premature birth are considered those that happen just after that date. They may be beginning, start threatening. In the first of these cases of abdominal pain by pregnancy week 28 insignificant. They are aching in nature may give in the waist. If a woman really went into labor before the due date, then they move to the cramping, and then in regular pain. This is followed by a withdrawal of amniotic fluid.

Premature birth occur most frequently in women who suffer from gynecological diseases, have defects in the development of the uterus, there are diseases of other organs. Women with a strong toxicosis in the later stages, also refer to the risk factors. Childbirth, which began in the second half of pregnancy, can not be stopped. A slight heaviness in the abdomen at 28 weeks of pregnancy with placental abruption accompanied by bleeding. It can be internal or external. As a rule, women are dramatically reduced blood pressure, and she loses consciousness. Pain is not always indicative of some serious problems. Spasms of the digestive system often respond aching pain in the abdomen and that. This may be colitis and intestinal dysbiosis. Not quite fresh produce dense dinner all this creates an additional burden on the digestive organs.

Dedicated to the pregnancy week 28. Selection, considered normal for that period, as before even consistency, light or light milky, slightly sour smell. Women should alert any change in color and character of discharge: the emergence of green, earthy-gray, yellow discharge, discharge of foam or curd, with a mixture of flakes all symptoms of the accession of infectious disease. To enhance infection indicate also change the smell of discharge a sharp, unpleasant, and the appearance of burning or itching in the genital tract. Extremely unfavorable phenomenon is the appearance of blood in any quantity and any intensity. Even spotting or brown spotting a reason for instant call an ambulance. Thus, blood in any quantity indicates the likelihood detachment or placenta previa, abruptio placentae with almost always accompanied by pulling aching pain in the abdomen. Also spotting can be a sign of preterm labor beginning.

As liquid watery yellowish tint, which, in fact, are the amniotic fluid. Simultaneous rupture of membranes – a sure symptom of the beginning of premature birth. However, the amniotic fluid may leak and small portions, creating a feeling of moisture on the panties. But in this case, consult your doctor immediately follows. Firstly, the leakage of amniotic fluid is always associated with the violation of the integrity of membranes, which is fraught with the entry of the infection to the 28 week fetus. Second, even small at first glance, leakage of amniotic fluid may eventually end breakthrough membranes and the onset of preterm labor. And proceed rapidly childbirth, and have time to medical care in this case is essential. Otherwise, the consequences can be very, very sad.

28 weeks pregnant ultrasound. At 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound is assigned unless for some individual indications: the second routine ultrasound is left behind, and the third not yet. But, even if the doctor sees the need for 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound, do not worry, it will not harm the 28 week fetus, because the safety of ultrasound studies proved medicine. As before, the main indicators during the 28 weeks pregnant ultrasound are indicators of the state of the uterus and the baby. Expert examination of the internal organs and systems of the baby at 28 weeks, will assess the position of the uterus and its size will determine the location and degree of maturity of the placenta, umbilical cord.

Dr. Uzi and determine fetal presentation in the womb head, pelvic or cross. If during the ultrasound examination it turns out that the baby is in a breech cross – just should not get upset. In the near future, the 28 week fetus can still make the most physiological birth for presentation (head). Note that the size of the fruit on this term is already big enough, therefore, to see it on your own is almost impossible to monitor. But, if you decide on a 3D or 4D, you still have time to get a “portrait” of the baby at 28 weeks. Later pipsqueak will grow even more, and take a picture it would be impossible for now this is the last chance.