29 weeks pregnant ultrasound, fetus, symptoms, sensations

29 weeks pregnant, 29 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Is the third trimester of pregnancy, during which your baby will quickly build mass. Too early to talk about childbirth, but if necessary, the baby at 29 weeks could not survive he was quite prepared for this. With nostrils already disappeared mucous cork, and now spout baby gets amniotic fluid.                                                                                                                                                                                29 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. At week 29 pregnancy baby weighs 1150 grams and stretched in height to 38.6 cm. The subcutaneous tissue is formed and then, but now thermoregulatory system begins to work. The 29 week fetus feels more than embarrassment, and therefore can not tumble freely. You feel it too the nature of his movements changed. Now he kicks more than flipped. You can even clearly see sharp convexity if the baby at 29 weeks will pull the handle or foot sticking out his ass. His movements are less sweeping, presses feet or palms in the stomach from the inside all clearly. Often, some “games” crumbs bring mom tangible discomfort, soreness differ. The 29 week fetus in the heat indiscriminately may strike the internal organs, abut the ribs.

And, nevertheless, its further development continues. Now rapidly developing muscles crumbs, and to ensure 29 week fetus “building material” for the muscles, be sure to consume a food protein and calcium. A huge leap in the development of urinary system made kidneys baby now every day to allocate half a liter of urine! Bone marrow is completely taken over the function of hematopoiesis. The whole body becomes more perfect, and all systems are combined into a single mechanism. The improvement of brain neurons in the amount of several billion generated each day. On the surface of the brain gradually exude gyrus. Interestingly, this little guy not only has sense of smell and taste, reacts to light. He is able to focus his eyes on his interesting details!

Expectant mother at week 29 pregnancy. To feel relief after a day, lie down and raise your legs above heart level. If it’s summer, helps cool foot bath. Wear comfortable shoes and just do not wear compressive stockings and socks. Swelling and heartburn – is not the only inconvenience that may experience the expectant mother at week 29 pregnancy. It becomes more difficult to breathe, you can begin to faint due to low hemoglobin, low blood pressure, and even lying on the bed – by displacement with the inferior vena cava. In search of a comfortable posture for sleep you can spend more than one night. However, to get enough sleep and rest is very important. So we have to somehow adjust what can help additional pads in bed.

Many women in the third trimester feel the rhythmic contractions of the uterus the so-called Braxton Hicks, which prepare the body for childbirth they are not dangerous for the baby at 29 weeks. But if you notice the selection large amounts of fluid from the vagina, or spotting, or fever, or any other suspicious symptoms lie on your left side and immediately call a doctor. The main recommendations are the same: fresh air, healthy food, proper rest, positive emotions. However, you can add and something else: be careful in moving: because the center of gravity pregnant women in late pregnancy are subject to random crashes.

Pain at week 29 pregnancy. For the same reason the offset center of gravity due to the increase of the abdomen possible back pain and back pain. Increased during the same 29 weeks pregnant belly puts a strain on your feet, therefore, are frequent in the second half of pregnancy pain and fatigue in the legs. To avoid these unpleasant symptoms, follow the simple “rules of all pregnant”: do not wear shoes with heels, use prenatal bandage, several times a day unload the back and legs, resting in a horizontal position, sitting down, not casting a leg over the other, and be sure to monitor the increase in weight. Extremely unpleasant phenomenon, which can overtake pregnant for a period of week 29 pregnancy are leg cramps. Muscle spasms can be caused by prolonged exposure to the legs, and a lack of calcium in the background of excess phosphorus in the body. You can avoid cramps, eating properly included in the menu of foods rich in calcium and limit your intake of high levels of phosphorus. And also through regular rest for the feet and applying every night a relaxing foot massage.

Diet for pregnant and also to prevent the development of constipation, and with them and hemorrhoids, which is able to bring a woman a lot of unpleasant minutes and pain. Because the body is now in full swing preparing for the upcoming birth, it may cause pain in the pelvic area and the hips. This – a consequence of the gradual softening and differences pelvis to facilitate the passage of the baby at 29 weeks through the birth canal. However, if the pain in the pubic and perineal long and strong, report them to your doctor – there is a risk that haunt condition called symphysis pregnant. Women who perform work with the repetition of the movement of the wrist, may be some numbness and pain in the fingers. Numbness and pain of fingers is usually associated with swelling of the carpal tunnel, through which the nerves to the toes. Due to the increasing pressure with swelling, numbness there, burning or pain in the fingers, and the ache, usually the thumb, index and middle fingers.

29 weeks pregnant belly: pulls hurts. For obvious reasons, abdominal pain to become pregnant as a separate subject for concern. However, do not be worried about not strong, periodical pain on the sides of the abdomen, usually pulling or stabbing a consequence of softening and stretching the ligaments holding the uterus. Is not dangerous, and abdominal pain caused by digestive disorders. Especially because tenderness woman 29 weeks pregnant belly probably already be able to determine. However, the lack of serious dangers does not mean that you can continue to do nothing: to determine what abdominal pain associated with the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, consider correcting the diet. After all, the failure to comply with the diet for pregnant women most often linked to dysfunction of the digestive system.

Pain in the abdomen, passing in the back, accompanied by painful urination one of the symptoms of diseases of the genitourinary system. With such symptoms, it is better as soon as possible to tell about it at the next (or extraordinary) meeting the doctor. Pay attention to the nature of the fights: training Braxton Higgins, not painful and irregular, for week 29 pregnancy is normal. But if the fight intensified, growing, repeated at regular intervals and tenderness, and even accompanied by the occurrence of bleeding or heavy liquid discharges urgent call to the emergency room. This picture witness the beginning of preterm labor, which, if the same start, stop already impossible.

Dedicated to the week 29 pregnancy. With watery liquid, colored yellowish discharge, to understand it is amniotic fluid, the appearance of which indicates the start of pre-term birth. But note that the amniotic fluid to flow may not be immediately and simultaneously, but in small portions to leak, leaving wet footprints on the underwear. Even if the amniotic fluid leak and a drop, do not delay in seeking medical care: their appearance indicates damage to the membranes, which in turn creates a risk of infection to the 29 week fetus. It is mandatory must be received access to a doctor, if they were found bleeding from the genital tract. Blood can be not only a symptom of premature labor, but also a sign of not less serious threatening pathologies previa or abruption placentae. Note that when placental abruption, bleeding may be not only external but also internal: in the latter case, the blood does not flow out, but going inside that provokes the appearance of unbearable pain in the abdomen.

Of course, requires a doctor’s advice, and the appearance of discharge uncharacteristic green, yellow, sallow, pus discharge with clots or flakes, curd or frothy. The change in color and consistency in such secretions side indicates the development of genital infections, which, moreover, is also often accompanied by discomfort to the crotch region. Identification of the agent and immediately start treatment in this case is very important, otherwise the high risk of infection to the 29 week fetus in utero and its defeat. If we talk about normal, then normal for a period of week 29 pregnancy are moderate, light or pale milky discharge with a uniform smooth texture and subtle flavor of yogurt.

29 weeks pregnant ultrasound. For the second routine 29 weeks pregnant ultrasound earlier date. However, in some cases, your doctor may still prescribe ultrasound at this stage, for example, if it is necessary to clarify some of the data, if there is a risk of preterm birth and should decide the installation of a pessary, if a woman bears two or more children. As before, the main parameters, which draws the attention of the physician in ultrasound, becoming the degree of development of the 29 week fetus and the condition of the uterus. When an ultrasound specialist examination of the internal organs and systems of the baby at 29 weeks, measure the length of his body parts and determine their correlation to each other.

It is also important information about cardiac baby at 29 weeks, its motor activity and its location. In addition, the doctor will set the mounting location and the location, the condition of the placenta, the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid.