3 weeks pregnant ultrasound, signs, symptoms, sensations

3 weeks pregnant ultrasound, signs, symptoms, sensations. Most likely, the conception has already occurred at the end of last week. If not, it will at the beginning of this week, otherwise pregnancy are not talking.

The fetus at 3 weeks pregnant: the weight and size. 3 weeks pregnant. This is the first week of embryonic life. The fertilized egg continues to divide and move to their place of residence. In shape it resembles a mulberry, so doctors call it morula, which is translated mulberry. Gradually embryo takes the form of a hollow sphere filled with liquid, which forms the inner layer of the embryonic disk, and provide an external fixation to the uterus. Later, the body is pulled up, with the elongate extension would be at the bottom. By the end of 3 weeks pregnant of embryonic disk will be curtailed into a tube, in the extended end of which is formed head and narrowed from tail-tail bone. And even begin to form sex cells. In the meantime, the embryo reaches the uterus and makes its landing. For this blastocyst removes cells from the uterus, and it makes a small recess to attach therein. This period is called the landing and is often accompanied by implantation spotting, which do not represent absolutely no threat. The entire period of implantation takes about 40 hours.

Provision of vital substances in the egg had already finished – now the embryo starts to feed from the parent body. This is a new stage in its development, it will depend entirely on you right up to the birth. Everything that is happening at this time processes are closely interrelated. Firstly, released a special protein – immunosuppressive called another factor Early Pregnancy. He just needs to maintain pregnancy, because half of the chromosomes of the embryo is alien female body men proteins. And without this factor would run the natural process of destruction and expulsion of “outsiders”. And under the influence of immunosuppressive protein female immune system is rebuilt in a certain way to work in the new regime, receiving from him the appropriate signal.

In addition, the blastocyst identifies a number of hormones necessary for the development of pregnancy. Thus, progesterone stimulates cervical mucus, which is formed from the placenta. It will protect the fruit and keep it running during the entire period of gestation. Already on the way to their future shelter for the next 9 months – namely, on the way to the uterus – once a second cell division of a fertilized egg, which from now on will not stop for a minute. By the end of three weeks of gestation embryo already consists of about 250 cells, and has a size of about 0.15 mm and a length of 2 mm. But the weight of his almost imperceptible yet – at this stage the fetus weighs about 3.2 micrograms. Now he begins to rapidly grow and develop.

Expectant mother. The woman does not know about the pregnancy, although it may suspect it offensive. With 3 weeks pregnant begins the second of the three most critical periods of pregnancy, which will last up to 7 weeks time. Although the risk of death of the embryo under the influence of negative factors is not so high, there remains a very high risk of developing pathologies, anomalies, malformations, because it is the end of this week begins laying of all organs and systems of the future child. For example, now looming rudiments of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, formed by the endocrine system, limbs, mouth. In general, it should take care of oneself. Pay attention to your diet, emotional and physical condition, lifestyle. If pregnancy is planned it is easy to do. And if conception occurred spontaneously about the incident now may indicate early signs of pregnancy: frequent urination, change in taste preferences, and nausea.

Symptoms of pregnancy at 3 weeks. But now, most are early signs of pregnancy quiz are often interpreted as symptoms of a woman is not pregnant, and the signals of impending next menstruation. And, in theory, time of fact and the truth is moving to the next month, because a few changes to the state of health of future mothers, which may even be unaware of what had happened, could find a false explanation. So, one of the first 3 weeks pregnant symptoms that indicate what happened Conception brutalization breast, hold the increased basal temperature, changes in appetite and taste preferences. Some women on the background of early pregnancy appetite is greatly enhanced, thus, women are often whims, demanding at the moment, for example, that fungi or oranges, and nothing else. Some women appetite, on the contrary, lost is not desirable for a long time without feeling hungry. In addition, many of the women, recalling the early weeks of pregnancy, talk about the appearance of aversion to certain smells: some curves from the street flavors, someone suddenly begins to hate the smell of fried liver. As the pregnancy 1-3 weeks pregnant the smells and all will cause severe nausea, often provoking even vomiting. The third week of pregnancy may also be accompanied by a drawing pains in the abdomen. It may indicate increased urination, bowel disorders. And all this – often against a background of increased fatigue and a constant feeling of not sleep.

Feeling at the 3 weeks pregnant. As mentioned above, the third week of pregnancy for a woman is often seen during PMS. In the confusion introduced increased mammary glands and related breast tenderness. Hormonal changes the body is accompanied by changes in mood: moodiness, irritability, emotional lability, nervousness. All of these 3 week pregnancy symptoms are typical as time “shortly before menstruation” and the period of “the first weeks of pregnancy.” Of not very pleasant for early pregnancy sensations can remember and fatigue phenomenon: many held mom told how at first pregnancy have “everything was not strong enough and constantly sleepy.” It should be remembered that any special, universal signs and sensations of the third week of pregnancy, and there can not be that every woman experiencing her individually. More than that and often the third week of pregnancy for the mother passes “secret”: if the couple had not planned pregnancy, what happened could be explained by a woman approaching the next month.

Allocation 3 weeks pregnant. Allocation at the 3 weeks pregnant, the number and intensity the phenomenon in each case is individual. In general, the selection in this period profusion no different, have a smooth consistency, light or slightly milky, with a faint sour smell. Any suspicious changes in color and odor, the amount of discharge may indicate a connection of genital infection. Therefore, if the allocation acquire a sharp unpleasant smell cheesy or foamy mucus in them there – it’s time to go to the gynecologist. Often it is the third week of pregnancy, a woman at some point discovers on panties bloody scarce divorce. Just at this period often is the introduction egg in the uterine wall, which is accompanied, in addition to feeling the pinch of the abdomen, and the department has a certain amount of blood. It happens that a woman mistook for spotting menstruation begins. Allocation in different women in this case are different and the amount and nature of the “smear”, separated dropwise have more red or brown. But after 1-2 days always stop, and that’s when a woman begins to think rightly, if it was actually menstruating …

Pregnancy test 3 weeks pregnant. But, even if unsure about spotting who suddenly disappeared, the woman decides to take a pregnancy test, pregnancy it is still not yet confirm. The second strip on the test, indicating a positive result it – the reaction of the test to the increased levels of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the expectant mother, who, appearing in the urine changes color strips. However, at this stage, the concentration of hCG has not yet reached the levels that pregnancy was confirmed by rapid test. In very rare cases, the second strip on the test still comes through, but very weak. But even then it is better not to rush headlong to the drugstore for a repeat test, and wait for the timing of menstruation, and if it does not start, even then spend another “test” session.

3 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Or, if you wait and endure in the dark there are no forces – to go to the Ultrasound. 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound, unlike home tests, the fact of pregnancy and even on such a small period for sure, either confirm or refute. 3 weeks pregnant ultrasound for this session is held transvaginal probe so better chance to determine on uterine or ectopic pregnancy will be discussed plus the doctor also will assess the condition of the muscle tissue of the uterus.