32 weeks pregnant symptoms, sensations and photos

32 weeks pregnant symptoms, sensations and photos. Begins the real preparation for the release. By the end of 32-33 weeks of pregnancy the baby is in a position in which it will move towards this world. Very good to see it was cephalic presentation.                                                                                                                                          32 weeks pregnant: a perturbation, development, weight and size. The immune system of the 32 week fetus has already started. This week there is an active education of the child’s own antibodies, which will serve as its protection in the first period after birth. Already hard at work the nervous system. The 32 week fetus is in pain, emotions, it can change your mood. He sees, hears, feels and tastes needs your attention. Continue to grow and strengthen bones, skull kid but remains flexible to facilitate the promotion of generic ways. Skin more smoother, rounded arms and legs, and on the little face appear cheeks. By birth he will be little hamster, but still probably a hair on the head, although this is not necessary. At 32 weeks pregnant it reaches 42.5 inches long and weighs more than 1700 places have less traffic because pipsqueak is actively growing, and you have a very clear sense of his thrusts, especially sharp and angry. Provoke a baby on sharp bumps can and sudden loud noises and bright lights too all good baby now sees and hears in response to external stimuli. Excessive activity of the 32 week fetus can be caused by lack of oxygen, and uncomfortable situation for him mom. To keep track of whether things are going fine at the 32 week fetus, listen to it and watch its sway. Normally, the baby at 32 weeks makes for an hour about 4-6 appreciable perturbations. Of course, when awake he has already developed a unique sleep and activity.

Expectant mother – pregnancy week 32. Expectant mother begins to quietly get tired of pregnancy. Due to the displacement of internal organs, you may experience a lot of discomfort and discomfort. Recommendations for their elimination or reduction remain the same: Minimize salt intake, eat small portions, do not wear tight clothing and footwear, learn how to walk, sit and lie down. Just empty the bladder. If you noticed that when coughing or laughing incontinence occurs, do not worry – this is quite a physiological phenomenon for your life.

32 weeks pregnant symptoms. Normal for this period are considered and back pain, lower back, spine, arising due to weight gain, and hence the burden on them, and the displacement of the center of gravity in relation to the growing belly. However, here are my mother from understanding the “normality” of such pain certainly not easier, it is not surprising that she wonders about the possibility of eliminating these unpleasant 32 weeks pregnant symptoms. The rules in this case is simple: weight control, regular discharge of the back, wearing prenatal bandage night’s sleep on a hard mattress, the correct posture, the use of physical exercises to strengthen back muscles. Again, with the increased weight and increased load connected and pain, feeling of heaviness and “evening” a burning sensation in the legs. Help their legs to escape the pain, you can periodically giving them a break not to be on your feet for a long time, sitting down on a chair, not casting a leg over the other, refuse to wear heels. By the way, it is good to have in the house a special stand, you will be sitting down, underlay under your feet. Also place them under foot roller or a few pillows, lying down at night, or just lying down to rest during the day such measures will help to improve blood circulation.

With pain in the hypochondrium yet have to accept: sharp, unexpectedly arising in the chest pains are the result of excessive activity of the baby at 32 weeks. While playing, he already knows how to dig very hurt Mommy in the ribs, stretch them by hand. Continue to monitor the quality of food consumed and chair: poor nutrition leads to the development of constipation, and then to hemorrhoids, which can also bring a lot of unpleasant “painful” minutes.

Belly 32 weeks pregnant: pulls hurts. Training Braxton Higgins to pregnancy are common. Remember that contractions are not painful and irregular, the uterus with their help “warming up” before the upcoming birth. Watch the intensity of contractions if they suddenly become painful, repeated at regular intervals, regardless of whether there is a rupture of membranes call an ambulance: perhaps the baby at 32 weeks decided to show the world before the appointed time. Do not be alarmed if you suddenly feel a stabbing pain sipping, but not in the center and in the abdomen, but rather, on the sides. The emergence of such pain is associated with softening and stretching the ligaments holding the uterus, pain in this case occurs suddenly and in certain situations: when you cough or sneeze, rising from a chair, change of body position. Worse, if the pain is localized in the abdomen, stomach and pulls like a sore pain becomes spasmodic. If on a background of pain appear watery liquid separation, it will be the beginning of an early birth. If the pain is accompanied by a bloody discharge there is a placental abruption. Note that difficult and dangerous complication placental abruption not necessarily a symptom of a blood compartment. So, bleeding with placental abruption can be internal, in this case, there is no bleeding, but the pain in my stomach is very strong.

Dedicated to the 32 weeks pregnant. Do not forget to pay attention to the nature of vaginal discharge some changes may prompt about unfavorable course of pregnancy and become a pretext for an instant response to the situation. Those considered bleeding from the genital tract a symptom of placental abruption or previa her. If the appearance of the blood caused by placental abruption, pregnant, among other things, also feels the pain in the abdomen. Placenta previa abdominal pain is not accompanied, but this does not become less dangerous phenomenon. When you see the blood, even in small quantities, without delay, call “ambulance”: bleeding at any moment can become life threatening both the child and mother.

It is mandatory to call the ambulance crew should and discharge of amniotic fluid. Impossible to miss this event rupture of membranes is accompanied by a discharge of large amounts of watery, yellowish fluid. And indicates the start of the process of premature birth, stop that, if the water poured out, is no longer possible. By the way, keep in mind that the amniotic fluid can leak and small portions, a little more than usual wetting her panties. But, even with the slightest suspicion about leakage of amniotic fluid, it is better not to delay the campaign to the doctor: damage membranes inevitably pulls the intrauterine fetal damage. As before, to go to a specialist for further examination is necessary and when a color malodorous secretions. Green, yellow, earthy gray, purulent discharge, frothy discharge, with a mixture of curds or flakes a sure sign of activation of reproductive tract infections. Treat infectious disease, whatever it was called, be mandatory, otherwise the infection could penetrate to the baby at 32 weeks.

32 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If you are disciplined were registered, then, most likely, have a planned third 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound. This is an important evaluation method will tell the doctor a lot about whether the pregnancy proceeds normally, whether any threats to the child, what is now his well-being and development. In addition to the “standard” measurements of growth and development of the crumbs determine the doctor and his presentation. Normally, a baby at 32 weeks takes cephalic presentation, for most physiological birth. If for some reason the baby is in the uterus in a different position, an expert advises mom suitable movement that can help baby receives “roll over.”

Also, by measuring the height and weight of the 32 week fetus, the doctor can make an assumption with which the mass and dimensions of what the baby at 32 weeks will come to leave. These indicators are often decisive in choosing the most appropriate choice of delivery: if the weight is much higher than normal, may be considered a variant of caesarean section. But perhaps the main task of 32 weeks pregnant ultrasound the placenta becomes assessment. Thus, the study of ultrasound to diagnose placental insufficiency, if any. Fetoplacental insufficiency a complication of pregnancy, which occurs while ignoring intrauterine growth retardation. Time identifying placental dysfunction, it is possible to adjust the use of specialized medical treatment. And so, to avoid the negative consequences of dysfunction of the placenta.