33 Weeks Pregnant. 33 weeks fetus development, size, weight

33 weeks pregnant. 33 weeks fetus: the motion, the development, size and weight. 33 weeks pregnant is how many months. 33 weeks fetus has become absolutely central to your tandem. If for some reason begin preterm labor, it is because it is something bad, but not you. If the baby is born at 33 weeks – he will be able to breathe independently. Baby already matured, it continues to grow and improve. 33 weeks fetus: wiggling, development, weight and size dimensions of your 33 weeks fetus grow rapidly. He now weighs about 2 kilograms and stretched up to 44 cm. The seats in the stomach is smaller, and, starting from week 33 pregnancy, it is almost impossible to overturn. But we strengthened so that the legs tremors ribs Mom feels too good. Be patient, it will soon begin to fall. While you are especially “bright” at times you can feel like 33 weeks fetus can “walk” along the edges, occasionally resting in their legs or basting ribs inside. To relieve the pain, try to find a comfortable position – maybe crumbs just uncomfortable. You can also resort to the implementation of the exercise “good and evil cat” when first the back is curved arc, and then flex. By the way, this exercise is very beneficial for the spine, and therefore included in the set of exercises for pregnant women. Meanwhile, the maturation process continues. Job major systems of the body – the central nervous, endocrine, immune – already well established. Mature alveoli, it grows and strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and muscle mass, the developing brain. Appearance 33 weeks fetus is as close to perfect – aligned proportion of body parts, lanugo begins to disappear. In the 33 week fetus is well developed sense of smell. Try not to use strong-smelling substances, eating and drinking only useful and surround yourself as much as possible with clean air. With regard to the intensity of the movements kid, then consider: each 33 week fetus it is different, because everyone else has the character and temperament. In general, the number of perturbations should be maintained at the level of the previous month. Accepted norms doctors call at least 10 perturbations for 2 hours. At the same time, it takes into account every perceptible movement of the 33 week fetus – pushing, kicking, hitting, movement of the whole body. If you over 2 hours you will not feel those same 10 perturbations, you feel significantly less quantity, better go to the doctor. Mom-Monitor your health and weight gain. We must try to prevent the development of preeclampsia, because in that case it becomes bad for both: the mother, and 33 weeks fetus. Do not rush yourself to deal with high blood pressure. If you see this sign at – tell your doctor, as the rise in blood pressure in preeclampsia is a protective mechanism: is your condition becomes life-saving for 33 weeks fetus.

Dedicated to the week 33 pregnancy. Continue to monitor and change any selections at week 33 pregnancy. This term nature of their saved: allocation normally moderate, uniform, bright light or milky, with a slight odor of sour milk. The appearance of green, yellow, purulent secretions, excretions, or with a mixture of cheesy flakes – a sign pointing to the development of infectious diseases of the genital tract. For genital infection isolation often change not only color, but also smell – start sharp and unpleasant smell. In addition, not excluding a significant inflammatory process, delivering tangible discomfort: burning and itching, swelling of the genitals. To diagnose the pathogen and to resort to adequate treatment in case of infection is necessary, otherwise a high risk of intrauterine infection 33 weeks fetus. It is a negative symptom is the appearance of bleeding for a period of 33 weeks. The appearance of blood usually associated with previa or placental abruption, and that both states represent a high risk to the further development of 33 weeks fetus and normal pregnancy. Therefore, even with a slight separation of the blood, in the presence of smearing brown allocation, regardless of whether there are missing or abdominal pain, you should immediately call the “ambulance.” You should also have recourse to medical assistance in case of liquid watery discharge. A larger than usual amount of bleeding, but still liquid, it may indicate a leakage of amniotic fluid. Remember that damage membranes, with whom he is associated way out of amniotic fluid is not always accompanied by a one-off and momentary rupture of the amniotic fluid. Thus, the amniotic fluid may leak small amounts, women, faced with the phenomenon of talk about the constant haunting feeling of moisture in the crotch area. Even at the slightest sign on leakage, as soon as possible contact with a doctor: when rupture of membranes infection can migrate to 33 weeks fetus within the first 24 hours.

Pain at week 33 pregnancy. Of course, heartburn, shortness of breath, swelling, spinal pain, discomfort, frequent urination, leucorrhoea, constipation can still be saved. Moreover, at 33 weeks’ gestation may well connect new symptoms: stretch or perform stomach, you begin to feel discomfort in the pelvic region due to the expansion of the pelvic floor, and the upper quadrant pain due to the pressure of the uterus (it stands at 13 cm above navel), darken more the line from the navel to the pubis. But perhaps the most “popular” among pregnant women at 33 weeks is the problem of pain in the back – in the sacrum, spine, lower back. Such pains are the result of ever-increasing load due to weight gain and offset the usual center of gravity. Prevention of back pain will be the correct posture, regular “unloading” of the back and spine wearing prenatal bandage if the doctor approved it. Greater than usual burden now falls on the foot, especially felt the pain in his legs and get a feeling of heaviness in the evening. To reduce the painful 33 weeks pregnant symptoms, take it a rule every evening to massage feet, start a cool bath to help cool the feet, relieve itching and tension. To reduce the risk of cramps in the legs eat healthy by consuming calcium-containing foods to eat during the day let the legs from time to time to rest your feet on a hill rising from a prone position. In addition to the feet, may suffer the same term and hands, or rather, the wrist affected eponymous syndrome – a syndrome carpal tunnel. Most often it occurs in women, the specifics of which is the regular involvement of the wrist: it concerns, for example, the ladies working at the computer. 33 weeks pregnant symptoms tunnel syndrome are pain or tingling, numbness in the fingers and wrist. Help to cope with them some simple tricks: you just need to do from time to time in the breaks, to knead and massage the wrist. If necessary and with the consent of a doctor can resort to wearing special brackets allowing to reduce discomfort. It is possible that by that time will be felt pinching, bursting pain pelvic joint. The body of a pregnant constantly changing, the pelvic bones are now beginning to slowly soften and flow, preparing 33 weeks fetus most convenient journey to the new world. For the same reason, it may ache, and pubis, however, make sure that the pain in the pubic were not significantly stronger. If the pubic bone pain is very strong, so that women sometimes hard to move around, walk at the same time it is like a “duck” – most likely, you will be diagnosed with symphysis. Keep in mind that all the pain that occur during this period of pregnancy are often a temporary phenomenon, which, by and large, is not dangerous. After birth, everything goes by itself, as it appeared. The main thing – do not forget about all the recommendations received earlier.

The belly at week 33 pregnancy: pull, hurt. If pregnancy occurs safely, it should not hurt the stomach. Therefore, when the abdominal pain of any nature better once you tell in detail about the 33 weeks pregnant symptoms the doctor: in any case, it is always better to be safe than to suffer from the fact that the time has not responded. By training painless sipping struggles you’ve probably grown accustomed. But be prepared for the fact that there may be 33 weeks and a few painful uterine contractions – pulling pain in the abdomen as harbingers of births can occur even now. Reasons to worry not, if the fight does not last, do not grow and become more frequent, are not accompanied by a pronounced pain. Much more dangerous symptom is abdominal pain associated with premature detachment of the placenta. Signs of placental abruption in different cases may be different, but always in one way or another, accompanied by a feeling of abdominal pain. Most with placental abruption also arise spotting different intensity, but bleeding may be internal, not visible from the outside. That abdominal pain connected with disorders of the placenta, may also suggest other related symptoms? Uterine tenderness, pain in the lumbar region. Although, again, these signs in each individual case may appear or may be missing. Whatever it was, but to react with placental abruption should immediately: a complication of pregnancy without specialized intervention may lead to the death of the child and the mother’s serious condition. Pronounced 33 weeks pregnant symptoms of placental abruption require rapid, albeit premature delivery. At low partial detachment of possible conservative treatment at the discretion of the physician.

Ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy. If for some reason the third scheduled ultrasound has not been carried out previously, your doctor may send a woman to the ultrasound today. In addition, the ultrasound may be necessary, and to clarify some previously received data and settings. Ultrasound at 33 weeks of pregnancy to evaluate the degree of development of the baby, its size, structure and function of internal organs. Do not bypass the attention of doctors and ultrasound indices of cardiac activity 33 weeks fetus, evaluate its motor activity. Also, the location will be confirmed 33 weeks fetus in the uterus, it is established whether there is cord entanglement. Evaluated by a physician and the state of the uterus: the size and height of standing, wall thickness, condition of the cervix. Important information will also be information about the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid, about where and how attached as is the placenta. Most parents for a period of 33 weeks already know the boy or girl now grow and gain strength in my mother’s tummy. If the sex of the 33 week fetus, you still do not know can see it now. However, if the 33 weeks fetus accept the “right” to turn. After the Ultrasound and the attention of all the data, the doctor may adjust the number of the expected date of birth. This is normal – after each diagnosis, as new information becomes available, the date may change slightly. The closer to the birth, the more you will absorb the thoughts of the future child. Almost all pregnant women dream “theme” dreams, often disturbing and unpleasant. Do not take everything to heart: it’s your feelings about childbirth and expectations of replenishment in the family, which is absolutely normal. In the last weeks of pregnancy it is especially important to set yourself positively. You must be psychologically prepared to leave, and when the time comes. Read the relevant literature, looking for support to her husband and family and do not heed horror stories omniscient friends: a birth – a process very carefully thought-out nature detail. Listen to your 33 weeks fetus – it will help you. There’s still quite a bit!