34 Week Fetus of Pregnancy moves, development, size, weight

Week 34 Pregnancy. By that time, most moms have to distinguish which part of the body of the 34 week fetus rests on his tummy. Because he was old enough, and it takes almost all the space. For the convenience of the crumb even turned down the head: do not just better for childbirth, but also easier for them to wait – at the bottom of the uterus is slightly narrower. 34 weeks pregnant is how many months. The 34 week fetus of pregnancy: the stirring, the development, size and weight. Externally, the kid is already perfect: a person has gained the individual features, separated from the head ears, disappearing vernix and lanugo, and the skin is finally beginning to fade. He constantly trains the muscles of the face, sucking her finger. This will help him easily get yourself your first and most important for the life and health food – colostrum. A 34 week fetus is fed by mothers, taking from it all the necessary for their own growth nutrients. So remember that they need to be constantly updated. Your diet must necessarily be rich, rewarding, varied, balanced. You’ve probably already noticed that his movements crumb exhibits and disposition, and mood and well-being, and sometimes brings to you its request. Be it a fun, well, unpleasant or frightening – it reacts shocks of a different nature or stops abruptly. Listen to the 34 week fetus and respond to all of its signals. Calm down, if necessary, consult with him, ask, tell us something, pat tummy – it very much. At 34 week fetus weighs more than the next 2 kg and stretched to a length of 45 cm. He was quite able to breathe on their own, if born prematurely. But the heat is not enough holds good in the case of premature birth will require a special care for. Therefore mother must take care of oneself a few of weeks. With the growth of the 34 week fetus, for it is less and less room in the uterus. His movements so by week 34 pregnancy are becoming less active, but more pronounced. Sometimes pipsqueak spins and push so that even the mother delivers pain. Pain may also occur when the 34 week fetus rests foot in the ribs. Moreover, by that time he was usually turns head down, dangling upside down and periodically hits mom. Notice and count wiggling toddler is not up to any woman’s labor crumb from time to time makes itself felt, turning to tummy. Normally, at 34 week fetus performs 12 hours of at least 10 perturbations. Hearing the 34 week fetus by selecting a free hour during the day: lie down on his side and listen to the fetal life, which in the hours of rest will appear on average 4 times.

Expectant mother. Try not to provoke the moments that can frighten or alarm crumbs much that he suddenly turned upside down (if by that time the fruit is in the correct position of the head down). After childbirth is around the corner, and by the way, your body also begins to actively prepare for them. Doctors recommend to abstain from sex during the last weeks of pregnancy: the birth canal is intensively preparing for the passage of the 34 week fetus on them, and probably of infection is very dangerous for him. For the same reason, you should get rid of possible sexual diseases such as thrush. From the chest, most likely, already stands colostrum, it poured, and preparing for the feeding of offspring. Frequent Braxton Hicks contractions, but there is no reason to worry, if you do not water broke or started spotting. Uterus from the beginning of pregnancy has increased 500 times and continues to grow. The amount of amniotic fluid has reached its maximum – 1 liter. They still regularly updated every 3 hours, providing the perfect 34 week fetus sterility and chemical composition.

Pain at week 34 pregnancy. You probably already had time to get used to the pain in his back and waist – according to statistics, 3 out of 4 women suffer from this symptom in late pregnancy. Stomach at this time, compared with the initial stages of pregnancy, increased enormously, body weight also increased significantly, the center of gravity shifted. All of this together, and even hormonal changes in the body in anticipation of childbirth, and are the cause of a woman chasing the pain. To reduce pain, continue to monitor the posture – sit and stand up straight without leaning back and belly bulge forward. Do not forget about wearing prenatal bandage during the day be sure to unload the back. Increased weight – it is also an additional burden on their feet. Therefore, do not be surprised if in the legs, knees at pregnancy week 34 and recurrent pain is felt. Recommendations to reduce them all the same: regular unloading feet, necessarily – “right” shoes with flat soles and no heels. Laying in bed, put your feet on the hill – a hill of roller or pillows. Puts a foot rest (for example, a small chair) and when to take a sitting position. In the evening, preparing to sleep, a good light relaxing massage of legs, driving the “blood” to arrange a cool foot bath. By that time, you probably also have time to feel unpleasant and painful sensations in the sacrum, pelvis, pubic. The body at higher speeds is preparing for the upcoming birth: joints and ligaments softened, pelvic bones gradually diverge, preparing the 34 week fetus the way to a new world. Hence, the above-described pain. However, note that if the pubic bone hurt badly, your gait is reminiscent of the “duck”, you should consult your doctor for possible development simfizitas. Track and intensity, the nature of pain, “in conjunction” with some other nagging symptoms of low back pain radiating to the abdomen can be a sign of preterm labor. Their appearance indicates the beginning of regular painful uterine contractions, drooping abdomen, rupture of membranes, discharge of mucus plug, perhaps – an involuntary bowel movement. When such 34 weeks pregnant symptoms immediately call an ambulance: went into premature labor can not be stopped.

The belly at pregnancy week 34: pull, hurt. Stomach at this time should not hurt: the occurrence of painful sensations – always a good reason once again to consult a doctor. Drawing, aching pain in the abdomen with a high degree of probability suggest the risk of “coming forth” ahead of time. Especially if the pain in the abdomen, as mentioned above, there are parallel with low back pain. Again, abdominal pain, together with low back pain can be a sign of some irregularities with the urinary system. Much more terrible condition, which is also accompanied by abdominal pain – placental abruption. The pathology of this, without proper response to it may entail serious consequences, since a danger to health and life of both child and mother. Placental abruption is always and in each case followed by separation of the blood. But you should know that bleeding can be not only externally but also internally, when blood collects in the abdomen, through the genital tract are not separated. Internal bleeding is accompanied by very severe pain in the abdomen, such that the stomach is sometimes impossible to touch. Listen to uterine contractions: periodic spasms of the uterus are normal. In this way – through training bouts Braxton Higgs – the uterus is preparing for the upcoming birth. Incidentally, training bout may acquire some pain: from the top, moving spasms in the lower abdomen, and then stopped and the pain goes away. However, if the contractions become regularity, accompanied by severe pain, perhaps – there is expectoration of mucous plugs and rupture of membranes, it is the beginning of preterm birth. And the delay in this case should not – in the presence of such 34 weeks pregnant symptoms immediately call an ambulance.

Discharge at week 34 pregnancy. Do not stop to follow the discharge from the genital tract: normal allocation at pregnancy week 34 – moderate, light milky with a slight smell of sour milk. In late pregnancy may cause minor impurities in the secretions of mucus. It is – part of the mucus plug that covers the cervical canal. In the last stages of pregnancy the cervix is ​​gradually softens and opens thus separates a certain amount of mucus plug. However, the appearance of mucus secretions does not mean that deliveries will begin in the next few hours, so do not panic. It is mandatory to go to the doctor noticed a change consistency, color, odor emissions. Green or yellow, earthy, purulent discharge, discharge with an admixture of flakes or curd, foamy, sharp and unpleasant smelling – a sure sign of genital infection. Determine which pathogen has caused disease and then treat the infection – as soon as possible. In another case, a woman’s risk “share” infection with a toddler at the time of their passage through the birth canal of the mother. Never, under any circumstances do not ignore even the seemingly insignificant and harmless blood clots in the selection. Especially, do not hesitate to call an ambulance if spotting abundant: in fact, and in another case, physicians probably have to deal with placental abruption. In principle, the separation of blood from the genital tract could be due to placenta previa, but by week 34, after all the examinations passed, such a diagnosis is usually already excluded. But detachment of the placenta, which is also usually one of the symptoms is bleeding, the phenomenon is very, very dangerous, threatening even the death of the child, to which the supply of oxygen due to detachment of the placenta violated. So, do not hesitate, you should immediately call an ambulance, noting abundant watery liquid. Such separation – they can be pale yellow or greenish – nothing but effusive as the amniotic fluid. Amniorrhea always precedes the onset of labor, in our case – premature. By the way, note that the amniotic fluid is not always poured at once, they may leak and gradually, in portions. This happens when a woman has cervical incompetence, or fetal membranes depleted and become defective.

34 weeks pregnant signs of labor. You will agree the term solid. It is time to prepare the packages to the hospital. Find a list of needed items, and quietly gather all. Very well, if you husband or of native, who will accompany you to the hospital when the real fight will begin. You can even leave written instructions: First, when starting the 34 weeks pregnant signs of labor, the woman becomes extremely irritable, and peaceful communion with her there is nothing to expect, and second, over the years, it will be interesting to check out his orders to the future father or grandmother. Until the moment when the 34 week fetus easily be able to exist and to live outside the uterus, regardless of full-term, it is three weeks. Though most of the way has already been passed, but the time of birth is not yet come. However, for whatever reasons, labor may begin at any time. But even then the crumbs have not be called “premature” and “born prematurely.” And the chances of survival, even in the future to fully develop in the 34 week fetus are very high: he was able to breathe independently, all the bodies and life-support systems work. Of course, the first few weeks of crumbs will need special care in the neonatal center. But after discharge it safely will evolve and develop no worse than other babies born at term.

Ultrasound. By week 34 pregnancy in most cases, the third planned Ultrasound expectant mother has already passed. But at the same time, in some cases, ultrasound may be needed now. Moreover, ultrasound shows mothers who up to this point in the study somehow did not get: the third routine ultrasound performed on period between 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. You must be directed to the last in this pregnancy ultrasound to determine the weight of the child, its location, the condition of the cord and the other important moments of birth. Using ultrasound the doctor will evaluate the child, eliminate the risk of hypoxia. The doctor examines the performance of the uterus: the size, the state of the myometrium, the quantity and quality of amniotic fluid.