35 Week Fetus movement, development, size, weight

Week 35 pregnancy, your 35 week fetus. He not only formed and grew, and became a completely unique: a unique pattern of the skin and individual facial features. The 35 week fetus of pregnancy: the stirring, the development, size and weight. Now fruit weighs an average of 2 400 g, but this figure may vary in each case. Starting from week 35 pregnancy, the 35 week fetus is gaining weight rapidly every week 200-220, his growth may already exceed 46 cm – of course, in the womb closely enough, and you clearly feel every stirring. In the womb every day, there are fewer places because every hit, every woman feels a stir crumbs very clearly. The 35 week fetus is already quite big and strong, and sometimes he pushes his mother inside, which causes her pain is very tangible. Frequency perturbations baby remains the same: the doctors say that this term future mom should “catch” at least 10 baby movements for half a day. If the 35 week fetus moves much more often, or, conversely, wiggling it felt much less, you should immediately consult a doctor. Increased intensity or lack of movement indicates that the baby is having trouble. Organs and systems 35 week fetus of pregnancy are formed and are actively working. The adrenal glands secrete hormones that are responsible for the mineral and fluid and electrolyte balance in a small body. Continue to accumulate subcutaneous tissue, is now the most heavily – in hangers. The birth of the crumb becomes nice and plump, the skin is smooth, smooth, nice pink, round cheeks, quite long hairs. However, there are almost bald babies – all individually. Now your baby is already quite long nails, and it may even accidentally scratched. What crumb curl up, and even upside down, totally gives him no discomfort. However, the belly can bring a number of inconveniences mother.

Births at week 35 pregnancy. Despite the fact that the 35 week fetus is old enough and all the life support systems of the body involved in the work, the time for delivery has not yet come. Of course, to ensure its survival and normal development of the crumb mother must communicate. Here are just some of the kids by the week 35 pregnancy decide that further tummy mommy does not want to linger and begin to aggressively promote the new world. Particularly frightening and worrying in this regard should not be if the birth occurred at week 35, the baby with a great degree of probability will not only survive, but in the future will not fall behind in the development of babies born at term. Of course, in each case, all individually, however, as confirmed by the practice, most of the 35 week fetus still live and grow with time quite well. By the deadline of 35 weeks, the baby is already able to breathe on their own – the amount of surfactant in the lungs enough. All of his organs and systems are formed and developed. In some cases, of course, you may need a longer stay in the hospital crumbs, perhaps with a connection to the machine life support. The need for additional maintenance of the 35 week fetus in a way determined by a physician. But even if the 35 week fetus survives after birth due to artificial support in the future, it is most likely time to get stronger and to demonstrate the best indicators of development.

Mom at week 35 pregnancy. Uterus slightly flatten its lightweight, it reached its peak – stands at 15 cm above the umbilicus or 35 cm above the pubic bone. Shortness of breath can sometimes be very strong. If breathing becomes impossible to stand on all fours and slowly take a deep breath, let it out a few times. If you have shortness of breath and turning blue lips are cold limbs – call an ambulance and consult. Perhaps the 35 week fetus starts to slowly descend, and you will notice that breathing becomes easier. However, do not worry if this does not happen: Many kids do not descend to birth themselves. Hatched baby becomes heavier. You get tired and cannot walk long as before. So try not to stray too far from home, but a daily walk should be for you indestructible rule – oxygen vital for the 35 week fetus. Doctors do not recommend making long trips and even more flights at such later date. If you want to go somewhere, with the support of a loved one and are replaced every 15 minutes position Arise, walk around. Sleep is getting harder and harder. Frequent urination haunt – try not to drink plenty of fluids the night.

Pain in the week 35 pregnancy. Try to relax as much as possible and in any unpleasant symptoms go to bed – rest and relaxation in the supine position will now be the best way to deal with discomfort bothers. You have probably become accustomed to almost daily presence of pain in the back, lower back, legs. Provoke the appearance of pain serious load on the back and legs, but still much the center of gravity because of the large belly. Surely, you have already noted that aggravated the pain of a long stay on his feet over your physical activity. Because, do not forget about wearing prenatal bandage, avoid long stay on his feet, often try to unload the back. Help reduce the risk of exacerbation of pain regular workout: frequently change posture, every 15-20 minutes to warm up and Stretch. Include a set of “warm-up” exercise a circular motion pelvis – with their use can reduce and even prevent the occurrence of pain in the rump and thighs. However, even if the pelvic pain in the perineum are present, they will have to suffer: these feelings are associated with the natural preparation of the body for childbirth, when the pelvic bones gradually diverge in preparation for the passage of the 35 week fetus through the birth canal. If during pregnancy you continue to work as usual on the computer, do not be surprised the presence of pain in the hands, especially in the fingers and wrists. In the case of hemorrhoids is necessary to suffer pain in the anus, although in parallel taking measures for its treatment. Perhaps from time to time will give themselves felt headaches. Recipe to remove them all the same: bed and rest, and always in the half-dark, cool, well-ventilated room. If the headache is strong, exhausting, resort to a cool compress, ask the spouse to make you a head massage. For obvious general discomfort and anxiety joins another regarding the upcoming birth. Do not take sleeping pills. It is better to wake up her husband – let it put you at ease. Listen to relaxing music relaxed; do not load up at night. Whatever would lie on your back, try to sleep on your side. Find the most comfortable position for sleep help extra pillows. You may have even sleep half-sitting, but you have to endure the time and still find a solution for some problems. Soon the night may be able to become truly sleepless.

Belly week 35 pregnancy: pulls, sore down. Heed abdominal pain: pulling sensation in the abdomen radiating to the back, may indicate the approach of delivery. Normally, abdominal pain at week 35 pregnancy is missing. But the familiar steel irregular 35 weeks pregnant contractions of the uterus – the so-called training Braxton-Higgs. However, if they have not differed morbidity, now may be quite noticeable. Keep up the intensity and severity of bouts if they acquire a certain periodicity, accompanied by increasing pain and, especially, against this background, there is rupture of membranes – time for you to the hospital. The omission of the stomach, which is one of the forerunners of fast delivery, usually occurs in the interval between 36 and 38 weeks. In some cases, the stomach may not fall until delivery. Alternatively, fall earlier than usual – at pregnancy week 35. However, this does not mean that labor will begin at the following times, after stomach dropped – after the start of labor belly omission women can wait a week and two weeks.

Selections. By the pregnancy week 35 can significantly change the nature of vaginal discharge: normal creamy, light milk secretions observed admixture of mucus. It is – part of the mucus plug, which closes before the end of pregnancy, the cervix, protecting the 35 week fetus against the penetration of pathogens. In the last stages of the cervix softens the cervix gradually reopened, thus gradually seceding parts of the mucous plug is in the selection. Exit tube can and everything – you will understand that it happened to find a clot of thick mucus, perhaps with a splash, streaked with blood. If this happens, get ready for the imminent birth: Department of mucus plug is one of the forerunners. Pathological considered uncharacteristic selection of green, yellow, earthy color selection with a mixture of cereals, curd or foaming, discharge with an unpleasant pungent odor. Changes in the allocation of such a sideshow to the development of genital infection, which is usually accompanied by itching and burning even in the perineum, inflammation of the genital organs. To treat the disease, however it was not the causative agent is caused, should be mandatory, otherwise you run the risk of “share” them with the 35 week fetus, when he will pass through the birth canal. Immediately call an ambulance if you notice blood in the secretions of the impurity, if the completely bloody discharge. Department of blood from the genital tract indicating a high risk of placental abruption – a serious and complex pathologies, which may have even tragic consequences. The idea is that spotting, besides detachment, can also be a symptom of placenta previa. However, this pathology is probably already eliminated after all the examinations passed and handed over analyzes. In any case, the blood from the vagina – an unfavorable 35 weeks pregnant symptoms when it appears to go to bed immediately and call an ambulance. Such action also requires the emergence of a pregnant watery liquid, possibly yellowish or greenish discharge, which are actually the amniotic fluid. Amniorrhea – a signal to the fact that deliveries will begin in the next few hours. It happens that the water has poured out against the background of the fights. Therefore, the challenge physicians to help do not hesitate. Note that the amniotic fluid may not necessarily pour simultaneously: it happens that the amniotic fluid leaking slowly. This is possible with the abuse and deterioration of membranes. Even then, do not delay visit to the doctor, because in violation of the integrity of the membranes to the fetus as early as during the day can penetrate the infection.

Ultrasound at week 35 pregnancy. Determine if all ok with the membranes, whether regularly consults with the function of the placenta, whether there are threats to the 35 week fetus, help Ultrasound on the week 35 pregnancy. As before, using ultrasound the doctor will determine the size of the fetus and their respective terms, assess its heart, once again convinced of the absence of any abnormalities and malformations. During the ultrasound necessarily takes into account the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid, eliminating the risk of cord entanglement. Doctor checks and maturity of the placenta: the placenta is still in the second degree of maturity, but next week will go to the third power. Proper presentation baby will confirm more time before birth – head. If the 35 week fetus did not make the best position to be considered is the possibility of cesarean delivery. Most likely, you are already on maternity leave. But if not, it is strongly recommended to give the workers the hassle and bustle, if you are tired, and getting nervous. Take care of yourself and the upcoming birth. Prior to collect things in the hospital, learn proper breathing techniques, perform exercises to relieve back pain and lower back (circular motion pelvis in different directions). Be sure to tell your child you love him and wait, and reassure him that you will do with the future work on “excellent”.