36 Week Fetus Movement, Development, Size and Weight


Week 36 Pregnancy. 36 Week Fetus Movement, Development, Size and Weight. Your baby is almost ready to be born: ripe lungs, heart and kidneys work. Operate all the organs and systems have matured sexual organs. However, the process is to prepare the uterine life does not stop. The liver also stores all the hardware needed for blood formation in the first year of life, immune, endocrine, nervous, and thermoregulatory system continues to improve. The 36 Week Fetus does not stop to prepare for breathing and feeding at the breast; he spits and swallows amniotic fluid, actively sucking fingers, including the legs.┬áThe 36 Week Fetus gestation: the stirring, the development, size and weight. It seems that all the space is already occupied in the tummy, and grow nowhere else but the height and weight of the fetus continue to grow. At 36 Week Fetus stretched to 47 cm and perhaps even more weight can exceed 2600, his cheeks and shoulders rounded, formed subcutaneous tissue, fat appeared. Of course, such an athlete has nowhere to accelerate, but it continues to flounder and not stop perturbations. Listen to them they have a lot of what to tell you. Thus, excessive activity, which sometimes even painful for the mother, talk about the disadvantages experienced by the 36 Week Fetus because of lack of oxygen or uncomfortable situation for him mommy. The absence of perturbations baby on a stretch of even a few hours as an alarm in the presence of which should be sent immediately to the doctor. On average, in the 36 Week Fetus has an effect of about 1 every 10-15 minutes. 12 hours the baby responds to at least 10 times. The tremors and movement of the baby feels very good, but at the end of pregnancy, when the 36 week fetus will grow even more and takes the position before the “start” of the stomach, the amount of its tangible and imperceptible movements halved. The kid has a, how do you see it for the first time, but the bones of the skull remain relatively soft, flexible and pliable it is necessary to overcome the obstacles to the world and facilitate the passage of the narrow birth canal. During childbirth head kids may even be deformed to protect the brain from injury. Nature unsurpassed in its wisdom!

Expectant mother. Even on the expectant mother she cares. And your sleepless nights are now preparing the body to the night mode after the birth: the 36 Week Fetus will require a lot of attention. However, this does not mean that you do not need to sleep. Find your formula before the night calm. Drink fewer liquids at night, listen to music, ask your partner a massage, do not lie on the couch all day, so you do not find a place for himself in bed. Stay for the day care and caution. Do not make sudden movements, do not walk a lot and do not stand, control the posture: backbends, you increase the load on the spine, forward – creating the risk of falling out of the center of gravity. All unpleasant 36 weeks pregnant symptoms may worsen even more on this term. Under the pressure of the uterus more active bladder and intestines, driving you to the toilet more often than you like it. All the more legs may swell certainly raise them on the hill several times a day. Sometimes you may even feel that you choke Get on all fours, take a deep breath and exhale. However, with week 36 pregnancy tummy can gradually descend, allowing access of air to the lungs. While some mothers suffer from shortness of breath to the last day of pregnancy. If your 36 Week Fetus is correctly positioned head down wear a bandage. After birth, it is also great to help you, so immediately take it with you to the hospital.

Pain in the week 36 pregnancy bandage is necessary also to appease at least a few, and at best and at reducing to a minimum back pain and back pain, so common in the last week 36 pregnancy. Avoid long stay on his feet, often unload the back, do not tilt or rotate the housing to minimize the pain. Be prepared for the fact that now the stronger will be felt pain in the pelvic area, thighs, in pubic. The body is completing final preparations for the beginning of the pregnancy week 36 discharge: at this stage, he is more than the usual number produces the hormone relaxin. Under the influence of relaxin softened and weakened joints, pelvis slowly diverge, which will facilitate travel 36 Week Fetus through the birth canal. Well, you are now such action relaxin delivers certain inconveniences. If during pregnancy you have developed hemorrhoids, you are guaranteed pain in the anus. Shy of a sensitive problem is not: tell your doctor about the disease, check the account for further action and try to cure hemorrhoids. Analyze the nature of pain that occurs in the lower back. Thus, waist now, and the truth can hurt for quite usual reason: because of falling on her heavy load. But at the same time, pain in the lumbar region may also indicate uterine hypertonus and the associated risk of premature birth. With hypertonicity of the uterus pain pulling, turning into the abdomen. Feeling nagging pains in parallel back and stomach, periodically testing the feeling, as if the stomach hardens, be sure to tell those 36 weeks pregnant symptoms doctor. Even if up to this point you are not particularly bothered swelling to week 36 pregnancy you will surely feel the swelling in full. But here, do not lose vigilance: severe swelling may indicate the development of severe complications of second half of pregnancy preeclampsia. In addition to strong swelling, symptoms of preeclampsia are high blood pressure and the presence of protein in the urine.

Belly week 36 pregnancy: pulls, sore, down above, we mentioned that pulling the stomach in conjunction with pulling the waist a sign of increased uterine tone. Before to go to a doctor appointment, noting such symptoms, please Nospanum and lie down in bed. Nospanum should relieve spasms and relax the uterus, helping to reduce the risk of pre-term birth. Abdominal pain can be caused by disorders of the digestive system. Long pregnancy, changes in the mother’s body, associated with the constant increase in the uterus, probably more than once a woman presented surprises in the form of stomach and intestinal disorders: constipation, flatulence become commonplace for moms. With belly pregnancy week 36 may very well happen one more change: often by the time he seemed to be omitted. So, at some point, pregnant feels like a belly down, and it became easier to breathe freely. This a consequence of the omission of the 36 Week Fetus in the womb, he pressed against the pelvic bottom in preparation for the passage through the birth canal. With the omission of the stomach and associated decrease in pressure of the uterus on the internal organs: Mom easier to breathe, she disappear torturing heartburn. But, having fallen, the uterus is now putting pressure on the bladder, which is accompanied by increased urination.

Pregnancy week 36 discharge. Even if there has been lowering the abdomen, it does not mean that you will give birth in the first few hours: after the stomach down, Mom could take place before delivery 1-2 weeks. Moreover, since 36 weeks, you should be prepared for the fact that the 36 week fetus be asked out at any moment. And do not be afraid, if that did happen: a pregnancy week 36 signs of labour in most cases well, and were born in this period children are viable, their bodies are ready for independent functioning. And yet, do not stop to protect itself: whatever it was better if the same full-term pregnancy. Now you go to the gynecologist every week all approaching the time of delivery. However, it is too early to give birth and desirable, so do not provoke clans through their actions. This applies including sex. But be prepared to have to have it now, because you can really start to give birth any day, especially if you have a multiple pregnancy. In addition, be prepared not only physically carrying everywhere with a card exchange, gathering all the necessary things bought for the 36 week fetus and stuff, but also psychologically. Some women develop a fear of childbirth is in vain. Childbirth a very natural process. All emphasize the fact that it is work. You have to execute it anyway. But if you are prepared and will do everything with the right attitude and actions, the work will pass easily, conveniently, and will not last. Remember that the 36 week fetus during childbirth is trying as much as you. In such a company, you definitely give birth safely!

Dedicated to the 36 week of pregnancy. Do not worry increase the number of allotments: a little more thick binders allocation by pregnancy week 36 evidence of gradual separation mucus plug, up to this point covering the cervix. Cork may depart parts, and in this case you will notice in the mucous secretions of small clots. However, the plug can move away and again you know it, find a slimy bunch may streaked with blood. But the “full” do not ignore spotting blood, even in small quantities, high-risk points to placental abruption. Typically, placental abruption is marked not only by the appearance of bleeding, and abdominal pain. In this 36 weeks pregnant symptoms immediately Call medical aid: detached placenta itself is dangerous to the health and life of the child and mother. Detachment of the placenta on the background of the increased tone of the uterus the risk of abundant and heavy bleeding. Urgently call an ambulance and, if noticed watery liquid. Yellowish, transparent or greenish 36 weeks pregnant discharge, similar to the water, in fact, are the water amniotic fluid. Pouring out at once, mark the beginning of the amniotic fluid generic process. Note that the amniotic fluid is not necessarily pouring stream, amniotic fluid and can be separated in small amounts. This happens when there is a worn or damaged membranes. And in this case the consultation of the doctor is a must: a violation of the integrity of membranes leaves the 36 week fetus vulnerable to pathogens that can penetrate to it already in the first 24 hours. Of course, should not be ignored “color” and strongly smelling 36 weeks pregnant discharge. Yellow, green, foam, curd, discharge with an admixture of flakes or pus a sign of activation of a sexual infection. About her presence will showcase typical discomfort in the genital tract: burning, itching, swelling of the external genitalia. Set the causative agent and treat the disease is necessary, because, passing through the birth canal, “catch” it likely can and newborn.

Ultrasound. In the normal course of pregnancy week 36 ultrasound at 36 weeks is required the third and last scheduled ultrasound has passed. However, in some cases ultrasound study may be necessary to go further. With the help of a doctor to clarify once again the position of the 36 week fetus in the womb, the umbilical cord entanglement and exclude placenta previa, the placenta will assess the degree of maturity, its condition. The findings will help the doctor, including the definition and method 36 weeks pregnant discharge, on ultrasound at pregnancy week 36 you may notice that the head of the baby is now a round or oval shape. But be prepared that in the first few hours after 36 weeks pregnant discharge the newborn’s head is slightly deformed often has a pointed shape. This a consequence of the passage through the birth canal: the skull bone and soft 36 week fetus moving at the time of passing through the birth canal of the skull bone is compressed. Accordingly, the head of the newborn maintains this form for some time after birth, but then all is normalized.

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