8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, symptoms, feelings, belly

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, symptoms, feelings, belly. The second month of pregnancy comes to an end. The embryo has done during this time a great job in laying the main organs and systems. Now they are rapidly evolving, and many had already and function. The very same kid gets a new status: he is already differs significantly from animal embryos and from that moment is called the human fetus. This is evident even in appearance: the face is becoming more human traits to appear little eyes eyelashes, nose protrudes forward, you can see the top of the sponge is already visible outer ear and forms an internal develop a phalanx of fingers, neck emerges.

Fetus at week 8 pregnancy: the weight and size. Do not stop, and within a small body. The main body the heart is pumping blood around the calf, reinforced walls between the atria and the connection to the large blood vessels. Already operating valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery. Central nervous system continues its active development, as well as breathing. Bronchial tree is growing and there is a diaphragm. In most internal organs are formed and will now develop and grow, gradually occupying a permanent place. Therefore, the abdomen of the fetus is greatly extended. At 8 weeks pregnant starts to produce the gastric juice, and the stomach with intestines are marked on their place they are already fully formed. At this time, the kidneys excrete urine started, and on the palms and soles are formed sweat glands and salivary originate.                                                                        Among the news week 8 pregnancy the origin of the optic nerve. Also actively developing bone and muscle tissue. Originate taste buds on the tongue and oral cavity and pharynx overgrown muscles. Begin to appear olfactory receptors in the nose, but still closed moves mucus. The kid from time to time moves, but it is still too small, so you can feel it: the length of the fetus at 8 weeks of gestation is 14-20 mm, and weight – 1 year

Expectant mother. Risk of possible adverse effects on the fetus of drugs still remains, but a little pales into insignificance compared to the risk of infectious diseases. Therefore, a woman needs to take care of your health as much as before. All previous recommendations remain valid. Pay special attention to nutrition and rest, try not to lift heavy weights and did not stay on his feet. The state of health of the future mother of week 8 pregnancy may be slightly degraded. Primarily because of the toxicity that by 12 weeks should have to go through. In the second place because of the growing uterus: can appear pain, discomfort, because of its pressure on the bladder – frequent urination.

It often happens that even at such an early stage of a woman plagued by a burning pain in the pelvis and hips it irritates the sciatic nerve. In this case, it is recommended to go to the opposite side to relieve pressure on the nerve of the uterus. Already beginning to show indigestion, heartburn and other satellites of pregnancy. At the end of the second month of pregnancy comes time to taste perversion. Riot of hormones sometimes manifested most unpredictable culinary desires moms. Since then begins to grow breasts, it can manifest itself in the venous network. Prone to varicose women now need to address prevention. Pay attention to personal hygiene. The skin condition can change dramatically, especially in the face of either improve (the skin becomes clean, firm, smooth and rosy) or worse (there are dark spots, acne, greasiness, flaking, itching). Everything is decided by hormones, and here someone as lucky.

Feelings 8 weeks pregnant. At week 8 pregnancy, the women are usually already fully feel her pregnancy. Bivalent about it reports all over the changing sensations: breast became significantly heavier and increased in size, despite the absence as yet grown tummy old clothes still getting closer, jeans, possibly already struggling to converge at the waist. 8 weeks pregnant marks the achievement of toxicosis usually their “peak” often women admit that they are accustomed to almost always accompanied by nausea their day, to the “wild” antics of the organism at the expense of the preferences in food, irritation, which deliver certain smells. Remain relevant emotional instability, irritability and tearfulness. Left to suffer quite a bit: Another week, second, the state necessarily normal, toxemia and come back down “golden age” the second trimester, while appeasement full awareness of his imminent motherhood, love the quiet of their future child.

… And while most have to run to the toilet – grown uterus presses on the bladder, causing a woman more likely to defecate. Toxicosis may affect a small weight loss, some women on the background of pregnancy even though becoming slimmer. The main condition to combat toxemia a rational modal power. Normally, vomiting is not more than 2 times per day, if you vomit more often – it is desirable to consult on this matter with your doctor. It is time to give up, finally, high heels, so as not to increase the risk of varicose veins. If possible – more rest, walk in the fresh air and enjoy life for the sake of her unborn child. Especially now that she is well aware of his new position, more than that in the brain is the formation of a mother focus of excitation, which experts call the “dominant pregnancy.” This section of the cerebral cortex is intended to be the main “conductor” of women during pregnancy, causing her reaction to the protection of children, in line with the direction of the thoughts of caring for themselves and future baby.

8 weeks pregnant belly: pulls hurts. Pain in the abdominal area by this time not uncommon. Here are just a pain, these should be clearly classified, because the individual nature of pain can be fraught with danger for future childbearing. Thus, the stomach may hurt for several reasons: because of digestive disorders, due to stretching of ligaments holding the uterus as an alarm signal a possible miscarriage.

Not so much pain, how much discomfort and heavy feeling in the stomach provoke various digestive disorders accompanied by heartburn, constipation, bloating. Also, from an early period may be minor training bout. If they are accompanied by strong drawing pains in the abdomen and bloody discharge immediately call an ambulance. Nagging, aching or spasmodic pain in the abdomen, and even accompanied by brown or bloody discharge a sure sign of a threatening miscarriage. If you do not have recourse in this case to the timely help of doctors, the child can easily lose. Therefore, the appearance of such signs, nothing to loiter or engage in self-type “now drink shpy, a little lie down, and everything goes.” There will not pass without the intervention of specialized uterine tone will persist after a dose and pain relief, and hence is preserved and a risk of miscarriage.

8 weeks pregnant symptoms. Normal for the 8 weeks pregnant are considered moderate vaginal discharge, light milky whitish, smooth consistency, slightly sour smell. If you suddenly change the color selection in the direction of green, gray or yellow, in secretions appear curdled clots, flakes or mucus discharge begins to foam, most likely in a pregnant woman is diagnosed with any of infectious genital diseases. On the accession of infection as evidenced by discomfort in the crotch area (itching, burning), the appearance of secretions from strong odors. Whenever any of the above 8 weeks pregnant symptoms, you should as soon as possible, consult a doctor without specialized treatment and observation in this case can not do.

Can not do without medical intervention and the appearance of brown or bleeding. Brown discharge, and even against the background pulling the stomach, symptomatic dizziness and weakness the first sign of a threatening miscarriage. Such isolation, as a rule, are the result of separation of the ovum from the walls of the uterus, in connection with what is happening dripping blood. The appearance of bright red blood indicates a miscarriage has already begun, and in this case it is necessary to call an ambulance immediately: to continue the pregnancy can now exclusively at the prompt response and immediate medical involvement.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound. At 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, as a rule, has already passed – the pregnancy is confirmed, rates are included in the medical record. If for some reason need to be re ultrasound or ultrasound session has not been done up to this point, my mother has the opportunity to see their baby on the monitor device now. At 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound, when the baby receives a tummy was 6 weeks, the fetus resembles the size of raspberries. An 8 weeks pregnant ultrasound can see how he moves his already hard tiny arms and legs. And yet to hear how fast his heart pounding now – at speeds up to 150 beats per minute!