How to cope with the symptoms of menopause?


In the life of every woman comes the time of natural fading of the function of the ovaries. In addition to the purely psychological discomfort that he carries with him, menopause is associated with a number of physical ailments that significantly complicate a woman’s life, interfere with work and leisure. Mood swings, hot flashes, sweating, lack of air, palpitations, problems from the intimate sphere, exacerbation of chronic diseases – these are just a small part of the symptoms of menopause. There are also less “harmless” manifestations of it – the development of osteoporosis or changes in blood pressure. Certainly, in itself, menopause is an inevitable phenomenon, and it must be accepted. But whether it is necessary to put up with painful symptoms, expecting that they will pass independently?

Of course not! All the unpleasant symptoms of menopause can be somehow eased, and in most cases, this does not require any supernatural efforts.

Hot flushes are a reflex reaction of the body to a decrease in the level of estrogen. This circumstance “deceives” the center of thermoregulation in the brain, and he, believing that the body has overheated, triggers a reflex reaction – the expansion of the blood capillaries, which is accompanied by a brief, for a few seconds, sensation of heat, and then replaced by profuse sweating. Discomfort associated with the tides, as a rule, temporary – within a few years they cease. You can alleviate tides if you prefer clothes made from natural fabrics, drink more water, exclude alcohol, strong coffee and spicy food from the ration, do exercises or walk on a daily basis. A good effect is provided by procedures that strengthen the vessels – contrast shower, sauna or bath, swimming.

Sleep disorders disturb many women during menopause. In most cases, insomnia is associated with hot flashes, but can manifest itself. Sleep becomes superficial, often day and night “change places” – at night it becomes impossible to fall asleep, and in the daytime it is necessary to fight with drowsiness. To overcome this problem it is possible, if to sleep in a cool room, to drink before a dream a glass of warm milk, to exclude viewing of the TV and work behind a computer in the evening. It is useful to increase physical activity, play sports, it is important only that visits to the gym do not occur in the evening. In the evening it is better to walk leisurely, and intensive training, most likely, instead of pleasant fatigue will cause problems with falling asleep. Massage and yoga also help to restore sleep.

Changeable mood – during menopause this misfortune does not bypass almost no woman. The reason lies in the hormonal fluctuations, its contribution is made and purely psychological problems associated with the perception that youth and beauty are irretrievably gone. Again, one should turn to massage and yoga – these relaxation techniques have proved their effectiveness for many centuries. It will not be superfluous and communication, avoid it is not necessary, the main thing – to surround yourself with close, pleasant and positive people.

Intimate problems are a natural consequence of a decrease in the level of estrogen in the blood. Mucous genitalia becomes dry and vulnerable, sexual intercourse no longer brings pleasure, urinary tract infections become more frequent, urinary incontinence often occurs. Fine hygiene will be helped with delicate gels with an appropriate pH level and the use of lubricant gels, as well as copious drinking and Kegel exercises aimed at strengthening the muscular apparatus of the pelvic floor. In severe climacteric conditions, a gynecologist can recommend hormone replacement therapy.

Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness – many women are sure that these symptoms speak of impending old age, which means that it is already impossible to return the mind to sharpness and vivacity. In fact, the cause is also hidden in the hormonal fluctuations, and the techniques of relaxing and reducing stress (for example, yoga or breathing exercises) as well as constant training of the mind and memory will help to overcome the problem. The means of such training today is more than enough. Someone prefers special computer programs, someone tries to read more, and someone begins to learn a foreign language! In this case, the choice of method of training the mind primarily depends on the personal preferences of the woman – the occupation should bring positive emotions.

In addition, unpleasant symptomatology of menopause helps to overcome modern preparations based on plant components that are able to normalize the condition gently and without negative side effects. For example, Estroel is a preparation that contains soy phytoestrogens, extracts of dioscorei and vitex sacred, vitamins E, B6, K1, folic acid, hydroxytryptophan and boron. The combination of active components of the drug allows you to work in a complex manner on all the symptoms of menopause, normalizing the general condition, pressure, preventing the development of osteoporosis. The drug is widely used by gynecologists. Confirmed its effectiveness in clinical studies. For example, in the study of Professor NA. Tatarova Estrovel significantly reduced the symptoms of menopause by a factor of 5.

Estroel is available in a modern capsule form, which provides effective protection of components from environmental factors and, in comparison with tablets, allows the use of less unnecessary excipients in production and make the product more natural.

Do not allow unpleasant symptoms of menopause to poison life, especially since the ways to overcome them are simple and accessible to every woman. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, self-care, reasonable physical activity, as well as the use of special drugs that reduce the negative manifestations of menopause, will allow a woman to return to a full life soon and get joy from every moment of her life.

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