How to Detect Breast Cancer


The first signs of breast cancer: several reasons to see a doctor.
Doctors do not stop calling on Russian women to constantly make an independent examination of the mammary glands. This simple procedure, which you can learn from your gynecologist or even on the Internet, allows you to identify breast cancer on its own at the earliest stage. It takes no more than 5 minutes to check, but it can save a life or avoid serious surgical intervention.
You need to contact a specialist if you find:
Any neoplasm, whether they are soft, dense, large or small;
Seals both in the chest region and in the axillary region;
Irritation or rash of unknown origin that can not be associated with an allergic reaction to food or cosmetics;
Swelling of the breast (a small swelling may appear before or during menstruation and it should not be worried);
Pain with light pressure on the nipples, any discharge from the nipples;

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