One week pregnant. Signs, symptoms, feelings in pregnancy
1 weeks pregnant

Week by week pregnancy guide: Week 14 of your pregnancy

One week pregnant. Gestational age in obstetrics can be determined in several ways: by trimesters, each of which lasts for 13 weeks; on the moon or obstetric months, each of which lasts for 28 days; by week, which in normal pregnancy account for an average of 40. Crushing all for a week allows you to closely monitor the condition of mother and unborn baby throughout the pregnancy. According to this principle gynecologists calculate the supposed date of birth as follows: the whole pregnancy is estimated as 40 weeks or 280 days, precisely because in most cases, fertilization occurs during ovulation, ie 12-14 days after menstruation. To determine the period of the first day of the last menstrual period added 280 days, or in another way: subtract three months and added 7 days. For example, if the last menstrual period started you on August 10, the supposed date of birth May 17.

In general, the starting point in calculating the One week pregnant and the DA is the first day of the last menstrual period. And it should be understood that the actual pregnancy at this time has not come yet. Conception expected to take place in 2 weeks, during ovulation, and when the gestational age is calculated from that date, then we are talking about ovulation or fertilization age of the fetus. But gestational (ie menstrual) period of pregnancy start counting from the first day of the last menstrual period, because already in the ovary matures the egg, which in the future will be fertilized by sperm, and later – the two will merge into a single entity from which the embryo begins to develop , placenta and umbilical cord. Please note that the date fertilization, a certain doctor will almost always be different from the actual date fertilization for two weeks. So if you say that now you have 14 weeks of pregnancy, it means that the baby 12 weeks. And if you give birth in due time, then mostly it happens at 38 weeks of age or in the 40th week of pregnancy.