Pregnancy 18 weeks. Baby at 18 weeks symptoms sensations

Pregnancy 18 weeks. Your baby is very active: he tumbles, knocking on my mother’s belly legs, playing, exploring space. In times of high activity tiny heart begins to beat faster, blood pressure rises baby. In addition, such intrauterine “exercise” a beneficial effect on the development of his muscular system and brain.                             18 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, weight and size. Hearing aid baby at 18 weeks increasingly improved. He hears well, and so avoid sudden loud noises, which may scare crumbs. Also become more sensitive eyes, even though they are still closed and: baby at 18 weeks reacts to light directed to the mother’s abdomen. Continues to form the fatty tissue of the 18 week fetus develops the brain. Fully formed arms, legs, fingers, as well as internal and external sex organs of the baby at 18 weeks, whether a boy or a girl you. In general, the growth rate at 18 week fetus of pregnancy slows down, place in the tummy is still enough for free diving. This 18 week fetus weighs about 200 grams and has a length of more than 14 centimeters (crown – rump length). Listen carefully to me: if you do not feel perturbations, it may well happen now. Usually, the first fetal movements felt pregnant at time of 17-22 weeks, but it could be sooner. If mom plump, the joy of this moment is likely to be postponed for the time ahead. But skinny girls opposite feel the baby at 18 weeks before the others.

If you still have the baby at 18 weeks started to behave actively, it makes sense to begin now to listen to his perturbation, or rather, to their frequency. Usually crumb pushed on average 4-8 times per hour. If the frequency of perturbations increases, this may indicate a lack of oxygen, which is supplied to the crumbs. In addition, the baby at 18 weeks can push spontaneously, afraid of loud and sharp sounds – he has them, because of the well-developed hearing, now perfectly captures.

Expectant mother. Belly at pregnancy 18 weeks no longer hide: it has grown significantly and noticeably rounded. And now an opportune moment will have a special brace that supports the abdomen and back. In fact, the growth of the stomach, there is a shift of center of gravity: the shoulders of mothers go back, she has a characteristic “gait pregnant.” Load on the spine increases, and, without a supporting bandage may be pain in the back and waist. Also, you may feel uncomfortable pressure on the belly button from the inside the uterus at the 18th week comes around to that level.

Feeling at pregnancy 18 weeks. May still appear dark spots or join a new experience: pain, discomfort during sleep. Bring on the bed a few cushions for comfort or buy a special pillow for pregnant women and then feeding in handy. Remember that the kidneys are now working in emergency mode, the toilet have to run more frequently. Do not tolerate or allow stagnation of urine, just empty the bladder to prevent the development of infection. Furthermore, at this stage there is a tendency of fluid and sodium retention in the body. Externally, this is expressed by the appearance of pulmonary edema, which will be visible on prints from the gums or on the toes of the ring on his finger. To avoid the accumulation of fluid in the body, no harm will be limited in the diet of salt. Increases the amount of vaginal discharge. Do not forget about hygiene and wearing only underwear made of natural fabrics. If the discharge became greenish, gray or curd and bring obvious discomfort, seem gynecologist. For prevention of yeast refuse sugar and flour products, meanwhile daily drink kefir and yogurt and for good functioning of the intestines.

Heavy load right now exposed to cardio vascular system, it is possible for a lowering of blood pressure. So as not to aggravate the situation, it should be enough to relax, not to worry about trifles, not get up too quickly from a position so as not to bring to dizziness. Now, when the approaching motherhood no longer hide many of the others take it a habit to fall asleep future woman in labor councils. In principle, help and care for loved women definitely need and pleasant, but when this care becomes obsessive and every second of it begins to “vomit”. But remember, irritated now not the best solution to the problem, learn to ignore unwanted advisers Decide whose opinion you really care about and authoritatively.

Do not be surprised also if sometimes catch myself some carelessness, forgetfulness. The confusion in the mind and easy “confusion” for this period is normal, believe me, eventually all come full circle. Overall, at pregnancy 18 weeks you should feel bad enough – hormones at this time stabilized. Appetite for expectant mother healthy, so monitor weight gain.

Belly at 18 weeks pregnant: pulls hurts. And – watch the chair: irregular bowel movements, constipation, bloating may in the near future “haunt” abdominal pain. Therefore, if still question the proper nutrition is not resolved, it’s time to do it now. Sick and pull in the stomach or rather, on the sides maybe due to stretching of ligaments holding the uterus. Pain in this case arises from time to time, such as rising from a chair or bed, while sneezing or coughing, stress the anterior abdominal wall of the abdomen. At the same time, painful and non-durable, quick, bring some discomfort, rather than classified as severe pain.

But the nagging, nagging pain in the abdomen, long and regular, having cramping in nature a bad sign. Such symptoms are typical for increased tone of the uterus, which, in turn, poses a risk of early spontaneous abortion. If you have pain of this nature should lie down and rest, and if for some time the situation has not improved – to go to the doctor. Especially, it is impossible to ignore the nagging cramping pain in the abdomen or in the presence of brown spotting, more than that – such features require instant recall ambulance as indicate the possible start of a miscarriage.

Dedicated to the 18 weeks pregnant. By the way, spotting may not always be associated with the threat of failure of pregnancy. But, at the same time, necessarily require a doctor’s advice. What brown spotting, and even cream or pink, not to mention specifically spotting on the background of abdominal pain – a symptom of increased uterine tone, we have already found. However, it should also be aware that arise symptomatic after inspection gynecologist or sexual contact – is likely to be associated with cervical erosion. That’s only in this case, there is no pain in the abdomen. Can cause the appearance of blood and low location of the placenta. In any case, whatever was caused by the separation of blood, medical examination is required.

Normal for this stage of pregnancy are considered moderate, light or milky discharge uniform consistency, with a slight sour smell. By the pregnancy 18 weeks, the amount of bleeding, due to the increased level of estrogen in a woman’s body, may also increase slightly. But to change the nature of selection in any case should not. Changing their color towards yellow or gray-green, odor, purulent, frothy discharge or curd – pathology. Such symptoms indicate the development of infectious diseases of the genital tract, which, moreover, is also usually accompanied by itching, burning in the genital area.

18 weeks pregnant ultrasound. Between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy to go second routine ultrasound. And if the 18 weeks pregnant ultrasound, now mom and dad will be able to know the sex of their baby if it is, of course, turn right direction. See also the parents and the size of the baby at 18 weeks, and how it is comical moves in my mother’s tummy.

Although, of course, paramount 18 weeks pregnant ultrasound is intended for the diagnosis and assessment of the baby at 18 weeks, possible birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. Important components to get the result will be a measurement of the circumference of the head and abdomen crumbs, fronto-occipital size, the length of the femur, humerus, and the size of the forearm and lower leg. During the session, ultrasound the doctor will also evaluate the condition of the uterus of a pregnant, matching the size of the 18 week fetus in pregnancy will examine the place of attachment of the placenta.