Pregnancy at 19 weeks. 19 week fetus – development photo

Pregnancy at 19 weeks. Most likely, you are already familiar with your baby. If not wait, he can knock on your day-to-day.                                                                                                                                                               Pregnancy at 19 weeks: a perturbation, weight and size. Yes, up to this point if mom is not yet felt the first stirring crumbs, then it may well happen on the pregnancy at 19 weeks. If a child has declared itself even earlier, but now his movements will become more distinct, and eventually shocks will be more frequent and clear. The vast majority of fetal movements mommy not perceived, and a clear number of perturbations is now very difficult to calculate. Therefore, no longer even the very existence of movements baby is already sufficient to assess his condition. Taurus crumbs from crown to rump is already long enough an average of 15.3 cm, the weight reaches 250 g. The 19 week fetus now is not just growing, it also getting smarter. The most significant event pregnancy at 19 weeks is the growth and improvement of the brain. Neurons-setting place now movement baby will be more coordinated and targeted. The process of formation of the respiratory system of the 19 week fetus. Actively develop and expand the lungs and bronchi, bronchial tree begins to form.

Working hard sebaceous glands: small body continues to be covered by vernix, which accumulates mainly in the skin folds and on the head. It has bactericidal properties. Continues to create subcutaneous fat. Leather baby will be covered by lanugo until the end of pregnancy. And these vellus hairs are growing everywhere, even on the face and ears of children, many mothers can be observed in the first few days after birth. At pregnancy at 19 weeks, formed the beginnings of indigenous teeth, which are laid under the rudiments of milk. Do not forget about the importance of calcium in the period.

Expectant mother. The mother’s body is also changing. Slowly beginning to relax and disperse the joints in the hip area to facilitate the passage of the child. Because of this, back pain and lower back can be enhanced. To alleviate their condition and prevent discomfort and complications of pregnancy is not recommended to walk on his heels, sleep on your back, or sit for a long time is on their feet. If you have a sedentary job, get up every 40-50 minutes to walk and move around. Do not fill up his legs and do not sit on stools. Watch the posture and weight. From the beginning of pregnancy at 19 weeks, you can dial a maximum of 6.3 kg. Already, learn to breathe correctly. This will ease your condition will help relieve fatigue. In addition, it is possible that with the pregnancy at 19 weeks, you will begin to feel slight shortness of breath. Begin preparation for childbirth, sign up for courses or attend school motherhood. Your gynecologist will refer you now to the analysis of blood in this period, pregnant women often decreases the level of hemoglobin in the blood. If the figures are too low, your doctor will prescribe iron supplements.

19 weeks pregnant symptoms. 19 weeks term serious: passed almost half of the “path”, and it can not help but feel a woman and not be visible to others. Stomach had grown, and now, it may cause some discomfort in the belly button enlarged uterus begins to put pressure on him from the inside. For some women, there is something like protrusions navel: he seemed to “exit” out and becomes “external”. Do not worry, it is – normal and after pregnancy will pass on their own. Already a big belly now makes it impossible night’s rest on his stomach have to sleep on his side. For women who are not accustomed to such a “night position”, it is in the early stages can cause problems with sleep, but soon sleep on your side expectant mother gets used. Much more unpleasant phenomenon, disturbing a woman at night, may become a calf cramp, it happens that reduces spasms and muscles of the hand. The load on the legs now increased several times, and that becomes one of the causes of muscle twitch. But the main reason for this situation experts call the current increased requirements for calcium, and thus avoid cramps, you must include in your diet more calcium products milk, curd and cheese, almonds, sesame seeds.

Normal for 19 weeks is considered a minor reduction in blood pressure due to weakening under the influence of progesterone peripheral vessels. In parallel, there may be a reduction in the level of hemoglobin in the blood associated with a gradual increase in blood volume. All this provokes the appearance of temporary slight dizziness, weakness, fatigue. Try to avoid sharp rises from a chair or bed, sharp turns body. Be prepared and to the fact that there may be difficulty in breathing deep breaths are given with difficulty. At such moments, try to breathe surface, often a dog.

By mid-pregnancy can be observed the appearance of extra pigmentation in the skin associated with increased production of coloring hair, eyes and skin substance melanin. For this reason, you already darkened areola nipples, can now be painted in a darker color vulva, armpit freckles darken running from the navel to the pubis line. In addition, pigmentation often occurs in pregnant women, and on the face, usually on the upper lip, forehead, cheeks – such darkening even got the name of the “mask of pregnancy.” Worry due to increased pigmentation is not necessary – the skin will regain normal color after the 19 week fetus is born. There are now other changes increased heart rate, increased sweating, increased vaginal discharge, release of colostrum from the breast. The appearance of colostrum no particular reaction from a woman is not required if it started to branch, simply wipe teats soft, clean cloth. Preparing for childbirth is in full swing.

Belly pregnancy at 19 weeks: pulls hurts. Listen carefully now is to sensations in the stomach many expectant mothers to this term tangible complain of pain in the abdomen. The character of the pain should be well analyzed: the emergence of pain is often not a sign of any disease, but in some cases may pose a serious threat. So, abdominal pain at pregnancy at 19 weeks are often associated with stretching round ligaments holding the uterus. As the uterine ligaments are stretched and become thicker and longer, which is accompanied by slight pain at one or both sides of the abdomen. Pain that occurs sporadically, often with sharp movements or inclinations. Abdominal discomfort may also be supplemented and pressure of the uterus on the navel now she is so great that reached just this segment. Feeling it would have to endure: the discomfort associated with the pressure inside the uterus, will be held as soon as the uterus is “pass” this “place”, an increase even more.

Should bother if stomach hurts and pulls, aches constantly, and even pain is cramping in nature. Such pain a sign of increased tone of the uterus, a condition dangerous possibility of disruption of pregnancy at 19 weeks. If you feel a nagging cramping abdominal pain, drop everything and go straight to bed. When the tone of the uterus, doctors advise to take a pill, that’s just it should be remembered that during the self-gestation pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated, and taking any medication should be agreed with your doctor. Drawing cramping abdominal pain persist for 1-2 hours? Do not Mess with it and do not hesitate, and it is better to go to the hospital, so as not to aggravate the situation further. In the case when a nagging pain in the abdomen also accompanied by the appearance of brown or bleeding, immediately call an ambulance most likely, miscarriage has already started and will be able to save the pregnancy, only in the case of instant response and intervention physicians.

19 weeks pregnant symptoms. An important feature of successful pregnancy and will discharge from the genital tract. Normal for 19 weeks pregnant symptoms are considered somewhat more abundant whites than before, that is associated with increased levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. Normally, vaginal discharge light, uniform consistency, with a slight odor of sour milk. The appearance of green, yellow, gray discharge, discharge with an admixture of pus or lumps of mucus, curd or frothy – a sure sign of joining infection. Usually such allocation, among other things, also accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the form of burning or itching in the crotch area. More often than usual changing nature of discharges associated with the development of thrush: pregnancy among “revitalization” of candidiasis is not uncommon. But, whatever infectious disease (and it can be trichomoniasis, and chlamydia, and already mentioned thrush) is not triggered change in the pattern with the secretions, it should be treated on a mandatory basis. Otherwise, a very high risk of infection to the 19 week fetus, which can lead to violations of its development and even lead to fetal death.

Of course, pathological for pregnancy at 19 weeks are considered smearing or brown spotting. Their appearance on the background of symptom pulling belly a sign of uterine hypertonus and increased risk of failure of pregnancy at 19 weeks. Therefore, to ask for help in this case, without delay. Separation of blood from the genital tract, together with painful sensations in the stomach or without them, can also point to the low position of the placenta. At low placenta previa vessels can burst that is usually accompanied by slight separation of the blood. But, in this case, the experts advise to always go to the hospital and receive adequate treatment and advice of their pregnancy it is better not to neglect. Bloody or brown discharge is not accompanied by pain and appear after sexual intercourse or gynecological examinations more often evidence of the erosion of the cervix. That’s just probably determine the diagnosis can also only after a medical examination.

19 weeks pregnant ultrasound. 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound – quite usual thing in medical practice: the optimal time for the second routine ultrasound is considered to be between 18 and 22 weeks. Therefore, it is possible that the direction of ultrasound you will get just this week. Ultrasound study at this stage of pregnancy is necessary to assess how the development of the 19 week fetus, and the state of the uterus of the future mother. During the ultrasound the doctor if the baby turns “the right place”, will be able to tell parents about who it is boy or girl growing in my mother’s tummy. However, the determination of sex of the child – not the main purpose of 19 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

The main thing – the study of the internal organs crumbs and correct evaluation of their development, listening to his heartbeat, the assessment of motor activity of the 19 week fetus. When an ultrasound specialist will look thick neck area baby and nasal bone, which, among other things, is one of the methods to prevent possible birth defects and chromosomal abnormalities. In addition, during the second routine ultrasound the doctor will assess the condition of the uterus, in particular, its muscular layer of the cervix, uterus examine the ratio of the size of the 19 week fetus and, set the location of the placenta, amniotic fluid will evaluate.