Pregnancy 21 Weeks. 21 Week Fetus development, weight

Pregnancy 21 weeks. Started the sixth month of pregnancy the baby continues to grow and 21 weeks pregnant weight gain. Now it will be measured not crown rump length, and real growth.                                                          21 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. After all, at this stage, and size and weight of the crumbs are radically different from the same parameters were observed just a couple of weeks ago. Kid grew and became strong, his movements are becoming more coordinated and tangible. Now sometimes even fruit can be pushed in so that it looks much: my mom sometimes even can watch the stomach moves to the beat of wiggling baby. Places the 21 week fetus in the uterus sufficient to perform in his “house” free movement: it flexes arms and legs, swims from the uterine wall to the opposite side of her. It happens that the mother and baby biorhythms, shall we say, not very match: pipsqueak starts aggressively and actively declare themselves at night, when a woman wants to relax. Reassure crumbs: pat belly hang out with the baby, sing him a lullaby or a low voice tell any tale. Remember that kid now clearly picks up sounds coming from outside: excessively loud music, sharp sound can scare the baby.

The number and intensity of perturbations crumbs now also become such a “diagnostic” tool let you specify the degree of comfort for the baby. So, too active and frequent perturbations, as well as their long absence, the test may indicate the fruit of the lack of oxygen. It is believed that at pregnancy 21 weeks the child already makes about 200 perturbations in the day. However, the vast majority of them do not feel the future mom, fixing a day for about 15 movements of the baby.

At pregnancy 21 weeks, he reaches an average of 26.7 cm, weight baby about 360 AD But increasingly grow and improve the internal organs of the fetus. First of all, it’s digestive system. It is actively developed and ready for full independent operation. 21 week fetus constantly swallows amniotic fluid, which pass through the intestine and rectum are displayed. Of these, water and sugar is released, which is absorbed by a small body. These calories is not enough detke for life, but in the amniotic fluid and includes a number of other nutrients. In the digestive system have already appeared enzymes and hydrochloric acid, however, still in fairly small quantities.

First taste of “food” baby depends on what mom eats, drinks and smokes there. So that they form at the right eating habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Actively functioning endocrine glands: the hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenal glands, pancreas and gonads. Connects the spleen. Remember that strengthens the muscle and skeletal system of the 21 week fetus, and thus increase demand for calcium. But be careful with medication: an overabundance of calcium can lead to premature overgrown fontanelle, and this is unacceptable for a natural birth. Therefore, further inward calcium can be taken only on doctor’s advice.

Expectant mother. Your appetite may begin to grow, because the baby is cluttered with fat and requires extra calories. Eat enough to not go hungry, and certainly a rich variety of different nutrient dense food. However, in no case do not overeat and do not load up at night, keep your weight under control and acceptable allowances. You can additionally 21 weeks pregnant weight gain from 4.5 to 6.5 kg. Calmly accept their bizarre gastronomic desires a perversion of appetite during this period is quite commonplace.

Do not raise your hands above your head, and if it had to do, do not hold them for a long time in this state. If you start to stand out from the breast colostrum, in any case do not press. Just stick hygiene: wash and wipe sterile towels, buy breast pads, time is replaced by a large bra. Be careful vaginal discharge: it is likely exacerbation of thrush. It may also bleed anus, if you suffer from hemorrhoids or constipation for the baby without risk.

Dedicated to the pregnancy 21 weeks. Should continue to pay attention to the nature and quality of discharge from the vagina is normal allocation is now somewhat more fluid than before, transparent or light whitish, with a subtle sour smell. Any change in the character selection as the appearance of yellow or green, purulent, curd, foamy discharge with an unpleasant odor and the accompanying discomfort in the genital area a sign of genital infection. The danger, as before, are also spotting. By the way, with 21 weeks of early termination of pregnancy is considered not a miscarriage and premature birth at this stage the baby can survive outside the womb, provided proper care of him, and the presence of specialized medical equipment. At high risk of preterm delivery point spotting appeared at pregnancy 21 weeks. When you see even small traces of blood on the shorts must immediately seek medical care: the timely response is highly likely to prolong the pregnancy to term.

Similarly, you need to sound the alarm if there are vaginal discharge in the form of red blood. This picture is characteristic of pathological complications of pregnancy, such as placental abruption or placenta previa. In both cases, without the intervention of doctors can not do: These complications are extremely dangerous for the future of a successful pregnancy and gestation baby. Should attend the appearance of thin, watery discharge: perhaps in this case, there is a leakage of amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid can leak slightly, and then the woman is watching the effect of “wet panties.” But they can “gush flow”, which, in turn, pulls the top of premature birth. Even if the liquid watery actually, amniotic fluid separated minor in small portions, need to consult a doctor: violation of the integrity of membranes for the past 24 hours leads to infection in utero.

Pain at pregnancy 21 weeks. Pregnancy 21 weekscan distinguish the appearance of a variety of pain arising due to thorough ‘customized’ for nurturing and further having a baby body. It is likely that now you will see at there was a pain in the navel, and a feeling of pressure on your stomach in this area from the inside. The fact that the uterus has now reached such a height just standing at which begins to put pressure on the navel. As the pregnancy when the uterus pass this stretch of road will pass by itself and the pain in the navel, and a feeling of pressure on him.

Increased over the previous period and the weight causes a considerable strain on the legs and, in particular, the knee joint. It is not surprising that by the end of the day a woman can watch the pain in my legs, and at night to wake up from the Reducing leg cramps. By the way, cramps during this period are also a consequence of increased demand and probably a lack of calcium in the body pregnant woman, who is now the most consumed fruit growing. To reduce the problems associated with pain and fatigue in the legs, to avoid seizures, preferably necessarily increase consumption of calcium in food products, as well as regularly throughout the day to give the legs a rest. Less abide standing up, sitting down, not casting a leg over the other, taking a horizontal position lift the foot on the platform, such as a sofa cushion. Good evening to massage the legs and feet, warm foot bath to arrange with the addition of broth from soothing herbs.

As you increase your weight will increase the load on the spine and lower back. To avoid back pain avoid prolonged walking and sitting, do not sit on chairs without a back, learn how to get out of bed (first lower leg to the floor, and only then go up for yourself), lift and carry weights: better distribute the load evenly in the two arms, and stooping down, feet slightly apart in hand, and sit down, bending at the knees; if you lift heavy, to distribute the load on the buttocks, hips and shoulders.

Belly pregnancy 21 weeks: pulls hurts. And, of course, one of the most tiresome and in some cases are dangerous can be a pain in the abdomen at pregnancy 21 weeks. Most often episodic abdominal pain by that date are not pathology. This is when it comes to pain, localizing on the sides (or one side) of the abdomen and emerging from time to time (usually pi rise from a sitting or lying position, turning the body during coughing or sneezing). Such pain a consequence of the tension of ligaments that hold the uterus, which stretched as far as her uterus growth. Pain at the same time arise spontaneously, like pulling or stabbing sensation, but are just as quickly.

If the pregnancy 21 weeks belly pulls, aches, cramping occurs, “located” in the abdomen, there is a risk that it is connected with increased tone of the uterus. Such pain may be given in the lower back as a uterine tonic pain like ringed women from the stomach and continuing on the lower back. Ignore such pain is not: hypertonicity of the uterus – a direct path to premature birth. Therefore, it makes sense immediately upon occurrence of such pain that does not pass within 1-2 hours, immediately go to a consultation with a specialist.

21 week ultrasound of gestation. If pregnancy since its inception proceeded safely, most likely, you will be assigned to a second routine 21 week ultrasound. During which the doctor will be able to tell you whether normally developing baby and whether there are threats to the pregnancy and the 21 week fetus. In addition, if the child turns on ultrasound “correct side”, the expert will be able to tell mom and dad sex of the baby. However, keep in mind that there is a small percentage of blunders: it happens that 21 week ultrasound of shows, for example, that parents can prepare for the birth of a boy, and a couple of months in the hospital my mother finds out that the family has replenished daughter.

But not only, and not so much the definition of sex becomes the main purpose of 21 week ultrasound of pregnancy. Still, his main task – an assessment of the state of the fetus and the degree of its development, with the exception of possible birth defects, inspection of the uterus. Thus, during the ultrasound the doctor will evaluate the internal organs of the 21 week fetus, the ratio of the value of the body in pregnancy. Will assess motor activity baby, listen to his heartbeat. Will be the subject of interest and also the state of the uterus: its size and proportion to the size of the child, the state of the myometrium, the place of attachment of the placenta, amniotic fluid state.