Pregnancy week 30 movement fetus, symptoms, sensations

Pregnancy week 30. If for some reason the birth will occur this week, for the life of the baby at 30 weeks can not be afraid. It is sufficiently prepared for the meeting with the world: the respiratory system formed, and established a process of thermoregulation, has earned its own immunity, crystallized genitals and limbs, eyes being opened, nose “breathes”, the head turns, working kidneys and intestines Babe learned a lot!                                                   30 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. However, this is not the limit. Development and improvement continues. At pregnancy week 30 actively developing brain, increasing its volume, there gyrus and sulcus. According to some experts, by the pregnancy week 30, the brain child develop to the point where the 30 week fetus is able to analyze and memorization. As proof of this view provides the following fact: if at first unfamiliar, the original stimulus evoked fear and startle crumbs, then when its manifestations, the fruit now except that turns toward the source of stimulation head.

Despite the fact that from the moment of conception a small body come a long way on the path of improvement and development, to the birth, he is not yet ready, the improvement continues. So far, only begins in “trial mode” includes the nervous system tries himself in the digestive system. The liver stores iron to supply the blood cells a small body in the first year of life. Peel crumbs still wrinkled, but little by little smoother. It is red and covered with a protective vernix. Gradually lanugo begins to disappear, although many babies are born with vellus vegetation on the body, which eventually disappears.

Now he weighs more than 1300 grams and has grown to almost 40 inches long. Baby at 30 weeks is big enough and a place in the uterus with each passing day it becomes less and less. Wiggling it now acquire a somewhat different nature: if earlier pipsqueak freely tumbling and “floats” in the womb, starting from one wall and moving to another, it is now increasingly kicking and kicking, pushing the elbows then, the leg, the handle mum’s belly . The frequency and strength of movements baby now need to watch closely. Normally, for an hour a woman feels to 6 perturbations toddler throughout the day – not less than 20. The doctors say that the sharp bounces inside the mother should guard because for the most part baby behaves easy due to lack of space. But “boxing matches” may also be an indication of a difficult nature of your offspring, so get ready … I wonder what the girls heart beats more rapidly and erratically, and the boys calm and measured.

Expectant mother. The baby at 30 weeks needs your attention and affection. Iron the tummy often, talk to the baby, tips, sing songs. Now on sale there are a lot of good music CDs for pregnant women. Suitable as a quiet melodic composition. The entire third trimester should be extremely cautious. You are now getting heavier and rounder, shifting the center of gravity, increasing the feeling of fatigue and weakness to carry such a burden is not easy. Yes, and the heart is displaced from its place under the pressure of the 30 week fetus – sometimes there is shortness of breath. Now it is important to take care of yourself and do not rush. Be careful in the bathroom, on the bus, in the snow, everywhere! Some mothers can not cope with the body and fall under the weight of the abdomen. This is undesirable, so shoes should be comfortable, and you unhurried.

This week, you should have been at work to give maternity leave. Use it to rest and prepare for childbirth. Start collecting dowry and child packages to the hospital, learn useful information, learn to breathe correctly. If a baby is wrong – do special exercises with pelvic or breech presentation. By 32 weeks pregnant he still has a chance to turn the head to the bottom. Of course, rich in vitamins useful health food now is still very important. Drink yogurt, eat vegetables, fruits and berries, but avoid those from which can become swollen. Every day there are currently walking. It is advisable to bring your husband, girlfriend or sister in fact, at any time, you may need their help. And listen to the baby at 30 weeks: Enter the account of his movements.

Pain at pregnancy week 30. Take care of your back, do not go and do not sit for long periods without casting a leg over the other, do not lie on his back. Because now it is on the back accounts for a very large load is connected, in particular, and with an offset center of gravity. For this reason, many women for a period of 30 weeks and complain of back pain. However, pay attention to the nature of pain: when pulling back pain radiating to the lower abdomen, possibly accompanied by painful urination, can be suspected the disease of the urinary tract.

In the second half of pregnancy and certainly felt the pain, heaviness, burning sensation in the legs. Especially it can worries woman in the evening, after a day’s stay in the upright position. Recipe “taming” the pain is still the same: regular “sessions” of rest during the day, the rejection of shoes with heels, correct posture. Evening cool foot bath and relaxing massage will not only relieve fatigue and soreness, but also reduce the risk of convulsive contractions of the calf muscles during the night. Be prepared for the fact that at some point, once again feel the “curse” of early pregnancy headaches. As before, the headache becomes a consequence of capital changes going on in the body of a pregnant. Since any drugs now banned, fight with a headache will “grandmother’s methods.” Thus, helps relieve the unpleasant symptom sleep in a cool, well-ventilated, dark room. If the headache is haunted, try to lie down and relax, take a cool compress, massage whiskey.

Belly up to pregnancy week 30: pulls hurts. Mommy is not immune to the line at pregnancy week 30 and from such frightening symptoms like abdominal pain. That’s just feeling the pain, just do not panic: listen, exactly where you have a sore, which is inherent in the nature of pain. After all associated abdominal pain can be quite harmless and phenomena pain accompanied by disorders of the digestive system, pain may occur due to softening and stretching the ligaments holding the uterus. In the first case, you can hardly go wrong by setting the cause of the pain: usually it occurs against the backdrop of increased gas, bloating, constipation. In the second case, the pain is localized to the sides or on one side of the abdomen, typically occurs by rotating the body, changing the position at the moment of lifting the bed or chair, sneezing or coughing.

Like “contracts”, painfully tense abdomen can at the moment when inside it batters or sharply hit the 30 week fetus. This usually occurs when a baby is dissatisfied with something or scared: sharply and painfully hit his mother can make, for example, an unexpected loud sound. At the same time, the pain comes on suddenly, but as suddenly and soon passes. But if pregnancy week 30 belly pulls hurts for a long time, it is not painful and irregular training bout acquire frequency and become painful, the pain from the lower abdomen extends to the waist immediately call the ambulance brigade. When such symptoms start too high risk of preterm delivery, the start of which will prompt rupture of membranes. Note that stop the start of early childbirth is not possible, therefore, now need to do everything you can to save the baby at 30 weeks.

Dedicated to the pregnancy week 30. Above, we also mentioned that the rupture of membranes should be unambiguous reason for the urgent call for an ambulance. Amniotic fluid looks like a watery liquid that has a light yellow color. Keep in mind that not necessarily the amniotic fluid can flow out again: it happens that the amniotic fluid is leaking small amounts, leaving only a feeling of moisture on the panties. But then sent to a specialist as soon as possible: amniotic fluid leak and always except in case of violation of the integrity of the membranes. That, in turn, creates the risk of intrauterine infection of the 30 week fetus: for of infection to the fetus enough only some 24 hours of time.

Pregnancy must guard the highlighted unhealthy green, yellow or sallow, discharge with an admixture of pus, mucus, flakes, foamy discharge or curd. Even if the “color” selection does not have an unpleasant smell and do not cause discomfort genitalia, most likely, you will probably be diagnosed with any infectious sexual disease. That infection is responsible for the change in color, texture and flavor release, and treat it should be mandatory. Otherwise, it is possible penetration of the infection into the uterus and fetal infection.

Without delay and without hesitation to call “ambulance” when detecting bleeding in any quantity and any kind. Spotting, and even brown “scribble” on the shorts – a dangerous symptom, are more likely to indicate problems with the placenta. Thus, the separation of blood is accompanied by presentation or detachment of normally situated placenta – the state, threatening not only health, but also the life of the mother and child. Placenta previa abdominal pain usually does not provoke, but it usually causes exfoliation tangible abdominal pain.

30 weeks pregnant ultrasound. The optimal period for the third routine ultrasound – a term from 30 to 32 weeks. But here’s the most ultrasound woman appointed in time for the deadline of 32 weeks then the baby should already take a position from which will be born. At that time, both it will display the 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound, it may still not be in cephalic presentation, thereby delivering mom understandable concern. If, however, ultrasound was scheduled to hold on the pregnancy week 30, the way and at a later date, will now be explored and evaluated the development and well-being of the baby at 30 weeks, the functionality of his body, the condition of the uterus.

So, the doctor will determine the pace of growth of the child, set the appropriate date of these indicators. Will assess cardiac kid. Incidentally, the 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound is now seen as a pipsqueak breathes, his chest rising and falling. In addition, the specialist will be able to explore now and functionality of the internal organs and systems of the baby at 30 weeks, which was not able to do before. Ultrasound, for example, will tell whether the 30 week fetus does not suffer from bowel obstruction or urinary tract, whether the baby heart disease. Important marker during the 30 weeks pregnant ultrasound and will also be a state of the uterus: its size, the height of standing, the state of the myometrium. And estimated quantity, quality of amniotic fluid, eliminating the risk of entanglement baby umbilical cord attaching inspected and location of the placenta.