Signs of Breast Cancer

Are there risk groups, and who should pay attention to the signs of breast cancer?
There are, but unfortunately, even if you do not belong to any of these groups, you are not protected from oncology. The greatest attention to signs of oncology of the breast is worth paying to those who:

She has relatives in a straight line (mother, sister) who have had breast cancer;
Has no children;
Works or lives in an ecologically unfavorable place;
Older than 40-45 years;
Had injuries, inflammation in the mammary gland.

The high level of female hormones and the length of the menstrual cycle period also have significance, according to scientists. If menstruation started early, and menopause occurred later than others, the chances of getting sick increase. Breast cancer was previously considered a disease of the elderly. Today, it is rapidly “younger” and is increasingly found in quite young women. Do not think that breast cancer appears only in women. Men, although much less often, are also prone to this disease.


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