Week 14 pregnancy symptoms, ultrasound, sensations


Week 14 pregnancy. Begins the second trimester of pregnancy – the most blessed time. The greatest risks and fears are behind, and to heavy in the truest sense of the third trimester is not yet close. It is time to enjoy your pregnancy to forever remember this wonderful time. Begin by communicating with the kid he’s already hear you, feel your mood and sends response signals, even though you had not yet feel.                                                           14 weeks fetus: sex, weight and dimensions. At pregnancy 14 weeks fetus has been very active, not only the motor, but also mimic: his “attitude” could be read on his face. A person by the way, is becoming more sophisticated: ears stand up to his seat, eyes closer together, stretched neck, lifting the chin. Embryo lanugo down gradually replaced by more dense hairs, and this week already can arise future hair handsome or beautiful women. The work of the internal organs become more coordinated and improved, the kid learns a lot now prepares chest to breath (making the movement of the diaphragm), is developing lungs (swallowing and spitting out the amniotic fluid, and it has to distinguish between different tastes!), Coached by the lower jaw for sucking and chewing (week 14 pregnancy pipsqueak vengeance already sucking a finger or fist).

It is already possible to determine the blood group and Rh factor little man (although the blood has not yet formed) and even sex of the child (but for an 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound to determine it is not yet possible). A heart can no longer even listen with a stethoscope. Bowel movement occurs for real: 14 week small intestine begins to promote its first content bile. Formed and continue to develop the genitals crumbs: boys appears prostate, ovaries in girls descend from the abdomen to the pelvis area. However, an 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound is still very difficult to establish who is still toddler or baby at 14 weeks growing up in mom’s tummy. The baby at 14 weeks is already long 8-10 cm, weight baby 30-40 g

Expectant mother. Increases and the mother’s belly. If you are pregnant is not the first time it is possible that this happened the previous week. Now belly rose higher and significantly widened. You dial the extra weight, but so far it’s mostly due to the increased blood volume. However, the baby at 14 weeks actively moves and develops the muscular system, and therefore requires a mother squirrel. You may feel constant hunger, but overeating is highly undesirable. Manage to properly compose your diet and nutrition, and in any case not cram the night.    Sensations by week 14 pregnancy. Now about the woman begins to identify with motherhood and try on a new role. You no longer think about the baby at 14 weeks, pay more attention to things which used to be indifferent, to change their attitudes and values in life. This situation contributes to the whole. At week 14 pregnancy woman rarely troubled exhausting toxicosis. Psycho-emotional state is also given in the order. At the same time, deliver alarms and a few detract from the joy of impending motherhood may be some physiological changes. If in early pregnancy, you might suffer from excessive oily skin, at this stage, the skin on the contrary, and with the skin and hair and nails are dry. This a consequence of a deficiency of vitamin “A”, which causes flaking and dry skin, brittle hair and nails. In addition, the increased need for vitamin “C” if they do not cover, can affect bleeding gums.

These factors also should be an additional incentive for women to analyze carefully what and how she eats. Demand for quality food is now much more inflated, and the appetite of the expectant mother is now very, very good toxicosis departed, and hunger is now pregnant may experience anytime, anywhere. It should be remembered that an overly zealous food is not: in spite of the conventional saying that now “we need to eat for two”, it is actually better to stick to the principle of “eat for two.” For weight should be carefully monitored: firstly, scored in excess of pounds in the future may complicate pregnancy, and secondly, after giving birth to them will be very difficult to fight. Therefore, taking into account the recommendations of specialists at the expense of nutrition of pregnant, think about revising the diet towards healthy and nutritious foods, limit your intake of fats, sweets, bakery products. At the same time, do not forget about protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Do not worry if at some point in the week 14 pregnancy suddenly notice the skin pigmentation, created or enhanced existing birthmarks, papillomas (skin growths in the form of soft warts). At this stage, such changes are not uncommon, no danger they usually do not carry, however, the reasons for such changes is better to install together with the doctor. The abdomen is gradually increasing, rounded, it may already appear dark stripe running from the navel to the bottom. The skin on her stomach as it grows will stretch because, in order to avoid the appearance of stretch marks, it is necessary to take care of special cosmetics. Very soon, my mother is simply “not fit” in their “pre-pregnancy” things. And now for maximum comfort, you should change your wardrobe by buying yourself a few things sewn tailoring special free for pregnant women. Perhaps you’ve done it for another 12-13 weeks. But if not it makes no sense to delay. Any tricks and devices in your old clothes will last you very long. If you spend much time on their feet, check with your doctor regarding the tie maybe it easier for you to wear a small, but noticeable belly.

Stomach week 14 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Should be taken carefully and pain of any kind, special attention should be abdominal pain. Sometimes the pain in the abdomen caused by sprains, holding the uterus. In this case, the pain occurs on the sides of the abdomen, may be given in the groin felt as blunt arise from time to time and do not last long. If stomach hurts and pulls, aches, pain comes on suddenly, is cramping in nature and is localized in the lower abdomen, most likely a woman will be diagnosed with uterine hypertonicity. This phenomenon brings with it a danger to the future of pregnancy because, without proper response can cause miscarriage. If you have pain, pointing to increased tone, you should lie down and rest, and if the pain persists for 2-3 hours to go to the doctor. Urgently need to call “911” if the background pulling and cramping abdominal pain appear spotting. Blood from the genital tract in the presence of abdominal pain evidence the beginning of spontaneous abortion. Save pregnancy doctor, even if miscarriage has started, under the force if react immediately.

14 weeks pregnant symptoms. Characteristic for week 14 pregnancy selection moderate, uniform, bright, with a slightly sour smell. By this time allocation, as opposed to the previous week, may be somewhat ‘thins’: density discharge in early pregnancy causes progesterone, but now, when the body of a pregnant increases estrogen allocation can be a little more liquid than before. If the allocation change texture, color and smell – there are green, yellow, or purulent discharge, observed their foamy or curds, strong odors, discharge accompanied by discomfort in the crotch area – you must immediately go to a specialist for examination. Change the picture highlighted in this case a sure sign of infection of the genital tract. More often during pregnancy a woman is faced with candidiasis, or thrush, however, cause changes in discharge may be coleitis, vulva, trichomoniasis, chlamydia and some other diseases. Treat them will have to be sure, because otherwise a very high risk of infection in utero.

To react immediately in case of bleeding from the genital tract: spotting together with abdominal pain point to the danger of failure of pregnancy, or even have already begun to miscarriage. Even finding on panties light smearing brown allocation, better immediately go to the doctor. Isolation of blood may not always be due to increased tone of the uterus. When spotting spotting appear more often after a pelvic exam or sexual intercourse, and abdominal pain is not accompanied by, it becomes a cause for suspicion of cervical erosion. In any case, no further investigation can not do here, because a visit to the doctor is better not to delay.

14 weeks pregnant ultrasound. 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound will not only tell about the size of a baby at 14 weeks, and, in some cases even about sex baby and is an invaluable diagnostic procedures. Using ultrasound the doctor will be able to assess the degree of development of the 14 weeks fetus, to determine how normal development proceeds, be able to see and evaluate the work of the internal organs crumbs – heart, brain, kidney, stomach, intestine, bladder. For a period of week 14 pregnancy, the 14 weeks fetus is already large enough to clearly visualize it. During the session, the ultrasound examination, the doctor thus able to measure the length of the crumbs from the top to the coccyx (tailbone-rump length – CTE), head circumference and abdominal girth. In addition, doctor measure the length of the 14 weeks fetus and hip ratio will femoral bone that is needed to avoid malformations.

In general, 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound becomes a valuable diagnostic method for indicators of fetal development, the possibility already in the early stages to suspect any abnormalities, congenital anomalies, chromosomal defects. When negative indicators expectant mother should be remembered that the results of 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound in no way a final diagnosis can not be considered. When negative indicators physician should always send pregnant for additional research and analysis.

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