Week 15 pregnancy, fetus development, overall weight

Week 15 pregnancy. Proportion inhabitant mom’s tummy continue to evolve. Taurus increasingly stretched and the head on the background looks at already. 15 week fetus gestation: sex, weight and dimensions. The size of the 15 week fetus from the coccyx to the crown up and may even exceed 10 cm, the weight of the baby – an average of ’70 But if you’re lucky, during the passage of ultrasound you will see sex of the child the vulva already differentiated interior still continue their development. At 15 week fetus feet in height catching pens and even become longer. The whole look of your baby becoming more pronounced features of the little man. Ear shell is almost perfect, eyes continue to converge, although still are still far away from each other.

The kid is very active, but the first tremors you can feel no earlier than next week. This is facilitated by the development of the skeletal system limbs are already strong and even appears skeleton. Continue to break the hairs on the body kids already stronger than the original fluff lanugo. The whole fruit has a reddish color the skin is not as clear-glass. And then comes the improvement in the organs and systems. Gall bladder secretes bile, earned pituitary started functioning sebaceous and sweat glands, the boys released testosterone, active buds. 15 week fetus urinates in the amniotic fluid, which have a unique biochemical composition. They are sterile and are updated 10 times a day. The volume of amniotic fluid in the week 15 pregnancy up to 100 ml, the temperature is about 37 degrees very comfortable crumbs. In general, fetal bladder for a baby all of life: food, protection, shelter, comfort, driving range. The 15 week fetus is making more effort to prepare for life outside the mother’s abdomen. It develops lungs, chest, intestines, the musculoskeletal system …

Expectant mother. So do not forget about your needs for calcium and other nutrients. If you notice a deterioration of nails and hair, have become “fly” teeth, and at night there are calf cramps – calcium is clearly not enough. But already in the second trimester, you can safely go to the dentist. Feeling hormonal surges are not as intense, but the changes in the mother’s body does not stop. You can still find themselves with the appearance of age spots, halos nipples even more darker and heavier breasts, it is likely the emergence of so-called “rhinitis pregnant” and even nosebleeds – this is due to the passage through the nasal mucosa of large volumes of blood and, of course, hormonal. You can even experience a choking at night do not worry, it’s all physiologically to a pregnant woman. Confusion, forgetfulness, distraction and this is normal for this period. But you should not throw things, try to catch a little more, to rest in the third trimester. If you do not contraindicated physical activity to move a lot and do household chores, but not zealous. However, if some feel in this period distraction and inattention, for the other week 15 pregnancy the heyday, the new tide of strength and energy, it is someone as lucky. If it’s summer, neighbors and co-workers are already beginning to notice a round protruding belly. Bottom of the uterus at week 15 pregnancy is located at 7-10 cm below the navel – you can palpate it. Due to the increasing growth of the uterus and its exit into the abdominal cavity decreases pressure on the bladder, and therefore future mom now no longer feels the need for less frequent emptying. However, with the development of pregnancy the uterus begins to exert pressure on the intestine, in connection with which there may be problems with the chair. For bowel care must be taken – constipation very unpleasant thing and delivers significant discomfort. To avoid problems with emptying should be reviewed diet menu include whole grain breads, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals, sprouted grains. Favor and bring light sports.

It should also monitor the pressure and to pay attention to intake iron products. The increased volume of blood and the formation of additional uteroplacental range causes an increase in demand for iron, takes part in the formation of hemoglobin. At deficiency of this element may be blood anemia pregnant, her prompt development of dizziness, weakness, flickering flies in front of the eyes. Dizziness and weakness, may be evidence of hypotension – low blood pressure. Pressure reduction is usually tolerated by pregnant pretty easily, but if the above 15 weeks pregnant symptoms appear, it should tell your doctor about them. And anemia, hypotension and dangerous that are associated with insufficient oxygen supply to the 15 week fetus. And this, in turn, can cause anoxia crumbs and lead to violations in its development. Do not forget every day to communicate with the baby: he does not just hear you, but you is responsible movements. And attached to communicate dad after giving birth does not have to get used to each other.

Belly at week 15 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Often week 15 pregnancy woman can celebrate some uncomfortable pain in the abdomen. Generally, abdominal pain – one of the most common phenomena during childbearing, however, to treat their appearance carefully: how pain can be absolutely physiologic and signal the hazard identification. Stomach ache in week 15 may, for example, due to softening and stretching ligaments holding the uterus. In this case, the pain is weakly expressed, is usually felt on the sides of the abdomen, the belly like a little “pull.” These sensations usually not so much perceived as painful as create significant discomfort. But, at the same time, there are no threats are not carried.

But if there is a nagging pain in the abdomen, stomach aches and sore, she periodically feels something like fights – this is the most that is most significant reason steepest treatment to the doctor. Such pain – pulling, and sometimes cramping indicate an increased tone of the uterus and, consequently, the risk of premature spontaneous abortion. Especially instantly “sound the alarm” is needed if the appearance of pulling spasmodic abdominal pain accompanied by even the appearance of bleeding or spotting brown discharge: this pattern indicates a possible miscarriage, or even already begun the process of pregnancy failure.

15 weeks pregnant symptoms. Normal discharge from the genital tract, indicating a positive flow of pregnancy and clean the vagina – moderate, uniform consistency, light color with faint sour smell. Even if all of a sudden at some point you will notice that the selection became somewhat more abundant and liquid no reason to be afraid: it did its job estrogen. But when the allocation radically change the color and texture, they appear flakes or purulent blotches, Selections mixed unpleasant smell it is better to go to the doctor. Thus, the appearance of yellow or green-gray, cheesy, foam or flaky discharge on the background of a tangible discomfort in the genital area – the certificate of merger and reproductive tract infections. Any of infectious genital diseases whether it is common among pregnant thrush, chlamydia, or trichomoniasis – carry with them the risk of infection to the 15 week fetus, which can pull a breach in its development and, God forbid abortion. Therefore, to start treatment prescribed by a doctor after the examination, you must immediately.

The reason for urgent referral to a specialist should be and the appearance of bleeding, spotting brown, cream or pink discharge. Allocation of this nature, accompanied by pulling pain in the abdomen, are a symptom of increased uterine tone and high risk of failure of pregnancy. Keep in mind that even minor brown, pink or creamy discharge may “reborn” is already in a short time in the “full bleed”, indicates the beginning of a miscarriage. Therefore, even a remote hint of blood on the shorts, and even more so if there are abdominal pain, is a powerful argument for seeking qualified help. Seek medical advice and should if spotting appear particularly after an internal pelvic examination or intercourse, and at the same time, there is no pain in the abdomen. These “one-off” bleeding associated with certain situations, are a sign of possible cervical erosion. Clarify the diagnosis and decide on further action can only after further examination by a doctor, and therefore, should not delay the corresponding visit.

15 weeks pregnant ultrasound. 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound may be for mom and dad turning point in the pregnancy if the 15 week fetus will turn “right”, it is now possible to see its floor vulva already determined. 3-D 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound parents, among other things, also will be able to see what a great way for this time done their baby, as he has already managed to grow and that he knows how. And he knows how much: the 15 week fetus waving arms and legs, bend, unbend them in the knees or elbows, makes swallowing movements, sucking a finger …

During the session, the 15 weeks pregnant ultrasound examination, the doctor, in addition to assessing the development of the 15 week fetus and prevent possible malformations, and also assess the condition of the uterus. Will be investigated and the length of the inner mouth of the thickness and structure of the muscle layer of the uterus, the height of the lower edge of the placenta. And, of course, now thanks to ultrasound the doctor probably will determine the time of delivery.