Week 17 pregnancy. 17 week fetus, symptoms and sensations

Week 17 pregnancy. Your pregnancy progresses and now started the fifth month! Time flies so fast, you have more and more obsessed with the excitement and maternal feelings. Very soon you will feel your crumbs, if this has not happened. As he doing?                                                                                                                                   17 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, weight and size. A kid getting on if the pregnancy is well, very well. More than that within you hum with life! The fruit is growing rapidly and gaining weight, he falls short in the middle of 13 cm and weight by significantly so grams to 140. Not far behind and the placenta. It is very likely that somewhere this week you will feel the first stirring of the baby: the first time the kids express themselves in between 16 and 22 weeks. Everything depends on the constitution of the future mother and, in that time she experiences a pregnancy slender and multiparous women wiggling heir felt before.

At first traffic kid felt very weak, and different women describe them differently. Someone compares perturbations in awe of butterfly wings, someone with barely noticeable splashing fish. In any case, even if the crumb and made itself known on the first Week 17 pregnancy, now counting its movement is not possible: moves baby spontaneously and most of perturbations remains unnoticed until a woman. From the week 17 pregnancy infectious diseases mom is not afraid of the 17 week fetus as early as the beginning of his work’s own immune system now own a small body produces interferon and immunoglobulin. Active adrenal glands to synthesize the necessary hormones. Is connected to the pituitary gland, to strengthen ties with the hypothalamus.

Tiny body in this period begins to grow fat. That’s not a real body fat and its inverse, the so-called “brown fat”. But it is extremely important for the life of children, as is involved in heat transfer. Also, the baby’s skin this week begins to be covered white-creamy substance generic special grease, which will serve as protection from infection even in the amniotic fluid. And immediately after the birth of her body removed from the sterile towels. Now crumb becomes dependent on your mood and well-being, it responds to the wafting outside music and voices, experiences with you different emotions. So make sure that they were extremely positive.

Expectant mother. Although the baby is protected by your immune system, my mother should take care of oneself. At this time, most notably increases the load on the kidneys and heart can begin epistaxis, gingival bleed. Give up caffeine foods and drinks, try to minimize the use of salt, take care of the body is calcium. Try not to be near the radiation from mobile phones, computers, microwave ovens. Also watch out for vaginal discharge, may be exacerbated thrush.

Your uterus rises even higher at the week 17 pregnancy, it is already at the level of 5 or less inches below the navel. Due to the increasing size and weight of the 17 week fetus begins to feel the weight of my mother in the back and lower back pain. Often go to relax, if you feel fatigue and discomfort. But do not give up the activity: housework, walk, sign up for fitness for pregnant women. For any ailments or appearance of some suspicious signs and 17 weeks pregnant symptoms immediately contact a doctor for advice.

Sensations by Week 17 pregnancy. Body weight women this week 17 pregnancy further increased, abdomen, respectively, and increased even more. Waist almost obliterated, the skin may appear stretching do not stop to enjoy special makeup. The skin now, most likely, different dry on the abdomen from the navel to the pubic area clearly emerges pigmented dark stripe. Breasts now, as if suffused on the surface certainly show through the thin blue veins mesh. Because of the large belly and swollen breasts mom already, of course, is impossible, and you can not sleep on my stomach. May disturb sleep at night calf cramps a consequence of reducing the function of the parathyroid glands and appearing for this reason calcium deficiency. However, the “full” is now working thyroid gland, which explains the possible excessive sweating and fatigue pregnant.

Continues to increase in size of the uterus, pushing and squeezing the intestines. As a result, you may experience heartburn, constipation, flatulence. Pledge to combat these phenomena – proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. Pay attention to their condition after using the toilet “in the small” if after urinating in the genital area is burning and stinging, it may happen that you are faced with cystitis, which during pregnancy a very common phenomenon. Noticeable changes at this time of pregnancy and face the future mother nose swells slightly, lips increase and become more plays blush on the cheeks. It is possible on the face will appear dark spots. After pregnancy pigmentation will take place on their own, and while better protecting the face and, if necessary, the body from sunlight, including using special creams.

Belly week 17 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Common for the period of week 17 pregnancy and is feeling a little sipping on the sides of the abdomen. Due to the increased growth of the uterine ligaments hold the stretch, which is accompanied by an unobtrusive painful pulling on the sides of the abdomen. However, if the stomach pulls, sore, aching bottom, while having cramping like during menstruation most likely in a pregnant woman is diagnosed with increased uterine tone. If you experience these symptoms should be no sudden movements immediately go to bed. If and after a while the pain does not go – go to the doctor: may need adjustment state using drugs.

Should act immediately if pulling and crampy abdominal pain, and even accompanied by the occurrence of bleeding. Such a situation is very dangerous, because the evidence of an increased risk of failure of pregnancy. Therefore, when the above 17 weeks pregnant symptoms should immediately call an ambulance and, if necessary, be sure to go to the hospital to save.

17 weeks pregnant symptoms. As already revealed earlier spotting a symptom of a dysfunctional, especially if accompanied by such allocation abdominal pain. Even when a smearing brown or cream, pink discharge, already need to immediately report what they saw the doctor, such isolation can at any time “reborn” in the bleeding. Also consult a doctor and a full examination will be needed if a pregnant finds a green, yellow or purulent discharge, separation alloy flakes, curds, bad-smelling discharge. This picture clearly shows the complications of pregnancy with the accession of reproductive tract infections. As a rule, infectious sexually transmitted diseases, in addition to changing the nature of discharge, also accompanied by discomfort in the genital area: itching, burning, swelling. After the diagnosis – and influence the nature of the discharge can candidiasis, trichomoniasis, chlamydia, vulva, etc. The doctor can decide the best treatment. And you have to be treated on a mandatory basis to prevent infection in utero. If we talk about normal, the normal week 17 pregnancy are considered moderate allocation, homogeneous, pale or milky, slightly sour smell.

17 weeks pregnant ultrasound. If all of a sudden, for some reason, the doctor will see the need of unscheduled 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you can see how much your baby has grown over the previous time. In addition, if desired, parents tell them doctor ultrasound and sex of the 17 week fetus – however, if the baby deign to turn ‘right’ side. And while mom and dad will be touched outlines crumbs doctor will be able to evaluate whether all at this stage goes on. In addition to measuring the growth of the baby, the expert also listen to his heartbeat, evaluate locomotor activity, excluding gross malformations and chromosomal abnormalities, the state of the uterus, placenta and amniotic fluid.