Week 23 pregnancy movement fetus, symptoms, sensations

Week 23 pregnancy. The expected birth have less time. Now gone week 23 pregnancy. 23 weeks pregnant how many months?  According to Midwifery “calculus of pregnancy,” you for a period of 5.5 months. Congratulations!  23 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. The kid has grown to almost 29 cm and weighs a pound! Heavier and a little brain wiseacre. If the second month of pregnancy, the weight was 2 g, by the end of the sixth falls short of 100 means that mom should as much as possible to be outdoors, to provide enough oxygen to the brain of the child. Walking in the fresh air and the need for full software crumbs oxygen: a possible lack of oxygen baby tell reinforced part of the perturbation. Yes, Masik now declares its existence very significantly if a few weeks ago you listened carefully to hear the baby at 23 weeks, but now he did not like to talk with my mother by aftershocks.

Still wiggling crumbs unobtrusive and do not deliver mom discomfort that often in the last stages of pregnancy when the baby at 23 weeks, for example, rests on legs in the ribs. But now perturbations may occur is not always “on time”, for example, at night, when a woman tries to take a break from a busy day. The kid woke up and sports tummy at night? Try to calm him, patting his stomach, singing a lullaby, or telling a good story. A day to listen perturbation: half day pregnant by this time usually feel about 10 perturbations. Remember that the crumbs already developed their sleep and wakefulness: in some moments it can be pushed, and then a couple of hours of quiet. Alarm should cause a complete lack of baby at 23 weeks move during the day: in this situation, it is better to go to the doctor. All organs and systems gradually sorted itself put them function. The digestive system of a baby is fully formed: the stomach, esophagus, colon and small intestine, liver, pancreas, ready to go. Of amniotic fluid, swallow the fruit, separated water and sugar, which later formed the first-born baby cal meconium.

Actively working and developing pancreas: it synthesizes insulin and other hormones. Fully developed sexual organs boy or girl. 23 week fetus continues to develop the chest and prepares the respiratory system to work. Although the first breath he realized only after the birth, now baby at 23 weeks makes up to 60 breaths per minute. Active all the endocrine glands, plug and spleen. It not only produces red blood cells, but also strictly controls the quality: all “defective” cells are destroyed. Continues to accumulate body fat, but the translucent skin of the fruit is still wrinkled. And everything is covered with vernix. Hairs on the body of a baby begins to darken. You already feel the tremors expressed inside and can even feel when the baby at 23 weeks hiccups: your belly while rhythmically shudders.

Expectant mother in 23 weeks pregnant. Of course, in this period, you may well be plenty of “side effects” of pregnancy, expectant mother who bring little joy: heartburn, constipation, bloating, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, edema, convulsions … Check out the recommendations for each individual case. Let you not potentially embarrassing appearance of age spots and excess vegetation on the body. If this happens no doubt, it is very unpleasant for the woman, but after childbirth all goes. As well as significantly improve the condition of hair on his head: because of the increased blood flow skin and hair follicles began to eat better and stronger. Hair, which was supposed to fall during this time will leave your head wholesale in the first few months after birth.

And while you may rejoice with beautiful hair, you very likely could be in trouble with teeth or skin. Pregnancy progresses, the baby at 23 weeks takes on a significant portion of calcium and other substances. Do not start on time and dental problems, please contact your dentist. Perform daily hygiene, due to the efforts of sweating, you may have more walk-in shower. Do not forget about the prevention of stretch marks. Of course, eat right, move a lot, enough to relax and enjoy this time of grace: it is quietly coming to an end.

Pain week 23 pregnancy. By week 23 pregnancy, when the center of gravity due to increasingly growing belly moves, a common problem is back pain and lower back, abdominal, or rather, in the hip area. Again, because the center of gravity in the process of preparing the body for the upcoming birth possible and pelvic pain – hip joints begin to soften, so that in the future the 23 week fetus could pass through the birth canal. To ease the back pain and reduce abdominal pain wearing prenatal bandage, do not walk on his heels, not sleep on your stomach, a long time not on their feet, learn how to lie and sit.

In the second half of pregnancy, if this is not observed before, from time to time there may be leg cramps. Leg cramps often brings the end of the day, that woman has spent on his feet. This is a symptom of fatigue and lack of calcium feet. To reduce the risk of seizures, it is desirable to arrange a hedgehog Vespers foot massages during the day on a regular basis to give the legs a rest, diet and calcium-enriched products. But the headaches by 23 weeks pregnant may already go into oblivion. Headache very frequent companion of the first trimester of pregnancy. And if this symptom has not spared you in your first weeks of gestation baby, now that riot hormones had somewhat subsided, headaches should go.

Belly week 23 pregnancy: pulls hurts. But here from time to time to make themselves the pain in the abdomen. Often the expectant mother on this term complains of abdominal pain, particularly on the sides, especially when it comes, sneezes, coughs. This hyperextension of the muscles that support the uterus. Also from this period you may experience false training bout. Braxton-Higgins a phenomenon for the second half of pregnancy is entirely normal: in such a way as if the uterus is warming up before the upcoming and already these genera. Track contractions are episodic uterine spasms, which should not deliver any woman pain. If contractions become regular, different soreness, and even accompanied amniorrhea immediately call an ambulance: you went into premature labor. Abdominal pain can be caused by constipation and the inability to properly empty the bowel. In this case, it is rational to review the diet and to include in the menu foods rich in fiber and having laxative effect. And remember: if abdominal pain is accompanied by additional symptoms (such as fever, bloody vaginal discharge and other), then you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Dedicated to the 23 weeks pregnant. On the allocation now generally better to pay particular attention to: nature of the discharge can tell a lot about pregnancy and the absence of some specific dangers. Normal for this period are considered to be transparent or light-dairy liquid discharge without any pronounced odor, not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations. The appearance of yellow, green, gray, septic, bubbling or curdled discharge with an unpleasant odor attached indicate the probable accession of reproductive tract infections. Often, infectious diseases such a plan are also accompanied by discomfort in the perineum: itching, burning, swelling and irritation of the genitals. With such symptoms as soon as possible to go to the doctor and on his recommendation to start treatment of the disease, or high risk of infection to the 23 week fetus in utero and its contamination.

Note that the allocation is now quite liquid, it can be said watery. And it is very important not to confuse it with the allocation leaking amniotic fluid, if any phenomenon occurs. After leak amniotic fluid can almost imperceptibly, in small portions, “disguised” under the vaginal discharge. Therefore, if you are still afraid of complications such as leakage of amniotic fluid, buy at the pharmacy a special test that will give an opportunity to eliminate such complications. At week 23 pregnancy the risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced. But this does not mean that some women who came face to face with the phenomenon of increased tone of the uterus, is now immune to its manifestations. Hypertonicity of the uterus, as previously seen pulling cramping abdominal pain, perhaps – or the appearance of brown spotting. In the presence of the above-mentioned symptoms immediately go to the doctor: at first a slight separation of the blood can “progress”: take the place of “botched work” profuse bleeding against the backdrop of regular contractions signals the beginning of preterm birth.

In addition to the increased tone of the uterus, the occurrence of bleeding can be a sign before lying placenta or abruption. Typically, such a state is also accompanied by abdominal pain. If brown or bloody spotting a woman do not cause pain, and occur only after a pelvic exam or sexual intercourse, they are connected, most likely, with the erosion of the cervix. This state can determine after a special medical examination, therefore, the appearance of “appearance” daub on panties, rationally seek the advice of a specialist.

23 week ultrasound of pregnancy. For a period of 23 week ultrasound parents probably be able to recognize, girly or male name they choose for their unborn child. Sexual characteristics of the 23 week fetus is now clearly differentiated, and ultrasound is able to tell them, of course, if the baby turns well. However, the main task of 23 week ultrasound of gestation, nevertheless, remains an exception abnormalities of fetal development, the diagnosis of the child. When an ultrasound the doctor estimate the size of the baby at 23 weeks, matching most of these dimensions gestation, listen to the heartbeat and will assess the baby’s motor activity.

Also provides inspection of the internal organs of the 23 week fetus, the assessment of individual body parts and their relationship to each other. The corresponding indicators are needed to avoid possible malformations baby, confidence in the absence of any chromosomal abnormalities. In addition, the doctor will evaluate the size and condition of the uterus, placenta location look. That’s just not immediately upset if during the 23 week ultrasound examination it turns out that the placenta is too low. Very often in the following week 23 pregnancy due to a further increase in uterine placenta rises and takes the “Regulations”, non-hazardous location.