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Week 24 pregnancy. Ends the sixth month of pregnancy. Continuing the calmest, most “comfortable” days of the second trimester of pregnancy. Time, full of hopes and expectations, while preparing for the future delivery and follow-up care for a newborn. How is it faring pipsqueak?                                                                                         24 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. Your baby at 24 weeks has grown cool: its growth reaches 30 cm, weight – 600 g in the stomach by this time quite closely, and he can not perform acrobatic stunts as before. But the activity of the 24 week fetus does not fall. Not only that – the movement of the child become even clearer, more active. So, while you are awake, he did mom tells about himself, starting from the uterine wall and fell into the swimming against the wall opposite, waving arms and legs, tumbling and rolling over. And if up to this point the baby feel full life except that only my mother, now hear the baby at 24 weeks sports can and dad and the rest of the household palm to mammy tummy.

It is interesting that now pregnant can sometimes even feel her pipsqueak hiccups or coughs this tells easy “tap” in the stomach. Moreover, the baby at 24 weeks has already produced sleep and wakefulness. Naturally, most of the time of day the child is sleeping. And scientists have found even that he dreams! Already his sleep consists of two phases – the fast and slow sleep as an adult. Organism unborn child is approaching perfection. All organs and systems are active. And even breathing, although the baby at 24 weeks in the water, of course, is not breathing. Fully formed the bronchial tree. At week 24 pregnancy, the lungs are covered with a special film of surfactant which will prevent them from drying out during inspiration. By the end of 6 months of pregnancy begin to function sweat and sebaceous glands. Continues to develop the brain: at week 24 pregnancy are made grooves and convolutions. Face the future baby at 24 weeks already acquired characteristics that will not change until the birth itself: it now looks the way you see it for the first time.

Expectant mother week 24 pregnancy It is very important to my mother maintain a healthy lifestyle and optimal regime of the day. From this depends largely on the health and well-being of the crumbs and the development of critical systems such as lung and brain. In order to facilitate its own state, try to avoid prolonged stay on their feet. Whenever possible, lie down and raise the legs above the heart, or even just put them on the platform. Monitor fluid intake and follow weight gain. You already tidy and breathing becomes heavier. May annoy constipation, heartburn, swelling, seizures, and other troubles.

Also by the end of 6 months of pregnancy, many women experience false labor pains, the so-called fight “Braxton – GIAC.” They pose no danger, and even vice versa are useful: the uterus to contract and relax learns that it is very useful during labor. If you experience cramping attack, lie down for half an hour and relax. But if after this battle continues, and even with a certain periodicity, and they are joined by other symptoms, immediately call an ambulance! For week 24 pregnancy is characterized by fatigue. Next will be only harder in this sense, so train yourself to arrange for a day short breaks for rest.

It is important now to get tested for blood sugar: gestational diabetes a very common occurrence among pregnant women. For the health of pregnant women a slight increase of sugar in the urine is not only permissible, but also considered normal kidney now responsible for the level of sugar in the body, some of it is excreted with urine. However, a strong change in the levels of sugar in the direction of increasing a very unfavorable indicator. Gestational diabetes is dangerous for its consequences: disease significantly increases the risk of obstructed labor and often a measure for cesarean delivery, provokes overweight the child, can cause low blood pressure in the offspring. Do not forget about the family vacation and joint pastime. Some scholars argue that at week 24 pregnancy the 24 week fetus is able to distinguish between my mother’s and my father’s voice. So do not just communicate as much as possible with the crumbs, but also actively partake in this case the future father.

Pain week 24 pregnancy. By the week 24 pregnancy, changing the face of women is unique: belly bulges, making it difficult to move, sleep in his favorite position, and even the possibility of self-laces shoelaces. By shifting the center of gravity due to the constant growth of the uterus, changes gait pregnant – it becomes even more awkward and clumsy. All these, and other changes in the expectant mom can provoke and not very pleasant effects pain of different origin and nature. “Palm” in the “rating” of pain confidently take pain in the back and waist. Pain in the lumbar region and in the back a consequence of the center of gravity and softening the ligaments supporting the need for the upcoming birth. In addition, normal for this period are considered to be a pain in the pelvic area, in the sacrum, which arise due to differences in bone during the preparation of the body for childbirth. Pelvis expands itself and it is an extremely important factor for the safe passage of the baby at 24 weeks through the birth canal.

Many moms to mid pregnancy and comprehend all the discomfort associated with the development of hemorrhoids. Not treated in time hemorrhoids gives the expectant mother a lot of unpleasant moments and painful sensations. Therefore, when the first signs of it is better to take the appropriate action. Review your diet, increase the percentage of foods high in fiber, and choosing products that have a natural laxative effect. A consultation with a doctor, with his approval and permission to buy in a drugstore special preparations in the form of rectal suppositories to help relieve the pain and contribute to the speedy healing. Because right now, due to the increased weight, increased load falls and legs, be sure during the day let the legs rest. Otherwise the evening you will be provided with the bad feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, and at night, probably and the manifestation of seizures. To protect yourself from this as much as possible, regularly unload his feet during the day several times take supine position, putting his feet on the hill, sitting down, not casting a leg over the other, and in the evening treat yourself to a massage feet.

Belly at week 24 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Manifestation of abdominal pain requires special attention: according to the standard, any pain in the abdominal area is now missing. However, from time to time may be felt sprain of the uterus a sharp stabbing pain or sipping a side or both sides of the abdomen. Here are just a pain in this case passes quickly, without leaving any trace. Occurs more frequently in certain situations: when coughing or sneezing, during the rise from a chair or bed. If the belly at 24 weeks of pregnancy clearly hurts and pulls the pain persists for a long time – immediately report it to your doctor. Such a condition characterized by increased uterine tone for dangerous preterm birth.

The more urgently should seek professional medical help when pulling on the background of the stomach and cramping appear profuse watery or bloody discharge. In the first case, we will focus on the emerging process of premature births in the second of placental abruption. Remember that regular contractions at this stage a very dangerous phenomenon. But uterine contractions that occur from time to time and virtually painless are the norm. Already, the uterus is gradually preparing for future delivery, periodically cutting and relaxing. This the so-called fight Brekstna Higgs false contractions that do not pose any threat. However, if you feel that the uterus is beginning to decline with suspicious regularity, do not hesitate to call an ambulance if depart water (this will indicate the outpouring of watery yellowish liquid), pregnancy already extend not work.

Allocation at week 24 pregnancy. Characteristics of normal secretions are retained, as in the past week: normally allocated to the week 24 pregnancy mild and bright, uniform consistency, with faint sour smell. And, as before, the change in color or odor, vaginal discharge, the emergence of these clots of mucus or pus, flakes of foam a symptom that points to the development of infection and requires steepest treatment to the doctor. It is mandatory and must be called without delay “ambulance” if suddenly there are abundant watery discharge, perhaps with a yellowish tinge. The appearance of such discharge, which, in fact, are the amniotic fluid and is usually accompanied by the appearance of fights, signals the beginning of premature birth.

By the way, it happens that the amniotic fluid leak and small portions: then she simply observes a slight increase in discharge, other than liquid watery consistency. Thus, no painful uterine contractions are observed. But even with such symptoms should appear as soon as possible to the doctor: probably occurs leakage of amniotic fluid. Is urgent and the appearance of blood in any quantity at week 24 pregnancy. Separation of blood may be due to placenta previa or abruption placentae. And then, and other conditions are dangerous not only for health, but for the life of both mother and child. Therefore, finding spotting, physicians should not hesitate to call.

24 week ultrasound of pregnancy. Usually with her second routine 24 week ultrasound has already passed. However, for several reasons ultrasound may be necessary again. Worry that 24 week ultrasound in this case can in any way affect the baby at 24 weeks, should not – according to medical reports, ultrasound study any threat to the 24 week fetus is not. 24 week ultrasound of pregnancy is capable of many things to tell your doctor and future parents about their crumbs, about the extent of his (or her) development of his state of health and activity. All this information will be obtained by examining the internal organs of the 24 week fetus, baby growth measurements in assessing the individual parts of his body and by correlating them with each other, after listening to the heart. Of course, do not bypass the attention of doctors and the condition of the uterus: doctor ultrasound establish its dimensions and their respective terms, looks location of the placenta and evaluate its condition, determine the amount of amniotic fluid.

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