Week 31 pregnancy. 31 weeks pregnant symptoms sensations

Week 31 pregnancy. You are getting closer to the genera. By and large, they can begin at any time, despite the fact that the allotted time has not come yet. Although 31 week fetus is more likely to survive the process of fetal development and maturation is not finished.                                                                                                             31 week fetus gestation: a perturbation, development, weight and size. Eyes baby is already well developed: it distinguishes between light and darkness, can focus your eyes, open and close the eyelids to blink. Baby at 31 weeks can be observed “corneal reflex”: if he touches eye open, then immediately his eyes narrowed. This week marigolds almost reached the end of the fingers. Continue to form gyrus, is very active in nerve cells, improves lung tissue, further highlighting the surfactant. Because of this, the baby at 31 weeks can breathe its first air this stuff does not stick together empty alveoli. The liver is also actively developing: it has already secretes bile, and 31 weeks pregnant prepares purify the blood of toxins unborn child. Pancreas crumbs already produces its own insulin needed to digest food enzymes it will begin to develop only after birth.

Most of the kids on this term already flipped head down from this position at the appointed time they begin their journey to the new world. However, a certain percentage of the 31 week fetus did not take this most physiological birthing position. Here are just upset right is not: it is possible that in the coming weeks pipsqueak still move into the correct position. In general, the child quickly builds up a lot of: 31 week he weighs an average of 1500 g and increased to 41 cm. The skin turns pink, but also through her translucent capillaries the subcutaneous tissue is lacking.

Your baby at 31 weeks has already developed their own sleep and wakefulness: now you can note that the kid reminds himself to any particular time of day. Moreover, “remind” it may even actively, sometimes bringing mom pain for its strong jolts and shocks. Each next move baby can bring a woman tangible discomfort ribs in bowel or bladder, groin, back it depends on where pipsqueak rests, leg or pulling the handle. The number and nature of the perturbations should be monitored and further: too frequent, painful movements of the 31 week fetus can be a sign of lack of oxygen, indicate uncomfortable for him posture adopted by the mother. Be alarmed if the movement crumbs are not felt for a few hours, in which case it is desirable as soon as possible to go to a doctor who will listen to baby’s heartbeat and determine if all he’s doing okay. Overall, 31 week Mom feels about 10 perturbations baby within 12 hours, or up to 4 movements per hour.

Expectant mother week 31 pregnancy. The kid is growing and gaining weight very rapidly. But you should not become heavier more than 300 g per week watch for his raise. Now expectant mother feels the full burden of pregnancy: walking awkwardly, breathing hard, uncomfortable to sleep … If you have not suffered from heartburn or they disturb you only occasionally, now more likely to face more closely with this nuisance. Watch for swelling, pressure and well-being in general. If the morning leg swelling persists, and you feel tired, and if in the eyes dazzled, leg cramps, headache and puts you on the turns should pay a visit to the doctor sooner. However, now, and so you’ll often visit the clinic. Will need to take repeated analyzes, and if you have a negative Rh factor, even more frequently than others.

You certainly take vaginal swabs because of lowered immunity may develop or renew thrush, and to leave it all means to cure. You should also get your hands on an exchange card: Now it’s your most important document. Should carry it with you all the time, because it is accordingly records the ANC card doctor will coordinate their actions in the event of your admission to the hospital. Be sure to ask your doctor how to position your baby. The correct presentation is head down. In such a case would be helpful to wear a bandage. If the baby at 31 weeks lay in a different way, ask about exercises that will help you correct the situation. In this case, the bandage is not yet used. Do not forget that the baby at 31 weeks feels your mood and state. Daily contact with him, treat yourself and enjoyable experience, enjoy the last weeks of rest: very soon you will have a lot of pleasant cares.

Pain at week 31 pregnancy. With the growth of the uterus, and increased body weight pregnant. Accordingly, increasing the load on feet, knees and back, internal organs and body systems are working “full.” Therefore, it is not surprising if the week 31 pregnancy worse back pain – as a result of displacement of the center of gravity and the increased load. It is very important to develop good posture and stick to simple rules: Do not go for long periods, do not sit on chairs without a back, do not lie on your back, not casting a leg over the other, wear comfortable shoes.

The body now operates in preparation for the upcoming birth: pelvic bones soften and somewhat at odds with what and associated potential pain in the perineum, sacrum. At the same time, pay attention, do not affect the pain pubis pain in the pubic bones indicate the possible development simfizita. Due to compression of the uterus intestine, reducing smooth muscle tone of the esophagus, many pregnant women suffer from constipation. And constipation, known to be one of the first steps in the development of hemorrhoids, which, like any other disease, prevention is better than then removed. Therefore, pay attention to the ill effects of the anus – pain in this part may portend hemorrhoids.

Belly at week 31 pregnancy: pulls hurts. Do not leave without reaction and abdominal pain occurring at week 31 pregnancy. Pain associated with eating disorders, you should be able to distinguish from other pathological pain. And if the stomach at week 31 pregnancy pulls and hurts, it, nevertheless, more pathology than the norm. For instance, stomach ache can because detachment normally situated placenta. Yes, placental abruption, in most cases accompanied by their appearance the appearance of bleeding. However, bleeding may be internal, in which case, the separation of the blood from the genital tract was observed. But there are a lot of pain in the lower abdomen – abdomen can sometimes hurt so much that it is impossible to touch. Abdominal pain a nagging, nagging, which lasts for a long time may indicate an increased tone of the uterus and the associated risk of premature birth. If stomach hurts and pulls for several hours at a time, do not expect “weather from the sea”, it is better to go to the doctor.

A very serious condition that, inter alia, accompanied by abdominal pain, may become a state called preeclampsia. Preeclampsia anticipating the actual stage of eclampsia, the last form of preeclampsia, which is dangerous to life and health of mother and child status. The main 31 weeks pregnant symptoms of pre-eclampsia – a headache, “flies” in front of the eyes, dizziness, pain and heaviness in the stomach. When such symptoms go to the doctor immediately, because without a proper response, the state of the pregnant can dramatically and unexpectedly deteriorate – until a convulsion of the body and face, loss of consciousness.

31 weeks pregnant symptoms. Continue to monitor and character selections: normal vaginal discharge at week 31 pregnancy in light gray or milky light shade, homogeneous, with no particular smell. Do not be alarmed if the amount of bleeding at this stage increased slightly genital blood circulation now reaches its maximum, which accounts for the increase in the number of a discharge. But, if this allocation change color towards yellow, green, earthy colors, there is pus discharge or flakes, there are foam or curdled allocation with a sharp and unpleasant smell as soon as possible go to the survey. Thus, the changes about which discussed above, are usually caused by the development of genital infections. Most often, women during pregnancy face a development or exacerbation of thrush, but the changing nature of discharge may be due to any other sexual infections. And whatever it was, to treat the disease should be mandatory, otherwise a high risk of transmission to the 31 week fetus in utero or during the passage of his birth canal.

Do not put off going to the doctor and the appearance of bleeding, scarlet, brown spotting. Their appearance a symptom of a possible detachment or placenta previa. And, even if the blood only slightly, it can not be ignored: at any time bleeding can purchase rampant. However, please note that the appearance of blood on the shorts may be associated with inflammation, bleeding hemorrhoids. And in this case, first of all, it is worth considering the adequate treatment of hemorrhoids. Watery liquid with a yellowish tint is amniotic fluid. Of course, the cross-sectional amenorrhea woman can not be unnoticed, and in this case, you should immediately call an ambulance: a rupture of water begin preterm labor. But, at the same time, the amniotic fluid could leak small amounts, drop by drop, which is always connected with the violation of the integrity of membranes. Even the slightest suspicion of leaking amniotic fluid, which may occur with a feeling of moisture in the crotch, should be a cause for quickest access to the doctor: in violation of the integrity of fetal membranes 31 week fetus vulnerable to attack infections.

31 weeks pregnant ultrasound. It is likely that at 31 weeks of pregnancy, you will be assigned to third scheduled ultrasound. Session 31 weeks pregnant ultrasound is also an occasion for mom once again meet with the children and watch him, and valuable method to obtain information about the pregnancy and fetal development.

While you will be smiling, looking at the baby at 31 weeks sucking finger or playing with the umbilical cord, the doctor can determine the absence of any risks and pathologies. During the sonogram technician measures the size of the fetus and its calculation with gestation, listen to baby’s heartbeat, establish its location. There will also be inspected and the internal organs and systems of the 31 week fetus to determine if it is their development and improvement. Be sure to evaluate physician and state the size of the uterus. Pay attention to the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid.